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  1. Hmm, never occurred to me that d6-1 might include zero. I like Hugh Neilson's idea, as it might encourage more variety in the STR characteristic. Can't see any reason otherwise to have, say a STR 46 TK.
  2. My apologies if this question is naive, but I don't visit these forums often and just don't know. I learned fairly recently (hadn't even known) that Steve Long was no longer in charge of the main Hero Games line, nor actively writing books (which I was sorry to hear about, as I thought he did a great job). But I saw that several questions in these forums have very recent replies by Steve Long. Is that just someone else (presumably whoever is in charge now)?
  3. I had a question about KA damage. The rules state that a KA that is one DC short of a full d6 can be either d6-1 or 1/2d6 (e.g. 25 points could be 2d6-1 HKA or 1 1/2d6 HKA). But d6-1 allows a spread of 1-5 BODY, with an average of 2 2/3 BODY ((1+1+2+3+4+5)/6) whereas 1/2d6 allows a spread of 1-3 BODY with an average of 2 BODY. I tend to use d6-1 instead of 1/2d6 for KA only if the points in the KA is at 2-4 points over a d6. For example, for Stiletto (from CV3), who has a 1d6 HKA, AP, and a STR of 15, he would add 3 DC for STR = 2.4 DC at +1/4 Advantages, or effectively 12 points for STR, justifying 2d6-1 with STR instead of 1 1/2d6 with STR, but if his total DCs with the Advantage came to less than 12 points (say, 11.8 points), I tend to use 1/2d6. I use a calculator to make the process quicker. I did a forum search and came up empty for any discussion about this with Steve Long before he left. I assume different campaigns take different approaches but I was wondering if anyone used an approach like this, or if the default is just to allow either option (d6-1 or 1/2d6).
  4. As I noted in my earlier post, my guess is that this book (if and when we ever see it...) would not include detailed write-ups of VIPER or DEMON, which probably would require separate books of their own, but rather a relatively brief background/history/intro section for these larger organizations, but would primary feature villains from those organizations (like Ripper, Oculon, Jack Fool, and so forth). The same approach could be taken for significant groups from Hidden Lands (5e) and Vibora Bay (5e), for such villains as Arvad, Shirak the Destructor (who was actually in CKC but is a Lemurian construct IIRC), Therakiel, and Valerian Scarlet. I had hoped to see these already in CV3, but that book is already longer than the first two, so some omissions were inevitable. Other, relatively uncovered organizations (in 6e) could get a bit more detailed background/intro material, but would also (in my guess) focus on villain write-ups of a few significant examples rather than highly detailed organization write-ups as in DEMON (5e) or VIPER (5e). I dunno if the villains from Champions Worldwide (5e) can reasonably be characterized as an 'organization,' but I don't think it would be too far a reach to have a section on non-U.S. villains with a few significant examples that weren't included in CV3 (which did include some of the more memorable ones, like Li-Chun the Destroyer and the Living Sphinx) like Survalesh, Obelisque, and Asifa Rum'lia, just to name a few. If CV4: Organizations never sees the light of day, one suggestion would be a CV4: Solo Villains pt. 2 or maybe a CV4: supplement to CV1-3, with a few master villains, a few groups, and some solo villains that weren't covered in the first three books. I have found the detailed write-ups in 6e to be both very useful for play and also just enjoyable to browse and read for their own sake, so I'm definitely a big fan and supporter of more such books. But I didn't even know until recently that Steve Long is no longer in charge of Hero Games, which explains the sudden dearth of releases, compared to the brisk release rate that occurred for a while for 6e products. I wish Steve hadn't left, but that's water under the bridge now. For someone who only peeks in here occasionally, can someone tell me who's in charge now and what their release policies/plans are (in general)?
