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  1. And the stated link is dead for purchase review and download purposes. Which is why I download things when I purchase em, and back them up on in use HDDs and storage media discs.
  2. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Should be fun to run with Hero System players... Been on CoH/CoV since the start... At last count, over 100 chars in the game. Champions servers is full (12 chars, 2 are 50s). Global is @Sugoi_chan. Normally on during mornings and late in evening, Eastern time. (W@rk gets in the way of heroing, darn it!) Got a minimum of 6 chars on any given server in the game... levels dependent on how much action they've seen on that server. Definitely going to have to try converting some of the (wacky) Cites powers over to the Hero System.
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