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  1. Maybe, but the OP is the one who stated it isn't documented. 6E1 doesn't use that phrasing and it isn't covered in the SER description. Powers uses it without any additional SER definition. APG II references 6E1 as an example of this use of the SER, even though it isn't used that way in 6E1.
  2. So this "fact" isn't RAW, which automatically makes it a house-rule. That's perfectly acceptable, but shouldn't be presented as a fact. It also invalidates your original post. No one is confused about a rule that doesn't exist.
  3. The 1E Characteristic Drain used to last for 1 of the drainer's phases, but could be bought to last longer. The 2E and 3E Power Drain returned at a rate of 1 point per segment, and could be bought to delay the start of the return.
  4. I don't watch Walking Dead, so I don't know if her role there is large enough to be concerned about the split focus, and likely inevitable conflict between series scheduling. (Maybe not initially, but somewhere down the road.)
  5. As Steve noted in his answer, Drain is not based on the target's REC. The effects fade over time.
  6. 6E2 200 Real Weapon 6E2 210 Real Armor (a less-defined description than Real Weapon, to be sure) CC 113 has these as well, but taking out the toolkitting text lost the more explicit reference you are looking for. FHC 134 suffers the same loss of the toolkitting text.
  7. I haven't run any Christmas-themed adventures (that I remember), but I must say that I think all Christmas adventures should feature Foxbat.
  8. 3. No. RAW states you have to use the advantage, so it's always a triggered power. 3.1 Yes. That's what Naked Advantages are for. Steve just addressed this very thing with regards to a question on Barrier in the rules forum: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/94472-barrier-question/
  9. What they said, only with more colorful language.
  10. The duel between Inigo Montoya and the Dread Pirate Roberts in Princess Bride https://youtu.be/lC6dgtBU6Gs
  11. A few points to consider: That supplement was published in 2003 (and written in 2002). No matter how close it may have been at the time, 13 years have passed and Detroit has surely changed in that time. Detroit was blown up in the CU--at least a good chunk of it. Millennium City is a re-built Detroit, so I don't know how faithful to the old layout Darren even intended it to be. You should be able to do a rough comparison just by using Google and looking at the MC map. Darren's still around, so he may see this and provide more definitive answers.
  12. Then don't require them to take any. I wouldn't choose this route myself. The complications are back-story/personal traits that really can give the GM hooks for the character, and provide a starting point to help the players role-play the character. At the lower point levels for Heroic characters (especially if you start out even lower), the required complications total will be low (to non-existent). If you're worried about something like Hunted when you want the characters to be unknowns at the start of the campaign, just say, "No." Same for any Complication, Power, Talent, etc. that doesn't fit the campaign. Remember, anything that comes up during gameplay is just that. The characters don't magically get more points because they pissed off the King's Guard during an adventure and are now hunted on sight by them.
  13. There were a number of (unconfirmed) characters back at the end of October, first of November. A Klingon captain is one of them, although it was generally reported as there will be a Klingon captain, not that they would be the captain of the Discovery. Some people just automatically assume that any "captain" rumor/announcement is for the captain of the Discovery, and report it as so. Just as they initially did with Michelle Yeoh's character.
  14. The interpretation of a starting Heroic level character as a 7th level D&D character is only 1 person's interpretation. Don't take that as gospel. Others already mentioned changing starting points, etc. to adjust the starting power level. You also need to take into account that the Hero system goblins are also built using the same system, so things probably aren't as out-of-whack as you may first think. As far as progression, don't panic and stop thinking in D&D terms. Unlike D&D you don't need hundreds, or thousands, of experience points to improve your character. Those small amounts work just fine for most folks. Plus, unlike D&D, you can have gradual improvement rather than some sort of level-up big-bang. As far as swimming through lava, etc., that's up to you as GM to control. And it's not restricted to Hero System. Others have already given you the best advice...just say, "No." Unless you allow someone to build a character outside of the norms you seem to want, or give them equipment to make them effectively invulnerable, i think that you'll find your normal heroes won't be going toe-to-toe with vast hoards of goblins an winning. (And there is actually an Endurance characteristic). One additional thing to be aware of, although I don't know how this may have changed in D&D 4e/5e: defenses, such as armor, reduce the damage taken in Hero System, they don't make you harder to hit. This isn't wrong, it's just a different approach. (And cue someone telling you how they have armor (items) in their campaign that does make you harder to hit--because, yes, you can build something like that in Hero, it's just not a defense (characteristic) such as others have mentioned in this thread).
  15. First, I agree with Greywind and QM who posted while I was still writing. You seem to be combining two things. "Tragedy" in the origin does not necessitate that the hero fights evil because of that. Given that, a quick look at the last 4 PCs I created (boiled down to the basic tropes): 1) A time traveler who has to save the future -- born of a tragedy and driven by tragedy. 2) A hero continuing the family tradition -- no tragedy either in the actual origin or his motivation. 3) A mutant who, as QM noted, first exhibited powers in a time of stress, but doesn't remember that and is not driven to do good because of it. 4) A scientist working for an organization that is fighting evil. He gains his powers through a radiation accident. So, tragedy in the origin(???), but he's not motivated to fight evil because of it; he already was.
  16. Ross Martin did have a heart attack and missed some episodes in the 4th season, but the cancellation was due to the violence. If anyone wants the basic overview, Wikipedia seems to have it covered with nothing glaringly wrong at a glance; no need to search and try tp piece everything together yourself unless you really want to.
  17. Only because it makes me think of Gary Shandling passing away this year.
  18. Jason shared via Dropbox on 21-Mar-2016. Dropbox sends an e-mail with the link.
  19. Not to mention that it sounds more like a conversion guide than an actual setting they way Doc D presented it.
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