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  1. Hey I was wondering what is the game mechanic on summoning weapons, I checked out the summon power but it's for beings only.
  2. I was building a character but I wanted to give the character a form where he has no control, anime examples of this are -Ichigo in hollowfication before he was able to control it (Bleach) -Naruto going into the nine tail form when fighting Pain (Naruto Shippuden) -Saiyans turning into apes when they see the Full Moon (Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z) movie example -Hulk when he's out of control A perfect game example is -Sora's Anti Form (Kingdom Hearts 2) I'm also calling it '"Anti Form" I know that it's triggered by extreme negative emotion (ex: see someone close to them threaten or killed in front of them), it's hard to regain control, the character takes a toll once he recovered, the form doesn't last more than 12 hours, freighting appearance. Can I get some advice about this
  3. It's Nymph Beta from Sora No Otoshimono (Heaven's Lost Property) it's an ecchi anime
  4. Thank You, Everyone, who responded. And you didn't pull me away Doc. Sorry for not responding sooner guys, I realized that the power I was trying to build for my character wasn't explained properly and I probably described it in a way where it's too overpowered and misunderstood, because it's not like controlling them or possessing them, it's more like tampering with certain brainwave and motor functions. So I've decided to rewatch the anime and respond back to your replies. I'm already over half of the show now.
  5. Hello, I just have a question on how to create the powers Hacking Field & Powerful Radar. I'm trying to make a character I saw in an anime who is built for electrical warfare. The Hacking Field ability is to allow the character to hack any computer system, Androids and humans, blocking or unblocking memories and abilities. Powerful Radar is supposed to give the character a wide scale to detect any electrical devises and more like blueprint layout of a building and analyzing the components in the air to detect certain types of gases. I'm still new to Hero 6th Edition so building certain powers is a bit difficult. So I wanted to reach out for help.
  6. Oh just saw your response, I was currently heading there now, but if they are not there today I can still try to get information there.
  7. Well I didn't want to limit it to a specific town. I go to games in Cambridge, Dudley, and Fenwey so I don't really have a specific area, Boston is as close I can get for location wise.
  8. I'm new to the Hero System Table Top Game and I'm really interested in playing. If anyone in Boston Area is will to take a newbie or anyone who knows a place that runs Heroes let me knew.
  9. Hey Doc, I'm looking in the Boston, MA Area.
  10. Hello, I'm new to the Hero System Table Top Game but I would like to try it cause I'm really interested, so I was wondering if there's a way where I can play Heroes online or a place in my location. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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