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  1. I’m looking for an online, consistent and ongoing blog that postulates a future idea or sci fi tech idea every week. I already watch Isaac Arthur and I want something I could read. Amateur blogs are highly encouraged.
  2. I legitimately wonder what science scientists are working on in Star Wars. Many many people have said that there is no scientific progression in Star Wars; but I don’t believe that. Scientist characters are featured in stories and surely they must be doing something! That something is never revealed but I can’t help but speculate. I think they probably know what dark matter and dark energy are since Starkiller Base is powered by it. They probably know what the full size of the universe is, how it started, how it will end and why their is more matter than anti-matter. They obviously know the origin of consciousness and how to create it since they have “sentient” droids. That being said, what is left to wonder about? In these fields, what do you think Star Wars scientists are studying or trying to create? 1. Medicine 2. Physics 3. Psychology 4. Math 5. Chemistry 6. Computers 7. Engineering 8. Philosophy 9. Biology 10. Economics 11. Drug creation
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