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  1. Thanks for the bug report and including your characters, I'll have a look and see what I can do.
  2. The 2.0.0 build of HERO System Mobile has been pushed to the app stores. This milestone build fully removes the ability to load old characters who were exported from Hero Designer using the XML export template in favor of loading characters directly from Hero Designer files. What you can expect: Removed support for loading characters using the old export template The app will now be backed up if you use the Android backup feature Fixed a spacing issue on the side panel with certain iPhone models Updated the side panel menu item "Free Form" to be "Effect" As always, report any bugs to me directly or in this thread.
  3. I'm going push a new build to stores to turn a feature on for Android users. Since I moved where characters are stored into the protected app space I can leverage the backup features of that platform. This feature is disabled by default in the framework I use to develop in so it would require a small update. HERO System Mobile 2.0 At the same time I am debating on finally taking the plunge and removing support for the old way of loading characters which required you to export your character from HD using an export template. There's been a warning informing users that this method is depreciated for a long time now, like over a year. This would be a true 2.0 version of the app as it would no longer support the old file format. The only question I have is does anyone still use the old export format and why? Let me know if you use the old export template and why so I can fix any lingering bugs with the new way of reading in characters.
  4. I am rolling out the 1.8.0 build to Apple, Android, and Amazon app stores as I write this. This is more a foundational build which fixes some display bugs and makes a major change to how characters are saved for Android. It took 24 days and multiple beta builds but it is time to push this to production. I want to extend my personal thanks to everyone who tried the beta builds! I especially wanted to thank those of you who offered bug reports and feedback, it's really important that I recieve this in order to make the app better. What you can expect in the 1.8.0 builld: MAJOR CHANGE (Android ONLY) The app will no longer require file system access however you will need to re-import your characters (https://bit.ly/3waTWZD) Replaced the autocomplete on the status dialog with a new UI Fixed a display issue with section headings Fixed a bug with header spacing on some iPhone models Fixed a bug which caused extra whitespace to show at the bottom of some iPhone models Fixed a white screen flicker which could happen during screen transition Assuming things progress through the approval process without issue you should see the new build early this week.
  5. I can't seem to get this bug to happen. This probably means there an issue with your app cache, try cleaning it by going into settings.
  6. Good to know as I tried reproducing it by loading a character with brackets in the name but it seemed to work fine. I will see if I can cause the bug by using the steps you outlined.
  7. Thanks for the bug report and including the screenshot of the issue, always a good a good idea It looks like you're running on an iPad which is good to know as well because iPad is treated slightly differently in code when loading characters than iPhone. I suspect the brackets in the character name is the issue... I'll see if I can reproduce it on my end.
  8. Ok, I couldn't sleep tonight so I ended up doing some work on the app and pushing it to the app stores. What you can expect: Added a new UI for selected affected characteristics/powers on the status UI Fixed an issue that was causing extra whitespace to appear at the bottom of certain iPhone models Fixed a header spacing issue on certain models of iPhone Fixed a white flickering when transitioning between screens The updated beta builds will probably be hitting your phone this weekend at some point. Join the beta here: Android - https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.herogmtools iOS - https://testflight.apple.com/join/VnuJAmln
  9. I'll be pushing an update this weekend that will have the new status effect UI changes. I haven't come across anything else that broke during the upgrade so with any luck this will be the last beta 🙂
  10. The status effect tracker was broken during my lib upgrades so I decided to take a minute and upgrade it a bit. I did away with the old autocomplete for picking your affected characteristic or power for Drain/Aid. The replacement is a new multiselect UI with a search option as shown below. One final note, if you're looking for the source code for the project it's been moved to here - https://github.com/slackdaystudio/hero-system-mobile
  11. A new build is rolling out to the app stores with the changes to Android devices dicussed above. When you grab the latest Android build and all your characters are gone DON'T PANIC. They're still around and you cen fetch them by: Go to the "Characters" screen Press the "Import" button Select your divice name from the left hand menu (mine says Pixel 5, for example) Open the folder "HEROSystemMobile", then open the "character" subfolder Touch any character to import them Other than that there's been some tweaks to spacing on the app sliders and a fix to Cruncher tool which wasn't incrementing/decrementing in 1/4 steps. It's still not too late to join the beta, click on the links below to sign up. Note that it can take some times for the new builds to become active so be patient. Android - https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.herogmtools iOS - https://testflight.apple.com/join/VnuJAmln
  12. I have made it so that you may import old characters directly. The app no longer requires special file permissions which is a bonus but you will still have to import your characters on Android again. If you touch the "Import" button on the Characters screen and navigate to your device type name on the menu there will be a folder called "HEROSystemMobile". That folder has all your existing characters in it and you may import them one at a time. I need to do some more testing but I am planning on pushing a new beta build sometime this weekend.
  13. It should be there if you attach an image in HD.
  14. I'm sort of in a pickle with Android 11 right now. The gist of it is that HSM writes to your internal storage which is why you get prompted for file access. This was not a problem before but Google has decided to clamp down on apps that do this and now require me to fill in a form to explain why I need this access. I can always write the data to the apps protected data area which means it becomes less accessible. Not a huge deal for the average person. The issue I have is that I don't really have a business need to write outside the protected space as I do now. This means that users of the app would have to re-import characters at some point. It would mean that people would lose their notes, equipment, and current combat state when they re-import. The only alternative I can see is to make some sort of intermediary build that has a tool to automatically import characters from the old location to the new. I'm on the fence though with the work involved, the timeframe needed to do this as imposed by Google, vs the payoff. What do people think? Would you be pissed if you had to re-import your characters or is this not really an issue? I should call out, this only affects Android users.
  15. The beta builds have been created and approved for testing by Apple and Google. Here are the links you can use to join the beta: Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.herogmtools iOS - https://testflight.apple.com/join/VnuJAmln If you see anything funky or find a bug DM me here, email me at phil.guinchard@gmail.com, or leave a note here
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