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  1. How would you build this and the "human" form with base points 150 and disad. 100 hehe.
  2. Thanks @Beast ! I was thinking of doing invis. The character build is 150 base, 100 disadv. The invis I have so far is to Sight, Mental, Mystic, Hearing and Radio groups, and Spatial awareness. No fringe, reduced to 0, persistent, always on. Then I thought, how would he interact with the part lol. Is there a limitation/advantage for excluding the PCs? Or should I perhaps changes what the invis is selected to? I also was going with ghost manifestations (images). They are set as 1" radius ( is that too big/small?), sight and mystic groups. alterable size, costs end only to activate, and difficult to dispel. I was thinking of using a compound power with healing and armor but the cost is pretty high so I might go for one or the other. Is flat healing better than aid? I was going to buy the other powers as spells and link them to the images so they are the point of origin, or area of effect around them. My goal was to have AOE for everything with selectable targets but that may be too expensive also. Especially since I haven't dumped into characteristics, skills, talents, or perks yet. Is this good so far? What kind of changes would make for better play? The idea is a ghost/witch that uses haunts that function as hexes that have spell effects.
  3. Hi everyone! Happy new year! I was thinking of trying to build a ghost/haunt like character. I wasn't quite sure how to build it out. Desolid power? I was thinking he would be incorporeal but still be seen and I could jump around party members doing buffs in combat or debuff enemies (like witch hexes in pathfinder). I am not sure about passing through objects, maybe like classic ghost weaknesses like not through iron, or salt put down. Same with damage reduction, where you would need something magical or a gimmick like cold iron kind of thing. Is that possible and a decent concept? I also read about doing an AI build that I think is pretty cool, but how would you die? Could you be like Ultron or maybe Sigma from Megaman X? I wasn't sure how an AI would work with other party members or if you enter an area/plane with no tech to work through. Any and all input is welcome
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