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  1. Re: Confused about 6th edition [puts on his best British accent] its not a matter of where she GRIPS IT... look, a two armed person cannot read two books simultaneously! its a simple matter of weight ratios!
  2. Re: Confused about 6th edition oh yea, baby er wait... no. actually scratch that...
  3. Re: Order of the Stick i agree. i think that the door was just the easiest way out. there was another, and he was attempting it before he changed his mind. go V. redeem yourself and be a hero for once.
  4. Re: Order of the Stick i think bringing knives to a gun fight would have been safer
  5. Re: eliminating the SPEED chart when i first started with HERO i decided to simplify the SPD thing, so i went with a modified Shadowrun system (4th Ed, in case it was different in earlier editions. i played 2nd years uncounted ago and can't remember a darn thing about it other than it was fun). essentially i decoupled SPD from DEX and made DEX 2 cp/point (for fairness), then i made everyone SPD 1 base with all that that entails. a point of SPD still cost 10 cp. then it was pretty simple to do things the way that was more familiar for my other players (we were all picking it up cold, no one knew anything about it when we started). ultimately SPD 2 people would have an additional round after the SPD 1 people, etc etc. of course, it got kind of messy if you let someone get more than a couple of SPD higher than the others, and it could be argued that really fast characters should go first not last, which could be remedied with some sort of "two SPD higher than anyone else gets a free starting round" or something. however, as others have said, i generally found more problems in doing away with SPD than keeping it as normal with a very narrow band (my games tend more towards normal, with SPDs of 1, 2, and 3) mostly because of the myriad of interactions that can come up in HERO games. however, i do think that a little more information on exactly where the bottleneck with SPD is occurring it may be helpful for us to be able to more accurately give you tips that actually address the situation that you are having. you asked and i answered! hope that maybe some of this rambling helps!
  6. Re: Order of the Stick yea, in fact, in 3rd edition, with a 14 CHA you can even cast all of your spells. just cause the rules state it doesn't make it a good idea.
  7. Re: Order of the Stick THIS could be interesting. and MAN it makes me wanna break out my wife's Oriental setting!
  8. Re: Order of the Stick that was BEAUTIFUL! and my very first thought was "i wonder if he thought about changing the cast page" very awesome and totally glad to see the cast about to be reunited
  9. Re: Order of the Stick been gone for awhile. all i gotta say is never saw it coming, glad it did, and i'm STILL wishing this thing would tie back together instead of all these side quests. lol. i always hated side quests still, i am interested in what terrible thing that V will do in short order. (s)he's already well over the evil threshold. i'm waiting to see what sticks her there (or saves her from it). although part of me also doesn't care. the whole story is hitting that point where its tedious to keep up with, kinda like the middle 300 pages in the Stand by Stephen King. meh.
  10. Re: Order of the Stick LOL! and i love being proved right. that was a fave multiclass build of mine, and since Belkar apparently has raised his mental stats a few points since the early days, he's kicking some tail. i love you Belkar!! wait, no! don't stab me!! *dead
  11. Re: Order of the Stick true. although i had a pacifist cleric/abjurist wizard (gave up necromancy and evocation) who got by well with mostly just abjuration spells, heal spells, and hefty use of the "aid other" action to boost allies AC. the only damage spells that she packed only worked against undead. she was devoted to Hod, the norse god of Cold and Mercy. her twin sister, on the other hand, was a evoker wizard/palidin devoted to Odin, who was the exact opposite and blew up everything... sometimes twice. my character also had several vows from the Book of Exalted Deeds, most notably Poverty and Nonviolence. so i could not have packed anything other than my walking stick and the clothes on my back. that game kicked so much tail... *sage waxes nostolgic...*
  12. Re: Order of the Stick which makes him a rogue killing machine. they won't even see whats coming. and then they'll have little X's in their eyes like all others who attract the attention of the Belkar. although, part of me also wonders if we will see anymore of his devious nature assert itself now. i can almost imagine convincing the two rogues offing each other at Belkar's goading, as we've have already seen they have differing opinions and maybe even don't like each other very much.
  13. Re: Order of the Stick dude. ranger has d8's in 3.5, and barbarian gets the mighty d12, plus both get the best BAB and i believe both get the best REF saves. rogues get d6's and the middle BAB. Belkar should totally own, as long as he doesn't get flanked, even with them being higher level. not to mention he gets an AC bonus for being small. magically goodies could even the fight. but still. oh yea, and i reiterate, BELKAR IS THE MASTER!
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