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  1. Having the same issues started with the last Java update.
  2. Well, depending on if they were enlisted or an officer, all go through some kind of basic training (army and air force) or boot camp (navy and marines). Obviously the army and marines receive much more intense combat training than the other 2, but all are trained in rifles at a minimum, officers and some specialties receive pistol training or other types of weapons familiarity training. For example, in basic I received INTENSE training with an M16, antipersonel mines, and LAWs (mini bazooka) but didn't receive any training pistols till later on. But that was 35 years ago, so it might have cha
  3. Just a note: you've decided on making him an ex-Marine, so what was his MOS? The Marines so not have medics, they are assigned Navy Medical Corpsman personnel for that job, so if he was a Marine his MOS would have to be combat specific, though he could have been a pilot or driver if you don't want to gve him a combat MOS. Just FYI into how it works in the "real life" military. So basically if you want him to have been assigned to a medical position in a Marine unit you should make him Navy, which doesn't mean he'd be any less attached to his squad. Otherwise sounds like a great idea for a hero
  4. In 6E there are the advantages Does Knockback and Double Knockback. Plus as Greywind said there are various martial arts maneuvers that do the knock down (leg sweep for example)
  5. Well here's the issue I'm having with with Hero Designer...when no open load prefabs it doesn't even see the hdc files in the folders. I've uninstalled everything, reinstalled and still doesn't see them. It was working fine on Thursday now its not. Am I missing something??
  6. Ok, changing them back. But what was interesting was when I changed some files to hep the program saw file it wouldn't open before. Weird. Not gonna argue with the code writer on this!! Thanks for the info. Your reply is very appreciated!!!
  7. I'm not sure if this is related to my earlier question about file extensions but I'm having another issue. Earlier this week I was able to add vehicles from the Hero System Vehicle Sourcebook as perks bit now I can't even find those vehicles. It now only gives me the vehicle options for each type. Is there something I'm missing??
  8. Ok, I fixed the issue with a program called Bike Extension Changer 1.2 and it worked great. I'm still just curious as to why they changed after they were the correct before if anyone has a clue.
  9. Suddenly all the file extensions in my Character Packs have changed from hdp to hdc. I can change them back and they work fine but I'm having to this all manually per each file. Any clue why this happened and a way to change them back or stop it from happening again?? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  10. I'm thinking of either going with the "custom adder" option and just use it to lower the cost for each character to cover their cost. Or I might just make it free and be a nice guy. The vehicle is more or less their HQ; they don't have an HQ per se they have individual living spaces/businesses and meet at the dojo of one of the characters when they need a common meeting place. I've already decided to give them their individual places for free as mostly a plot device and the battlevan is sorta important to the missions they'll go on. I was mostly just curious if there was a setting in the pro
  11. My player team is "sharing" a battlevan. Is there an easy way to share to CP cost between the characters?? I've looked through the docs and not found what I'm looking for. BTW, GREAT PROGRAM!! Thanks in advance for any help.
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