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  1. Interesting, looks like I missed a source of resistant defense. I think the point costs work out the same to buying a naked advantage so it would seem it is functionally equivalent. I'll add it to my list of bugs
  2. It's weird that the cost of the two powers is 0 as well... do they cost 0 in HD too? Do they show up as part of your resistant defenses in HD on the characteristics screen? I know if you buy them as a naked advantages it will work but it will cost you some fraction of the points for your PD/ED which seems fair to me. I would check myself but I'm at work
  3. Can you tell me what version of the app you're running by going into (on your phone itself) Settings->App and notification find HSM, it should tell you the version under advanced.
  4. I imported your character and opened up all of the equipment on the "Equipment" tab without issue. It's possible that it's a caching issue or file import issue, I would recommend you do the following: Remove the character from your loaded characters by long touching his slot icon (while another character is selected) Go to the "Characters" screen and touch the "Import" button Select your character again Load him into a slot in the Hero Designer character viewer
  5. I have tested equipment built as compound powers and it doesn't crash for me. That was using a 6th edition character though, I'm not sure which edition you're using... it could make a difference right now. If it's not too much trouble could you either tell me how you built the power or send me the character so I can investigate. I'll look into adding the quantity and cost Fields as well... it should be easy enough.
  6. I've been working on supporting loading Fifth Edition characters directly from Hero Designer Files for the past couple of days. I am going to release a build that I've been working on a bit earlier then I was intending because I found some nasty bugs that I want to see fixed sooner rather than later. Although this is a minor point upgrade release (1.6.0) it's still considered to be under development with regards to fully supporting Fifth Edition characters and you should expect a few more patches in the next couple of days and/or weeks. Patch notes: Added in support for figured characteristics for Fifth Edition characters in the Hero Designer character viewer The "Combat" tab of the Hero Designer character viewer now supports Fifth Edition characters Fixed a rare bug that would prevent loading a character in the Hero Designer character viewer Fixed a bug with Forcefield/Damage Resistance inflating characteristic values The patch will probably go live late tonight or early tomorrow.
  7. The 1.5.0 version of the app was pushed into review on the app Android/iOS app stores today. Patch notes: Portraits now display when loading a Hero Designer character It is now possible to load up to 5 characters at once All characters now have a "Notes" tab Combat State and notes will be preserved if importing a new version of your character They should be hitting your devices later today.
  8. I think universal focus is enough in this case, given the genre. I think in another genre, say Super heroic, it would be inappropriate but fine in Fantasy.
  9. I spent my time today working on loading multiple characters into the app, here's how it works: There are 5 slots in the app for characters When loading a character you must select a slot to load them into You can clear a character slot by long pressing it from a character viewer You can also directly load a character into an existing slot Here's a screenshot of the modified character load/import screen... note the line of text that reads "Load character into:" followed by a slot drop down. Here is what the character viewers now look like. Note the footer at the bottom of the viewer. You can see by the footer that 2 of the 5 character slots have characters loaded into them. It's pretty hard to see from the screenshot but the UI does highlight the currently selected character as well. Pressing on an empty character slot will take you to the character load/import screen and pre-populate the drop down with the correct slot. Long pressing on a loaded character (other than your currently selected character) will bring up the following confirmation dialog: I'm still working on some little things but most of the work is done on this one. You should be seeing this in the next build.
  10. I added in a tab for notes for Hero Designer characters. The notes section itself a catchall spot for user to use to keep track of campaign notes, equipment, or anything else they need to. I gave it a 10k character size limit so you should be able to cram a lot of info in there if need be. I also made it so when you import a character that already exists in your list of characters that current combat state (STUN, BODY, CVs, etc) and notes get copied over to the incoming character. This means that if you ever delete a character from your list, all combat state and notes will go with them (as one should expect). However, if you are just importing an updated version of your character the app will automatically transfer your notes and combat state over to the new version of your character. Here's a screenshot of the notes section:
  11. Portraits will be available in the next build for the Hero Designer character viewer I'm still testing some scaling code I wrote but it looks like this one is a sure thing for next build.
  12. I just pushed the 1.4.0 build out to production for Android and iOS. This build adds a couple of new features such as support for tablets and sounds. Patch notes: Added support for tablets Added in the ability to manage characters within the app The app now plays sounds when rolling dice Added a back button in the top left corner of the app The default sound when rolling is a dice sound but if you have picked a SFX for a power from within HD it will play a sound based on the SFX. I realize that not everyone will be happy with the sounds I picked for the effects which I hope to address by allowing you to customize SFX sounds in a future release. Sounds can be disabled from settings too if you would prefer not to play them. The reason for the change in how characters are loaded and stored by the app is for features I want to implement in the future such as loading multiple characters at once, viewing portraits, and equipment/notes fields. It's a little different than it was before but it shouldn't cause too many issues... I hope! The patch should be available over the weekend.
  13. I finally got my Mac VM to update to Catalina after 2 days of time consuming and boring install attempts and rollbacks. The good news is that I can now access files via iCloud again which means I can test the character viewers. I already found and fixed some display issues and am continuing to test as I write this. It all looks pretty promising for a release soon, probably tomorrow morning.
