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  1. CLOWN, just when you thought it was safe to drive across the Brooklyn Bridge CLOWN is back. Yep the crazy pranksters have reemerged to terrorize law enforcement and heroes plus of course pull wacky pranks. IMP, a group dangerous of psychotic individuals who like to cause terror, mayhem and death. While most villain organization seems to be out to become rich or rule the world, IMP is different. They will be rich but only due to the fee they are paid to assassinate any and everyone. They might rob a bank here or there as well but people will be injured and if they have their way th
  2. The latest installment of Monster Mash has four new types of Occulords that have been seen in the realm of late. Occulord of Power variant, Occulord of doom, Occulord of Fire and the Occulord or Lightning. These vile creatures are to be feared and avoided. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do while adventuring of course. Click here to add them to your campaign.
  3. Technomancers use technology to create magic in a universe where magic doesn't exist. They are feared and sought after for knowledge and to look into the future. Can you handle such knowledge? Are you ready to be sought out for help? Are you ready to be hounded by the masses? This supplement is designed for use with Star Hero and Post-Apocalyptic Hero. This supplement contains over 25 spells to choose from as well as magic system guidelines. It comes with a 25 page PDF and HD files this collection combines material from Technomany I & II into a single organized and book
  4. If you ever wanted a faster way to make Champions characters, for NPCs or to encourage new players to try it, you want to check out the Champions Character Creation Cards Kickstarter. It's fully funded and for a little more than two days, unlocking stretch goals. Check it out while there's still time.
  5. A poll is taking place to select the best superhero RPG product of 2017, and we'd appreciate your help inputting Golden Age Champions at the top of the list. Contests like this help raise awareness and attract a larger audience that makes it much easier to do more books like it. Please vote for Darren Watts' Golden Age Champions here.
  6. Traveler fans, we just added 25 official Traveler products for Star Hero. It may not be chocolate and peanut butter but it is a great way to combine two popular, classic science fiction role-playing games. If you love the Traveler setting, check out how it has been adapted for HERO System
  7. Mad Ferret LLC will launch a Kickstarter for a new HERO System setting, Extinction, in February. In 2028, we foresaw our fate in the plumes of a distant comet entering our solar system. Humanity united to save itself from extinction as a planet killer comet veered to strike the Earth. Our efforts to stop Armageddon partially succeeded and the sky bled red for a decade as the comet’s debris shrouded our planet. The fleeting unity that saved us vanished and we reverted to our corrupted nature. The darkened skies birthed a mini-ice age heralding worldwide chaos and suffering unlike any
  8. ELVENSONG STREET PRESS — 2017 YEAR IN REVIEW by Steven S. Long Greetings, folks, and happy 2018! The year seems to have gotten off to a rather frigid and snowy start here in the eastern U.S., so wherever you are, I hope you’re staying warm and safe. The same goes to all my friends elsewhere in the world — even in the bitter, post-apocalyptic wastelands of Canadia. ;-) My good friend and business partner, Jason Walters of Hero Games and IPR, asked me if I’d write up a year in review report for my little dba, Elvensong Street Press.
  9. Steven D. Long updates HERO System 6th Edition with an errata file updated on January 1, 2018. It can also be downloaded from our forums.
  10. Every fantasy game needs magical rewards. Wondrous Treasures - Bows & Crossbows provides a variety of bows that players in your Fantasy Hero campaign can use to further their heroic adventures. From bows that never miss or bows that release the fiery breath of a Dragon, adventurers want them and search dungeons or even search through a dragon’s hoard for wondrous items. The ZIP file includes the PDF and Hero Designer files.
  11. In TITech Corp Flyer #6 - Gloves, the superheroes and agents in your Champions campaign will now have the best gear for their hands. Make sure they have the best equipment the characters' money can buy. The ZIP file includes the PDF and Hero Designer files.
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