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  1. I was wondering is there a discord bot that can roll dice for Hero 6 edition?
  2. Sorry I haven't looked at before I'm checking it out currently ------------------------------------------------- I shaved off as much as i could, but now I'm stuck on shaving off the rest is (400cp + 44xp) Currently at 570cp I also wanted a follower or Summon an Ally be I think there was no where to fit it I was also thinking about building the hero character like Shazam, but I wanted then "main body" to some of their heroic abilities but less potent My Soul Weapon are my main damage dealers Daisuke Endgame 400.pdf Soul Blade Endgame 400.pdf
  3. This is hard, I'm one of the main people in who knows more about HERO System 6th Edition, but there's still a lot I don't know. I've never played a hero system game before. I didn't know that they're guidelines to follow/create
  4. Yeah the only thing we know is the we start with 400cp, and the he reviews it to see if any powers are broken
  5. So I've been thinks about what to say and how to say it lolz cause this is a lot lolz. Sorry I haven't been responding. First thank you all for all your tips & tricks I really appreciate it honestly. I've notice that most of you talked about building characters at its peak and build them with the potential to grow, I was going the "at their peak" route because it's the character I envision and once I hit that peak and I'm still playing them the powers they have would just be strunger. And I'm fine with that also because whatever lack on that's just their weakness, their no such thing as the perfect character, the GM can always build a character to counter you and then you would be truly tested, sounds like fun to me I'm referring to Player characters, and my Hero Group that i play with are all new to HERO System 6th Edition. The Character i'm building has PD/ED/Power/Mental Defenses Only, No Flash Defenses; he also has a cuple of powers that's against mental defense but none of them does damage except one (Haven't Built The Power That Does Damage Yet In Case I Scrap That Idea) My Character that I'm building is a hyper speed swordsman with cosmic soul abilities, with he's partner who is an electric warfare specialist with the power to electrical & bio components. And their biggest enemy who is a mental manipulater and controller of people with defense that makes annoyingly untouchable. I have an idea about what you mean on this but I'm have difficulties understanding this fully ____________________________________________________________ Daisuke is the character I'm trying to make from a manga I'm trying to build Daisuke Endgame is way to must, build him without thinking about the points, I know I know It's Unrealistic To Build To That Extant. So, I've been trying to trim him down to 1000cp. This is also the first character i've ever built. Daisuke Endgame.pdf Daisuke Endgame 1000.pdf
  6. I need some advice on not overdoing my character creation. I gotten better at building characters but now I'm building them more powerful than they need to be. I was wondering how can I have a concept for a character that doesn't have to be overpowered, deciding the wants and needs, taking out things that seem unnecessary. Any tips?
  7. I thought I could use Transform to change costume and apperence
  8. It was due to the Transform Power, I wanted to build it in a way to fully transform from my character's normal form to superheroic form. But because on the power says "Target: Target's DCV" he said I had to roll against my Stats. We're new to Heroes, but that didn't make sense to me, so I told him I'll look into it. And because we're now, he's trying to stick to the rule book till he gets the hang of things.
  9. I thought the same thing, by any chance do you know if it's written in the core books?
  10. I have a question, my GM and I we're new to Hero System and the topic of using a power/ability on yourself had us scratching our heads. So the question is when you are using a power/ability on yourself, do you have to make an attack roll against yourself?
  11. Hey I was wondering how do you build cells and vaults in the hero system, I've been trying to build it, but the math doesn't add up. I'm not sure it's supposed to be a compound power or a barrier, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  12. When you buy a HTH Martial Maneuvers (lets say "Fast Strike") does that mean you could use it bare-handed and with a weapon or do you have to buy it twice in order to do that?
  13. I'm a bit confused on how the Martial Maneuver: Flying Dodge, I know when you dodge you get movement but is the movement a one time thing or is it after every successful dodge. And do you lose the movement it you get hit?
  14. I'm building a game but I'm not sure what price I should put on the items and equipment. How do I determine the in a Heroic Campaign?
  15. Sorry it took so long for me to respond back to your answers, but I'd really like to say it really helped a lot. I understand it more and I'll try to create the base. I hope I can show you the base when I'm done, and you can give me some feedback if you're willing.
