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  1. Updated the OP based on some work today to get HD up and running on the latest ChromeOS running Buster. The good news is it's more simple than before
  2. It should work on any Debian version... Stretch was just the version that was used in ChromeOS 78.
  3. Sorry for not getting back sooner... holidays are crazy and I've been sick as well. A lot of the HERO DNA is present in the current iteration of the system but the main things that is different is the math. Shoot me an email at chimera.the.system@gmail.com and I'll add you to the list
  4. OK, so I relaize people don't have a lot of information about the project so I updated the webpage. The gist of it is I'm in the end stages of combining HERO and OpenD6 into a game which is attempting to extract the high cards of both systems.
  5. I am looking for a couple of playtesters to test a system I have been working on which I am calling Chimera. More info here - https://chimerasystem.org/
  6. OK, I'll fire up my simulator and see if I can reproduce it. I may be in touch via DM's if I need more info.
  7. Download section would be cool, we already have a number of fan made conversion there. Link it here when you do as well.
  8. My group went with Zoom as well, it worked well for what we were doing (Pathfinder 2). Same general complaints about the tools we looked at being unintuitive and overly complex. Simple is good.
  9. Strange, ok... I'll take a look and see what I can find. Sometimes bad data gets cached by the app... you may want to clear your cache under settings and see if it helps.
  10. The 1.7.2-beta2 build is now available via the beta channels for iOS and Android. Patch notes: GMs and players may now text message one another Increased the amount of messages which may be displayed Added a notification sound when a player is selected by the GM
  11. Both the Android and iOS beta channels are now live so you should be able to get the beta build now. There's a couple of things I know I need to do around the app going into the background and being suspended. The next beta should hopefully address those issues but for now I would suggest you keep the app in the foreground to avoid strange behaviour while testing. Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me test this out.
  12. I have been working on a new feature I'm calling GroupPlay for the HSM app which allows you to network your phones together to play games. This is still very much an experimental feature which means I could really use your help with testing. I will be posting links to get into the beta here once I have them up and running. Version Status Link Android 1.7.2-beta2 Live https://play.google.com/a
  13. I am currently in the process of pushing the 1.7.0 build into production. This build includes the new status tracker tool on the Combat screen and includes a couple of bug fixes. Patch notes: Added tools to Add/Edit/Delete status effects on a character Added Drain to the Effects screen as a selectable option Fixed a bug with Complications in lists on import Fixed a bug with empty lists on import The patch should hit your devices later today.
  14. I've been working on a status effect tracker for characters this weekend. It's a simple system that currently tracks Aid, Drain, Entangle, and Flash effects for the currently selected character. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like on the Combat screen, note the "Status Effects" heading: There's UI elements to Add/Edit/Clear statuses en masse or individually. Here's a screenshot of what the UI looks like when adding a drain status to a character: Should be available in the 1.7.0 release.
  15. I'm pushing the 1.6.3 build into production in order to address some stability issues I've been seeing in the app. Patch notes: Fixed a crash with loading characters from the local device Fixed a crash which could occur when toggling off sounds under certain circumstances In general, I have been analyzing the crash reports that are collected by the various app stores and am making an effort to track down and fix the issues. For example, there have been reports of a crashing animation library which I happen to know is related to the drawer. I am not able to reprodu
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