  5. I missed this excellent thread when I posted my more recent question about a Champions Villains v.4 (CV4). I have read through most of this thread; great discussion with many good ideas. I suspect that this book (if it ever sees the light of day, and I'm still hoping it does) would focus primarily on villains from various organizations like VIPER and DEMON, with only a relatively brief discussion of the background of the groups, and probably some agent write-ups also. More complete books on individual organizations could handle the detailed background and operations of these entities. So, for VIPER, for example, CV4, as I would see it, would probably include 6e write-ups for Viperia, Ripper, Oculon, and other Dragon Branch villains (including perhaps some that weren't written up in detail in the 5E VIPER book). IIRC, DEMON (5e) had some bizarre and, imo, fascinating villains; besides Luther Black, there were such strange villains as Jack Fool whose odd RKA NND attacks could even affect someone as powerful as Dr. Destroyer (though it's doubtful he would live long against Dr. D, one of my least favorite villains, unless he had heavy support, highly favorable conditions and/or surprise on his side). A section on Empyreans could include Arvad, Khusor, and others; Lemurians could include Shirak the Destructor; a section on Therakiel's organization from Vibora Bay could include Therakiel and various supervillain minions; and so forth. That would be a great way to include 6e write-ups of many existing villains from 5e supplements, and it would be nice to see some all new organizations as well with some villain write-ups. The Cult of the Red Banner had a very nice write-up by Steve Long already for 6e, but a brief section in CV4 could include the Dragon itself and maybe a few of his more powerful Earthly or extradimensional minions outside the Red Banner. The DEMON section could include a few Kings of Edom like Vulshoth and maybe even Deizzhorath (but more likely just his Hand, as his bizarre description in DEMON 5e made him sound almost omnipotent). And so forth. As I noted in the other thread, I would love to see this and would happily support a Kickstarter of some sort (I did a search earlier today and it looks like the old one is long gone) and would personally get a physical book and a pdf, and I suspect this would sell well enough to make it profitable. I am still hoping to see some incarnation of this book some day in the not too distant future.
  6. I hadn't heard that; that's exactly the sort of thing I would like to see (although, personally, I would also have a section on independent villains). Ripper, Oculon, and Viper-X (among others) would at least have a 6th Edition home, and maybe others like the Kings of Edom. Hopefully, this project (or something like it) isn't quite dead yet.
  7. Hi, I was just wondering if there were any plans for a new volume of Champions Villains books. The three hardcover books are quite good, but I noticed a number of villains from previous editions were not included. There may well be enough for another volume. Some examples of villains I would like to see (particularly some of the more powerful ones, but not exclusively), which include the A'asifa Rumlia (Champions Worldwide), Arvad (Lemuria), Dragon (Mystic World), Obelisque (Champions Worldwide), Halfjack, Mister Gemini (Vibora Bay), Oculon, Ripper, Shirak the Destructor (Lemurian), Survalesh (Champions Worldwide), Thoughtcrime (from The Book of the Destroyer), El Tiburon (Champions Worldwide), Valerian Scarlet (Vibora Bay), Viper-X, Vulshoth (Arcane Enemies; or any other Kings of Edom), and various Arcadian, Atlantean, Lemurian, or other foreign villains (from Champions Worldwide) mystic villains, or 'other-worldly' villains from the various other books like Hidden Lands. There are many others, probably enough for another volume. I know a book like this is a lot of work, but I think it would sell, particularly as it's been a while since vol. 3. I contributed to the Kickstarter campaign for vol. 3 print edition (though I also have the pdf) and would also do so for a vol. 4. Also, a book like Champions Worldwide has some very nice write-ups of heroes. I have modified a few for the Sixth Edition but it might be nice to have an official 6th Edition volume set in the Champions Universe. Another possibility would be to include alternative or 'upgraded' versions of existing villains. For example, I find a few of the villains in the existing three volumes need to be modified for me to make them work, such as Dr. Yin Wu, who is a bit too weak imo as a master villain (oddly, he has 1,200 points on bases and followers, whereas other master villains, like Dr. Destroyer and Isthvatha V'han, get them for free for some reason, with something like "All the bases and followers they need"). Others include PSI (a bit too low-powered for my use). I also found that bricks seemed somewhat weaker (relatively speaking) than in older editions as opposed to energy projectors and other characters (this may have been deliberate). Firewing would wipe the floor as written with someone like Gargantua or Grond (even if his fire vulnerability were removed), for example, even though they are listed as delta-level villains (again, this may have been deliberate, but a few tougher bricks who could actually hold their own against some of the higher-end energy projectors would have been interesting). I personally use my own rough grading power level system, with a range from 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest), with designations like "6-D" for Firewing or "4-D" for Gargantua or Grond (2 represents a typical 'average' villain, 3 a more powerful one, and so forth, with only a few like Dr. Destroyer or Menton being 7, and the particularly weak ones as 1, with most characters one level above winning most, but not necessarily all, fights with those one level below). Someone like Binder would be 1-B (B reflecting more his leadership of the Ultimates than his actual combat effectiveness). Other examples include Ankylosaur (3-A), Ape-Plus (2-A), Borealis (5-D), Bromion (4-B), Dark Seraph (5-D), Eclipsar (6-O), Mechanon (7-O, although I still think Destroyer would beat him easily), Mentalla (3-B), Stingray (2-B), Taipan (4-O), Valak (6-O), Vibron (2-A), Zigzag (1-A), and so forth. Just my personal use, not one I'm suggesting others should use.
