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  1. What is the easiest way to do a Damage Shield (from 4th Edition) in 6th Edition? Is there a rule I am missing somewhere?
  2. Thank you all for the replies. The information about both fuel and speed is helpful. I absoultely saw this as a Universal Focus. Nothing stopping someone from knocking the rider off of it or taking it.
  3. As a GM I want to see if others think this is fair, even if it bends the rule. A character in a standard 400 Champions 6 Edition game who is Martial Artist wants a motorcyle that has a 50 m x4 NCM speed. They want to to be able to react at their DEX, OCV, DCV,and SPD which would cost upwards of 50 CP. This is another offer for 28 CP: Motorcycle: Running 50m, x4 Noncombat (69 Active Points); OAF (-1), Only On Appropriate Terrain (-1/2), 1 Continuing Fuel Charge lasting 6 Hours (+1/4) Obviosuly the full vechile rules should be used if you are buulding the Bat mobile or a Fighter jet, but is there any reason not to allow this. It seems fair to say the motorcyle is designed to work with the higher DEX and other Stats the character already paid for. Thoughts
  4. IF you have a PC who constantly Goggles and used WIki have a villian figure that out and go in and put false information out on the Internet. Also EMP pulses do wonders.
  5. It depends on the game. It is reasonable to give a simple smart phone to any character who could normally afford one in most modern games. I would only charge points if they wanted a super secure commiunication line or apps that simulated something not on a normal smart phone. Carrying a calculator for example is not the same as lighting calculator (you have to take an acton to pull out the phone and type in the numbers at the very least). In the same way I have no problem with a character who has normal or higher wealth having a car or a motorcycle, but if they want to start modifying it they need to spend points. You want a Ford Festa fine that's free, you want the Batmobile, not so much. The fact that most of us carry a way to access the internet in our pocket means a lot of knowledge skills seem less useful, until you release two things. Looking up an article and reading it takes tine and the articles on the internet are often wrong.
  6. I think this is the perfect answer. Thanks
  7. One of the great super hero types with several movie, TV, and cartoon examples as well as the classics in comics Hawkeye (Bishop or Barton) and the Green Arrow family. Constantly you see these characters losing their bow and either stabbing someone with a trick arrow or throwing the arrow at a nearby target. In Champions if the Bow and Arrows are bought as OAF you cannot do that, once you are out of luck. Alternatively is you buy them as a OIF you cannot be disarmed of the bow, which does not sense. Here is my idea. Create two Multi-Powers: The First is the Quiver purchased as an OIF with the -1/4 additional Limitation of Range Based on STR The Second: 15 Bow: Multipower, 30-point reserve, (30 Active Points); OAF (-1) 2f 1 - Accurate Shot: Compound Power: (Total: 30 Active Cost, 22 Real Cost) +3 with Arrows (Real Cost: 15) plus> +15 STR (15 Active Points); Limited Power Only to Offset Range Based on STR (-1) (Real Cost: 7) 3f 2 - Dodging Shot: Compound Power: (Total: 30 Active Cost, 30 Real Cost) +4 DCV (Real Cost: 20) plus CLS +2 Arrows (Real Cost: 10) 1f 3 - Distance Shot: Distance Shot: +30 STR (30 Active Points); Limited Power Only to offset Range Based on STR (-1) 3f 4 - Grapple I: Swinging 40m, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (30 Active Points) 1f 5 - Grapple II: Leaping 60m (30 Active Points); Limited Power Only within 60' of structure (-1) 2f 6 - Strike: Hand-To-Hand Attack +6d6 (30 Active Points); Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/4) The 27 points spent on the bow are most likely more than you are going to save for the total of going from a OAF to an OIF plus the Range on STR. I think this is offset by the bonuses of buy the Martial Art like maneuvers as part of the bow. In fact you could make more. The Bow doubles as a basic linegun and you can also just hit someone with it. What do folks think.
  8. The easy answer is Champions Villains: Vol 1-3, 1 you can do without as you may not be starting out having your heroes face villains that are that powerful, but 2 and 3 are very good resources.
  9. I am trying to build a flying platform (like the Goblin Glider from Marvel) that is remote controlled. Obviously I could built a computer or AI to control it, but I really want to build to control into a ring the character can use to control it at a range. Is Telekinesis with the only effects limited objects (the Flyer) the best way to simulate this? Through Megascale on and it works at a reasonable distance.
