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  1. Is this live yet? I'd like to see if there's a link.
  2. Showed Legend (1985) to my daughter. But we watched the longer Euro version, which is much better than the version I grew up with. Although I did miss the Tangerine Dream music of that one, this version's music is much more fitting.
  3. Watched one episode of I-Land and that was enough. Terrible.
  4. Finally watched Baby Driver and absolutely loved it!
  5. just finished Legion. So amazing! Easily top 5 shows for me. rewatched Speed Racer. Every time I watch it I love it more. It's creeping up to in the 10 ten I think. I always get choked up watching it. Perfect cast.
  6. Close Encounters of the 5th Element
  7. Bill and John Wick's Excellent Adventure
  8. I was surprised to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was at a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes. Seemed high. I love the movie more and more each time I watch it. I believe its my 2nd favorite of the series now. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome rates nearly the same. Also one of my favorites.
  9. Hudsucker is also my favorite Coen film. Hilarious!
  10. I love this movie. The first 10 - 15 minutes is amazing example of editing. You get the whole complete mythology of Speed Racer during his run to beat his brother's time record. Amazing storytelling.
  11. Indeed. Extremely fond of pretty much anything Miyazaki touches.
  12. I'm very fond of Star Trek Discovery! I'm very fond of Jonny Quest! I'm very fond of Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes!
  13. Awesome! I have that box set (with the 3e booklet). My kids discovered it and we're about half way through the first disk. They're loving it and I'm surprised how well it seems to hold up today.
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