  16. I was wondering if it's possible to make an underground city as a base. I'm asking because I'm not sure if making a base means you have to build each building in the city individually or it can all be bought as one? Also when I buy the list the benefits the base has, do I have to write the designated location to use such benefits [Ex: Library-KS: Small Arms 11-] so when someone wants to use this skill in the base, is it from anywhere in the base or it's only in a specific location in the base?
  17. I'm trying to build it in the MP, but I also just tried to do it didn't work. The Naked Power: MP slot isn't registering the active points.
  18. Not sure how to build a MP that doesn't have a Power Base Cost, I'm trying to build "Weapon Riposte" and "Storm of Steel" from the Hero System Martial Arts Book but I don't know how this power is constructed. Can I be explained how this power is built and how I can create it in Hero Designer?
  19. I appreciate all the tips and tricks you all have given me, I really do, but I'm not gonna lie all of this is kinda overwhelming. I've been reading your advices over and over again so I can have a better grasp of the game, I also have been reading the Hero's book seen last thanksgiving so it makes things a bit easier to understand. And I don't know if this is also a problem but I found out that it takes me more than couple days to even make a character or make a character sheet for an existing fictional character, Multipower & VVP has also been hard to understand. I'm afraid that once I start the game I'd slow the game down because I still lack understanding of the basic core rules.
  20. 1. No, not really 2. I have 3-5 people willing to play Hero 3. I have... HERO System Sixth Edition Volume 1: Character Creation HERO System Sixth Edition Volume 2: Combat & Adventuring HERO System Martial Arts Gun Fu Hero System Equipment Guide The Ultimate Base The HERO System Bestiary Hero System Skills The HERO System Grimoire HERO System Advanced Player's Guide HERO System Advanced Player's Guide II 4. I was gonna run it as a Heroic Campaign 275CP I'll try to build some of the characters "I'm going to change the campaign to be more like "A Certain Magical Index" instead, but it's still kinda like My Hero Academia
  21. Hey, I was wondering if I can get some tips and tricks on how to be a GM for heroes. They aren't any games being run where I am, and I've never actually played the game before, but since there's isn't any games around me I wanted to run a game myself. I have some hero's books and I have a general idea on how to make characters, still figuring some things out. My Idea for a campaign would be like My Hero Academia the anime, but I'm not sure how to go about it.
  22. Sorry I'm just trying to wrap my head around everything, -Yes I start off unarmed, and a can bring out my swords out of nowhere. -The swords I bring out of nowhere are the weapons I use to do certain martial maneuvers (such as Counter strike, Parry, Plunging Strike, Slash, Trip and much more in the martial arts book) If I do use the blast power how would how would some of the notes/effects like +2 weapon DC strike, +10 str to disarmed, must follow a block come into effect -The swords are always on my until I send them back to nothing. -Also if I'm disarmed I'm just disarmed and the swords doesn't go away till I send them away or broken -My sword is actually a chain sword bounded to my character. He can swing his sword around to attack at a distance, but the chain is only there when the character wants to use it. He can also use the chain to retrieve his sword, a character that comes to mind is Kratos: The God of War games his twin blades -I don't understand the physical manifestation limitation very well, I get the idea -also I was thinking of either put charges into how many blades I can summon a day or increase END limitation so it's not always easy to resummon the swords when disarmed (if chain doesn't work), broken, or thrown
  23. I like the idea of the physical manifestation, but I was wondering how it would work with certain martial maneuvers like "Swordfight". I wasn't sure if I had to use the equipment guide book to create the sword itself and say I summon it as a special effect. The blade I'm trying to make it a physical sword like a regular sword but the thing is my character summons the sword in stead, I understand the UOO(Usable On Other) and the physical manifestation, but will that allow me to use swordfighting martial maneuvers. Like do I still have to give my sword STR min, BODY, Mass, and A/R Cost on top of the blast power. And for the blast attacks would the blast have the limitations of a focus (witch is the summoned weapon) and/or Linked for actually summoning the sword Ex. Of summoning weapons in games and anime are -Kingdom Hearts Sora's Key Blade -Fate Stay Night Archers Dual Blades (YouTube: Archer vs Lance School Fight)
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