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  1. Wow! I am drooling at shapeways! Thanks for all ideas. I can't decide precisely what I want, so I will get 3 sets I have ordered one set already from eBay, and will get 2 more directly. I will post photos or links back here soon.
  2. Thanks for Hero Dice tip, Mumsikins the darling (hehe I'm approximately 16d6 old) has a larger budget than $5, and I want something special, lifetime dice. Thanks for the warnings about metal and copper. We play on a big hex gaming mat so no problem with metal. I have some Chessex dice and they look and feel plasticy. I'm thinking special dice, that make my fellow gamers go "woo! They're nice!" Thanks in advance,
  3. Mummy has asked me what I want for Xmas. I fancy some special dice. I am thinking metal or stone or whatever. One preference I have is that they should be easy to read, no dwarven runes, roman numerals, without more Dr Who symbology than the number itself and without needing KS: Elven 18- to decode them. Does anyone have any recommendations or dice that they love? Cheers.
  4. Ultimate Martial Artist (p187..) shows 4 ways of handling Disable, none of them strike me as being YES that's the way. I'm assuming you want to create a new Martial Manoeuvre designed to disable. If you are not entangling or changing the environment, and the special effect isn't, then they are not the best tool. However, working with your GM a fair price for the power/manoeuvre is the same as entangle or change environment. Cheers Beer
  5. I love the build to trigger Danger Sense. My question is what is HSG1? Hero System Grimoire? HS (Player) Guide? I am interested because I would like to build a limited Danger Sense from scratch. Cheers ?
  6. I've just found out that the PSLs are applied before halving DCV. I bought 3 PSLs to counter halving DCV 6, but now I need 5?
  7. CSL DURATION I am trying to spec up a couple of moves for my martial artist. It's a heroic campaign, but over the 7 years we've been playing I have amassed a load of points, so bordering on super level. I would like to spec up some MA CSLs with smart limitations, such as a front and something based on Analyse Martial Style. I just love your THAT'S NOT A MISS IT'S A FEINT construct! So poetically simple with no extra die rolls. My question is, what is the duration of CSLs? My feint bonus I want for 1 attack action only, Instant? A limitation? My Analyse Style buff I would like to last for that melee. Is that a lesser limitation or even an advantage? If I bought simple CSLs they would be persistent once activated, wouldn't they?
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