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  1. One of my very favorite books as a child. Scratch that. Still today, one of my very favorite books.
  2. Just watch Hereditary. Legitimately scary movie.
  3. So good! Keep going after. Korra is almost almost just as good!
  4. We watched this and then something shifts for season 5 or after season 5, I can't remember when. The whole tone of the show changed not for the better and we had to stop. But up until then, absolutely. Fantastic show. Incidentally, it was the D&D episode that brought me on board to watch the rest (up until 5 or whatever).
  5. I didn't know about this. Watched it on Pluto TV. It was terrible. I loved it. https://pluto.tv/on-demand/movies/electra-woman-and-dyna-girl-1-1
  6. That's interesting and I think you're right. I've observed a similar thing with a different movie. I've found many people absolutely adore or completely hate The Boondock Saints. (I fall in the I-adore-it camp). But I've wondered why this is. My best conclusion was some people who despise the movie see themselves as potentially being targeted by the Saints, mainly the scene where they shoot up the strip club (spoilers). This one isn't as much as one's opinion about Christianity (which it might apply to a degree, actually), but probably more one's opinion on morality.
  7. These were phenomenal! I saved all of them to my screensaver.
  8. Thank you for this. Had never come across this title before. Is that confirmed? Same universe?
  9. Showed Legend (1985) to my daughter. But we watched the longer Euro version, which is much better than the version I grew up with. Although I did miss the Tangerine Dream music of that one, this version's music is much more fitting.
  10. Watched one episode of I-Land and that was enough. Terrible.
  11. Finally watched Baby Driver and absolutely loved it!
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