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  1. Having the same issues started with the last Java update.
  2. Well, depending on if they were enlisted or an officer, all go through some kind of basic training (army and air force) or boot camp (navy and marines). Obviously the army and marines receive much more intense combat training than the other 2, but all are trained in rifles at a minimum, officers and some specialties receive pistol training or other types of weapons familiarity training. For example, in basic I received INTENSE training with an M16, antipersonel mines, and LAWs (mini bazooka) but didn't receive any training pistols till later on. But that was 35 years ago, so it might have changed and I have No idea what weapon training navy medics receive. And thank you for your kind words. As far as vehicle training, that is often taught on the job unless its you're particular MOS. Most are no different than a standard car or truck; in fact, most ARE just upgraded civilian vehicles. Dark Champions source book has a very good background skill package group if you can get your hands on a copy. The skills apply to both 5th and 6th edition with no issue.
  3. Just a note: you've decided on making him an ex-Marine, so what was his MOS? The Marines so not have medics, they are assigned Navy Medical Corpsman personnel for that job, so if he was a Marine his MOS would have to be combat specific, though he could have been a pilot or driver if you don't want to gve him a combat MOS. Just FYI into how it works in the "real life" military. So basically if you want him to have been assigned to a medical position in a Marine unit you should make him Navy, which doesn't mean he'd be any less attached to his squad. Otherwise sounds like a great idea for a hero. Semper Fi to all my Marine brothers from an Army Corp of Engineers vet
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