  10. Need some opinions: Cumulative Mental Powers (Mental Illusion, Mind Control, Telepathy) are a good way to build a character who needs to concentrate to use a mental power (in effectg attack several times) rather than just striking out quickly.: Obviously a legal build would be something like: Mind Control: 6d6 (+ 1 Cumulative Max Effect: 144). In play does the attacking character then need to make a command as soon as he reaches the minimum effect level or can he just keep piling on the points to makes the Breakout roll harder. Example: X is attacking Y (Ego: 14) with the above power. X wants Y to go and turn himself into the police. Y, a murder, does not want to do this so it is ruled an Ego + 30 roll, so X cannot make the order until he accumulates at least 45 points of effect. If X’s first roll is 20, second roll is 17, and third roll is 23 he now has 50 points. Sure X can make the order, but if Y makes his Ego breakout roll at – 1 (11-) nothing happens at all. Y will get at least 3 more breakout rolls (12 - a turn, 13 - a minute, and 14 -five minutes) and if they are far from a police station or Y has to wai t to be processed he may get one or two more (15 – and 16 -). The likelihood of this power doing anything negative to Y is slight in the extreme. If, however, you let X pile on two more rolls (say 18 each the total is now 86 and Y’s breakouts are 4 -, 5 -, 6- , 7 -, 8 -, 9-. Sure Y may escape, but he is much less likely to. X has spent to more phases building up the attack in the second example. In this time Y can fight, run, do anything, as he has not been ordered not to, this seems fair and balanced to me, how about you all?
  11. Can a Vechile buy a Combat Skill Level to off-set some of it's size DCV penality?
  12. Re: Slow Starter Sure in some games, but if you look at the sources of heroes, not so much. Examples: Iorn Man: Has to put on his armor Batman: Has some skills as Bruce Wayne, but needs his utility belt I assume the field would be on when any character with a secret ID would be "in costume" and off normally. The main problem would be if he were blindsided or attacked at work.
  13. I have an idea for a Green Lantern type character whose powers are all linked to a force field that it takes him a full minute to generate and that he can niether eat nor drink when it is active. So he has to turn it off, also he has a secret ID. This means if he is sucked out a space ship or attacked without the time to activate his powers he is basically a skilled normal, then after a full minute he has his force field (built as armor), his hieghtened stats, and access to his VVP with all his powers. This is a pretty serious weakness in my way of thinking and I am baiscally buying it on all the linked powers as: (- ¾ Extra Time: 1 Minute: Only to Activate; - ¼ OIHID). These are the non-VPP powers: Armor: 15 PD / 15 ED(- ¾ Extra Time: 1 0 (23) Minute: Only to Activate; - ¼ OIHID) Life Support: Safe in all Environments & Self-Contained Breathing (- ¾ Extra Time: 1 0 (10) Minute: Only to Activate; - ¼ OIHID) Power Defense: 10(- ¾ Extra Time: 1 Minute: 0 (5) Only to Activate; - ¼ OIHID) STR: + 20 (- ¾ Extra Time: 1 Minute: Only 2 (10) to Activate; - ¼ OIHID) DEX: + 10 (- ¾ Extra Time: 1 Minute: Only 0 (15) to Activate; - ¼ OIHID) CON: + 20 (- ¾ Extra Time: 1 Minute: Only 0 (20) to Activate; - ¼ OIHID) PRE: + 10 (- ¾ Extra Time: 1 Minute: Only to 0 (5) Activate; - ¼ OIHID) SPD: + 1 (- ¾ Extra Time: 1 Minute: Only to 0 (5) Activate; - ¼ OIHID). + 2 w/ DEX REC: + 4 (- ¾ Extra Time: 1 Minute: Only to Activate; - ¼ OIHID) + 12 w/ CON & STR 0 (4) END: + 40 (- ¾ Extra Time: 1 Minute: Only to 0 (10) Activate; - ¼ OIHID) + 80 w/CON Flight: 10” (+ ½ 0 END; - ½ Linked to Armor) 0 (20) Total: 127. Now the VPP is an 80 Universal VPP, but he cannot use any of the powers without the field up. I think the easiest way of buying this is linked to the armor, but at the armor cost much less than the VPP it would only be a - 1/4 Limitation: VPP 80 (+ 2 Universal; - 1/4 Linked: Armor; - 1/4 All Powers must be visable) (Costing 160) Does this seem fair to you all? Thanks for the inpute
  14. Re: I'm not sure how to get the PCs together! This is not 2 hours with each player, each week. This is a one time thing to create character background. It also means the characters can be much more personal plot driven. But, then again if the mystery is what the game is about, not so much.
  15. Re: I'm not sure how to get the PCs together! One of the best games I ever played in back in college (not Hero game, another, famous, fantasy system) started with the GM spending 2 hours with each PC. Once characters are created have them have a role played back story and then bring them to a common point. It need not be a battle, it could be a crime scene, or anything else of that sort you need. You do not have to do this on the same day. An example: 4 characters, we will call them Shaggy, Daphine, Fred, and Velma. Velma: Background brainy investaigator. While working for the school paper discovers whatevert is going on and follows a lead to the alley... Fred: The jock, leader. Some friends of his are in trouble and he goes to the alley to try to help them. Daphine. Giles sends her...sorry, could not resist. Shaggy: Dude's dog runs away into the alley... What matters is that all the characters must have goals that help each other.
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