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  1. Hi All I'm starting a new campaign of Danger International (Dark Champions, no powers) shortly. I'm struggling to find a Hero 5e Revised, form-Fillable, PDF Character sheet. Can anybody help me? Cheers
  2. Hi AllWe are starting a new champions game on discord next week using 5th edition rules. We have thrown around a few ideas and come up with the following:- The game will be based in just the one location called 'The City' Meta's only appeared within the last 12 months Meta's have only appeared in Capital Cities. The approximate ratio of 1 Meta per million population (so NYC has approx 18 Meta's) 3 times as many Meta's in the capital cities of third world countries Meta's have a massive diversity in power levels running from Rank 1 (barely above baseline human) to Rank 10 (Godlike) It will soon be discovered that if a Meta kills another Meta they become stronger. Even more so if the death is voluntary... If a baseline human uses Meta blood (eg blood transfusion) they will gain powers for a short duration Advanced technology created by a Meta cannot be duplicated but other Meta's or Baseliners can use it No hero or villain teams yet. Lots of solo operatives working for themselves / organized crime / corporate sponsors Very few costume wearers outside of those being sponsored? Social media will be a big part of the impact Meta's will have on the world I’m looking for ideas and suggestions. There is a thread on RPGnet that I’ve started about this - https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/new-champions-game-looking-for-ideas.865905/
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