  8. I haven't been following this thread in a number of years, but it looks like the project is coming along. Any rough idea on a release date for a book or pdf?
  9. I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find an answer in the rule books. In Champions Villains v.2, Astralle (under Sylvestri Clan) has a multipower slot, "Och's Illumination", Change Environment (creates real sunlight), Area of Effect (32 m radius, +1), reduced End (1/2 End, +1/4), variable limitations (-1/4). 1 point for fixed slot, 1 END. However, in 6E1 p. 174, under Change Environment, it is specified that there must be some combat effect from CE. I checked 6E2 p. 144, under "The Environment", it states that creating light should be bought via Images, not CE. So I'm wondering, what is the point cost of Astralle's "Och's Illumination" power; and how is that calculated?
  10. I'm still hopeful this will see print some day. I would definitely buy it. I still have the original edition of the "Deities & Demigods" book and still enjoy occasionally flipping through it, although I personally find the AD&D system to be vastly inferior to the Hero System.
  11. Okay, thanks for the response. I would buy any such product, but I understand that such things are not always feasible.
  12. I had another question-- I really liked Galactic Champions from the 5th Edition. Champions Beyond for the 6h Ed. was a good, solid book that I'm glad I bought, but I'm wondering if there are any plans to release an updated version of GC? Also, any other "Book of" possibilities? Along the lines of "Book of the Empress", which I thought was amazing. I had never been much interested in Istvatha V'han before, but that book has fascinating suggestions for entire campaigns! Particularly for those of us who like parallel universes and alternate versions of the same character. I also liked Book of the Machine for the 5th Ed., but then I've always been a fan of Mechanon, ever since the 2nd Ed. Maybe a "Book of the Wizard" for Yin Wu?
  13. Data is probably at least 10 times as strong as normal man. In "The Offspring", Picard describes Lal (his "daughter") as having "the strength of ten men", and it seems doubtful that Data would have made her stronger than he is (equal, would be my guess, since Data wouldn't feel 'threatened' by having an equally powerful child; but possibly slightly weaker in order to 'simulate' the human parent-child dynamic to some extent; he could always upgrade her strength later). In one episode (sorry, can't remember which) Data proves he is stronger than Riker and Worf combined when he closes sliding doors, by himself, that Riker and Worf, together, couldn't budge. There's also "Datalore", where Lore thrashes Worf with contemptuous ease, and "The Chase" where a Klingon captain seems hopelessly inferior to Data in terms of strength. I'd probably put Data's strength at around 30, since my guess is that he may be somewhat stronger than 10 men.
  14. intp

    The Dated Doc D

    I find Dr. Destroyer to be an uninteresting villain, personally. Too powerful and one-dimensional. I prefer not to use him at all. Really, there is no good explanation why a character as powerful and egomaniacal would not run amok and kill just about every character that has ever annoyed him-- including Gravitar, Mechanon, and all the rest. I prefer having more of a 'balance of power' among master villains, with none quite paramount; this avoids the obvious question of, why doesn't the uber villain just swat everyone like fleas whenever he feels like it? I thought about maybe modifying the character by powering him down some, and making him more like Dr. Doom by giving him some (very) minor aspects of pathos (scarred face; somewhat tragic past-- Doc Doom's mother's spirit was captured by Mephisto; something along those lines) and some mildly sympathetic or redeeming qualities (i.e. Doc Doom does have a very minor honorable and courageous element; and, despite his ego, knows deep down that he's second best to Reed Richards; however, he is overwhelmingly villainous). As written, Dr. Destroyer is just an unmitigated scumbag that just about everyone in the world would be better off with not having around anymore. But I find it easier to just not use him. Mechanon seems like an adequate substitute as a techno-villain.
  15. Following up on my earlier question, I was wondering if there was an errata page(s) anywhere for the 6th Ed. Villains books? One minor complaint I have is that the point totals are not set forth for multipower slots, so it's sometimes unclear whether a character can use two or more slots at the same time (since the combined point total might exceed the total pool, especially where one of the slots is a defensive power). I've sometimes computed the totals myself but sometimes wonder if maybe I'm making a mistake somewhere. It might be helpful to set forth the point total in square parentheses, in addition to the slot cost.
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