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    Looking for Traveller HERO/Star HERO, either local or online (Roll20, FG, etc)
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  1. Simon, Just checking to see if anything in the Nov 25, 2020 update was other than a minor update. Thanks!
  2. Over 370 members now, and growing - come join us and stir the best RPG pot ever, HERO! https://discord.gg/HcUJvJH
  3. All, The Discord continues to grow - we're over 300 members now, and we are having, and have had, many awesome HEROic discussions! https://discord.gg/HcUJvJH Jump in, the active points are fine!
  4. To add to roles not covered, and to piggyback on "science officer," I am reminded that Star Trek, both original and TNG, often had guest stars be geologists, xenobiologists, botanists, and various other science specialists - you could be one of those, with a "side order" of other things/skills. Likewise Cultural Anthropologists who evaluate a whole society rather than be "the face" who skill rolls a single NPC into an info dump. Finally, I don't know whether the Terran Empire has Universal Translators as commonplace like in Star Trek, but one of my favorite sci-fi chara
  5. Tungsten, Use this one: https://discord.gg/HcUJvJH Welcome!
  6. Gadzooks, I'm not sure why the original link is broke, but here's one fresh from the server: https://discord.gg/HcUJvJH Please reply here if the above doesn't work, and I'll generate another eternal join link. (I'm also one of the moderators on the server)
  7. Another bump - we're at about 170 members now on the Discord - the water's fine, come and join us!
  8. TranquiloUno, The first RPGers came out of a mostly-common background of board game and/or wargame experience, plus every actor-in-training who walked by a gaming table. That's a heavy math-enabled demographic not intimidated by Subtraction, and not allowing the friction of having to use an unused skill (subtraction) stop them from having fun. Today, 5th edition D&D (helped largely by Critical Role actual play YouTube channel) has pulled in so MANY new gamers from the mainstream that the gaming demographic is now much closer to the national demographic (
  9. Duke, It's on Amazon Prime only, but Amazon Prime as a service is no longer an annual lump sum as the only option. $11 or so buys you a month of streaming, during which month,if you had time, you could binge-watch all 4 seasons. I think they also sell the episodes individually if $2-$3/month to own one episode fits your schedule and budget better...
  10. AGE system is pretty much Traveller with roll-high a la most modern d20 games, and also Mongoose Traveller, and it adds the Stunt Die. I approve of 3d6 roll-high. However, in these days of "all games are 5e or PF2 at conventions" (and maybe Cyberpunk REd and Shadowrun and Call of Cthulhu) finding AGE is about as rare as finding HERO. That said, I hope the Expanse sells gangbusters and encourages more RPG producers to grow the science fiction pie. (And that 7e HERO, when it comes, moves to roll-high for everything so we can get all the RPG newbies
  11. I agree that Star Wars is "Future-themed Swashbuckling Adventure." However re: The Long Night, see Traveller RPG (and since we have Traveller HERO with an excellent timeline, buy and use that) for at least one conception of how you could end up with that situation. Even within a single nation on Earth, compare a New York, Shanghai, Accra, or London to how citizens live just 50 miles away in the burbs or a small town. See also modern-day nations taking/recovering land from their neighbors in sometimes perpetual back and forths - lots of infrastructure lost in
  12. Gauntlet, thanks for starting the topic! In my campaign, the heroes have settled on starting a company - the analogy is this: As Blackwater (ex-military hiring out as combat contractors) is to the U.S. Army, (and I know Blackwater renamed themselves after debacles in Iraq) H.E.R.O. is to the local police, at first, with plans to expand, franchise, and go regional and then national. The Mega-rich no-secret-id Brick acted as frontman to the precinct commander for the sales presentation, had lawyers draw things up before, during , and after. He want
  13. So, I was at Robert Huston's spectacular Pulp Space HERO game at Mace 2019 recently, and noticed one of the other players had, not the blue and yellow Hexman dice, but the black and green ones from the time of 5e. They were spectacularly appropriate for a pulp space game, bringing back memories of Commodore PET computers and other 80s green-screens.... But, my Google-fu is failing me - not even on eBay does anyone sell these!!!! Time for a Kickstarter? I know the story here has 700+ sets of 6 Hexman blues and yellows, but since they have ZERO of the retro bl
  14. Indeed - Robert Huston's Space Pulp HERO was awesome!!!!
  15. Wow, moving that far south? I hope that means they outgrew the old hotel and are super-popular now!
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