  14. Work on tablet support is nearing completion. I added icons and splash screens for iPad's tonight and fixed some issues with the header on various sized devices. I have a very annoying issue that I've been fighting on the iOS side. I don't own an iPad or iPhone so I usually use the Simulator tool that Apple provides to developers to do my testing. Unfortunately, my Simulator tool is refusing to load iCloud files for me at the moment, it throws an error message when I click on a file regardless of the device I'm simulating. I'm going to try to bypass iCloud entirely but it's a bit of pain to do. That's a long way of saying that I haven't seen the character screens because I can't load a character Anyways, barring any further issues with the Simulator tool I may end up pushing a build as early as tomorrow morning.
  15. A couple of the guys are programmers and I had a process engineer and a teacher at the table... they may have just been overthinking things
  16. HERO is both a roll low and roll high system at the same time. My new players were pointing out that it's a little weird to do both. It doesn't bother me and probably the vast majority of users on these boards but it was honest feedback from fresh eyes.
  17. I think Chimpions just started a new season.
  18. I started work on tablet support last night, I figured it was a sure thing with regards to the poll. I'm applying scaling to the application and working through the UI glitches as they come up but I wanted to show some early progress so you get an idea of how things will look. Current App - Samsung Tab S (8.4") New Build - Samsung Tab A (8") As you can see from the screenshots the app looks much better now on the Tab A due to the application scaling. There's still lots of little things to tweak but the coarse work has been done, now it's just details. I don't like how long the buttons are on the new build for example, I'll probably be tweaking it... the logo is too big too... Now if only I could get my iOS simulator to load a character... ah well, a problem for another day.
  19. Another quick update... I added a "Back" button to the left hand side of the application header, mostly for iOS. I had to center the logo in the header to get this to look right... I think it turned out pretty good. Here's a screenshot of the new header, note the back chevron to the left of the logo.
  20. I have been working on some fundamental changes to how characters are managed by the app based on the anticipated future needs of the app. These changes revolve around how characters are loaded and stored by the application. The way characters are managed by the app is changing in order to support loading multiple characters into the app and other features like "Notes" and freeform "Equipment" entries. To understand the changes I think it's necessary to describe how character management currently works: The app can manage one character as time by picking it from the filesystem Loading a new character will erase any data about the currently loaded character like combat state Information about the currently loaded character is saved between sessions via platform specific data stores All the above means is that the app can only effectively manage one character at a time. The next major release of the app will have the new model of character management, which is: Importing a character will save them locally to the app You will have a list of characters that you may choose to load from You may delete characters as well Character state is saved in the local version of the character Basically, combat state and if you have the "Include Secondary Characteristics?" switch flipped Loading a character will also load their saved state into the app, if any Loading a new version of the character via the import button will overwrite the old character Here's a screenshot of the new character management screen:
  21. You can choose not to play any sounds at all in the app by going to the settings screen and flipping a switch. It was the first thing I thought of when Doc requested this feature 😂 All of the audio files add up to about 1.1m of bloat in the app. That's roughly a 10% increase in size on the Android side... not too bad. The PDFs I used to distribute with the app took up about the same space. Actual runtime memory should be low too because I load sounds on demand and not all at once. But yes, no one needs this feature but it's a nice little option for people to use if they want. Also, I need something to keep me busy while I wait for the poll to finish 😉
  22. Sounds I finished the first pass at adding in sound effects... here's how it works right now: You need to select a "Special Effect" for a power in HD The power must have a roll associated with it like a Blast or Entangle Sounds will play when you make your roll Each special effect in HD has a sound in the app... all 48 of them You can choose to not play any sounds in the newly redesigned settings screen of the app. Alternatively, you may also choose to just use the dice rolling sound regardless of the SFX assigned to the powers. All the sounds are here if you're curious. What I'm thinking for phase 2 of this feature is this: I'll add a screen to upload a sound (and delete one too) You will pick from a dropdown on this screen what SFX it should play on When loading a SFX the app will first check the list of user uploaded files and load anything it finds for the SFX All SFX sounds are loaded on demand (and then cached) to keep memory under control Failing to find any user defined mp3's for a given SFX will cause the app to use the default SFX sound Tablet Support While we're talking about features, I want to discuss what I mean by 'Tablet Support' as it is currently ahead in the poll. I will be using a technique to scale up the UI to a reasonable size based on the device screen size and resolution - that's it. I have no plans right now to make special screens based on the size of the device. Making screens based on device size adds a level of complexity to my development process that I just don't need right now, especially when weighed against the other feature requests I have in the pipeline. To reiterate, it will look better on bigger devices but there won't be a changes to the UI beyond the addition of scaling. Perhaps this will change someday but for now I want to add in this first step and move on to other features.
  23. You are absolutely right that people are fussy. I have the hardcoded version complete from the coding perspective, I just have a few more sounds to pick out. I'll look into the ability to upload custom sounds and see how much work that will be.
  24. This isn't the first time I've been asked for this actually. The issue from the app perspective is that it doesn't have any concept of multiple characters... the app only knows about the current character. Which means when you load in a new character it forgets about the last one entirely including anything in persistent storage. This may be a nice stepping stone to loading multiple characters or an excuse to just do that feature outright.
  25. If you haven't done it yet there is an option in HD to not print Advantages/Limitations on MPs and lists items. It will still print on the root element, just not the children. Very helpful at times.
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