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    Playing Champions & HERO since 1990. Running Champions 6e face-to-face, set in "New Bern City" (alt history - NC Capital never moved inland).
    Looking for Traveller HERO/Star HERO, either local or online (Roll20, FG, etc)
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  1. Over 370 members now, and growing - come join us and stir the best RPG pot ever, HERO! https://discord.gg/HcUJvJH
  2. Hi all, 1) if anyone's search-fu is awesome, I would like links to any threads here comparing the Star HERO editions. 2) I'm interested in particular if the pages/chapters in each edition for subgenre selection/campaign design have held up well, considering the passage of time in real life makes future predictions obsolete fast (compare 1990s looking at Cyberpunk vs. Transhumanist sci-fi written in the last few years, or Cyberpunk 2020 vs. Sarah Newton's Mindjammer (there's a Traveller version if Fate is troublesome to convert to HERO).) In short, does the a
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