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  1. I just pushed the 1.3.4 build into production primarily to fix a file selection bug on iOS that was preventing users from picking a Hero Designer file. The combat screen is still a work in progress, let me know what you think of it so far. Path notes: Added in phases to the combat screen Added a section for combat values (OCV, DCV, etc) to the combat screen The health section of the combat screen now uses a calculator for its input Fixed a rare crash with custom martial maneuvers Fixed some display issues with martial maneuvers Fixed a loading bug when trying to load Hero Designer files (iOS only) The build should be hitting your devices later today.
  2. It looks I fixed the iOS loading bug for Hero Designer characters. I'm still being bitten by a bug with my simulators so it's impossible for me to test right now... but I can now see the files and they are selectable. I just get an error when I try to actually open the files because of the bug with iCloud. I've got other changes in this build that I need to spend time testing but I may push a build as soon as tomorrow depending on how it goes tonight.
  3. It reminds me of Pathfinder where you would threaten a critical and have to confirm it with a second roll. Sounds interesting, you'll have to let us know how it works out for you.
  4. I personally think this sounds more like a standard Trigger advantage with the trigger being a critical hit.
  5. Bah, there's a bug listed here that seems like it describes the same issue you reported... https://github.com/Elyx0/react-native-document-picker/issues/210 I'll try the workaround described in the ticket tonight and see if it lets iPad's load .hdc files.
  6. Ok, I'll look into it. I'm having an issue accessing iCloud via the iOS simulators which is apparently a known issue. I just saw that a new version of XCode is available the other day so I'll get it installed and see if it fixes the issue. If I can access iCloud I can test the issue. It's probably just a weird iPad thing... iPhones and iPad's actually handle files slightly differently which used to mean separate code for each. I basically opened up the file picker so that it will load any file now but iPad's probably require some special flag or something 🤪🤯 You can see on line 32 of the code I'm explicitly saying allow any file type to be chosen - https://github.com/sentry0/hero-system-mobile/blob/master/src/lib/File.js. It's Probably just me not reading the docs closely enough... honestly though, iPad's are almost always the devices that give me grief 😣
  7. I've been working on the "Combat" tab of the app today in my free time and wanted to give an update. Here's a screenshot of the tab: From the image a few things should be evident (other than the alignment issues I'm fighting 😞 I've added in a "Phases" section that simply displays the phases of the current character I think it would be kind of neat to do something here to show which phases the character has used A touch would highlight the phase in red to show that it's been used Long touching a phase could turn it Yellow or Orange to indicate the phase was aborted The "Combat Values" section is also new You can adjust up or down any CV you like Hitting the "Roll" button will bring you directly to the "Result" screen which will tell you what DCV you can hit I'm thinking of a couple of things here... I want to add a calculator to the "Health" section so that when you edit your health you can let the computer do the math for you I need to add in CSLs to the "Combat Values" section I think I would like to list not only PD/ED but also unusual defenses like Power Defense under the forthcoming "Defenses" section If anyone has any requests for this section or feedback on the ideas I'm batting around let me know!
  8. Awesome, thanks for helping. Just make sure you get the 1.3.3 build on your device before you try to load custom powers and stuff. It will cause a crash in earlier releases. The app is at version 1.3.3 on the Play Store and Amazon Appstore right now. It's probably going live on iOS later today/tonight.
  9. In what is becoming a theme for my mornings I have pushed another build to the app stores . The 1.3.3 build fixes some issues with loading multiple characters in succession and adds support for custom skills, talents, and perks. Patch notes: Fixed an issue with Cramming Added in support for custom skills, perks, and talents Fixed a number of issues relating to stale data when loading one or more characters into the app in succession Skill Levels now show more useful information at a glance More work to clean up how modifiers are calculating and displaying The new build should be hitting your devices today or tomorrow depending on how fast it progresses through the various app store QA processes.
  10. I just pushed the 1.3.2 build into production which is mostly a build that addresses some corner cases. Patch notes: Fixed a bug with the lift calculation for intermediate strengths The "Skill Check" button can now be toggled off Modifiers now enforce minimum and maximum values Modifiers now correctly discount negative adders Skills that grant skill levels only now calculate and display properly The build will probably be available today or tomorrow depending on how fast the QA process progresses in the various app stores.
  11. I am pushing out the 1.3.1 build today to address some issues with certain types of advantages not calculating properly. Patch notes: Fixed an issue with HKA not calculating damage from STR properly if it had advantages Fixed an issue with certain types of advantages not calculating their costs correctly Fixed an issue with the app splash screen not showing (iOS only) This should be available today or tomorrow depending on how fast the build passes through the various app stores QA process.
  12. No rush, it'll be there forever now
  13. I have just released the 1.3.0 build to the Android, iOS, and Amazon app stores so it should be hitting your devices soon. What's new? You can now import 6th edition characters directly from Hero Designer files Completely restyled the application Two bullet points don't do justice to the amount of effort involved so I'll expand on those points a bit. New Look & Feel I updated the app to have a more modern look and feel... it's now a dark themed app. Instead of trying to describe the app, here's a couple of screenshots of the new app. Note that the second and third images are from the Hero Designer character viewer and not the XML export character viewer. Loading Hero Designer Characters This feature was a major undertaking and took months of part time development to get working. Instead of using the XML export template to export your character from Hero Designer and then loading that file into the app you can now just load a Hero Designer character directly. This is currently only available for 6th edition characters, I'm still deciding if I'm going to support 5th edition characters. You can still load your 5th or 6th edition characters via the export template method. Reading in Hero Designer files means that I now have a much greater ability to get granular details out of the file. This new way of dealing with character data meant that I needed to build a new UI in order to show it and write code to process the data properly. Bug Hunt During the process of writing this update I managed to get some reported bugs fixed and even found some new ones while I was in there. I'm usually pretty optimistic in general but I'm 100% certain that bugs with the new character viewer that I haven't come across. Writing this basically doubled the amount of commits I made to the codebase... I pretty much touched every file and wrote a large amount of code in order to support reading Hero Designer files. Keep the bug reports coming via the usual methods: DM me via this site; Email me at phil.guinchard@gmail.com; Post in this thread. Use The Source Source code for the app is now open source under the Apache 2.0 license. You can find the project here - https://github.com/sentry0/hero-system-mobile... do with it what you will. Thank You I wanted to extend a special thank you to all the people who signed up for the beta and reported bugs. Your help was crucial in getting this out the door.
  14. HSM is open source now - https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/99286-hero-system-mobile-is-now-fully-open-source/
  15. The HERO System Mobile app is now officially an open source project under the Apache 2.0 license. I have decided to put this project into the public domain primarily because I want to ensure the code will be available for anyone to do with it what they want. I have always been a bit of an FOSS fanboy at heart and in practice and want to offer the project up as such. I don't make money off this project and I have no plans to charge for the app, so there is little point in keeping the code to myself. Get the code here - https://github.com/sentry0/hero-system-mobile. The code is reasonably clean and hopefully understandable but there's always room for improvement. For people who are interested in contributing, feel free to grab the code, write your feature, and submit a PR. I'm happy to help out and get your environment up and running, answer design decision choices, and offer any general assistance I can. Tinkerers welcome
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