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  1. Ha! I'd be glad to share what I find, when I find it that is! Fresh blood, new ideas, or at least old ideas rehashed in a different light. I'll make certain to do just that!
  2. Well, managed to find this rabbit-hole of a place and get on, may as well give my piece! How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? That part is the easy one. The name came from Golden Sun Dark Age, the name of a supporting cast character. Considering their role was such a departure from the tried and true methods of the other characters, and that the original game holds a special place in my heart, I used the name online once or twice. Eight years later, seems to have stuck. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? D&D 3.5, not far back for many, but off in 2011. Easy enough to learn, hard as all get out to master with all the ad-dons that came after the core. That campaign lasted about two years, and the birth of one of our player's child. After that, we moved away and only rarely chat. Far as they've mentioned, they still swing D&D about on the rare occasion. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? D&D 5e, not a year and a half ago. A nice and pretty world, more ruled by underpinning conspiracy's and hired leaders quelling local rabble. Leaders of dying countries sitting atop their mountain of pride to rule it all into the dirt lest their name be marred. Learned hard and fast that your world is plenty fine and dandy until PC's make crazy ideas and you let them run with them. Also helps to figure out if the players are looking for Dungeon Delves or inner turmoil and bizarre lenses for examination of human conditions. Lessons more or less learnt. What are you currently playing/GMing? I'm currently playing in World of Darkness, the Chronicles of Darkness in nWoD, not the old Masquerade-eske set. Something struck between a dour mystery and a Lovecraftian tea-party. Where the fact one swallowed a key is equally important as where the werewolves are. Nightmarish convoluted, as these things tend to grow, but a fun and amusing sort. Been going on now for some year and a half, and only just pushing our GM to their limits. When did you start playing Hero? Considering I can count the number of weeks I've known about the Hero system on my thumbs, hate to say that I haven't! Lovely system from what I've been able to devour of it. Convoluted too, but not in the traditional extraneous rules way, but in what it lets the players and GM do in it. A less focused direction in any one point, but that's sort of the point now isn't it? To let it become what is envisioned in the world of Hero's and Villains and underdogs and monsters, ect... Required flaws, more than comprehensive skill, equipment, base, vehicle lists, and the ability to create something fresh and new, or rehash an old classic in a new way... Well, I quite enjoy the look of it, and am looking forward to seeing what experiences it might bring!
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