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  1. Hey all! I was responding to the posts one-by-one when I realized that the discussion on my character sheets had developed quite a bit over multiple posts. First, thanks to ALL of you for your feedback! Second, I too prefer 1 page sheets, but I didn't think I could get it done. DreadDomain gave me wonderful advice over on the rpg.net forums, and I now have something that I'm REALLY happy with (which is that third attempt that DreadDomain mentioned above). I still have to shorten the space between the two main columns, but that won't be a problem. It'll get done soon. Third - will I make it public? What's the best way for me to do that? The file is not a HeroDesigner export format - it's an InDesign file. Finally, if you are interested in the greater project, I just launched The Superverse Kickstarter. You can check it out here if you're interested. All the best, Aldo (A.K.A. Dragonfly)
  2. Hi Duke Bushido! Thanks SO MUCH for the kind comments about Freedom Star! He is definitely my creation, and the first character that I made for the setting. (The art was done by Joe Singleton, however, since I'm not much of an artist.) Also, thanks for the kind comments on the name Dragonfly Studios. It's actually a reference to my character Dragonfly, who was an homage to the Blue Beetle. All the best, Dragonfly
  3. Howdy Amorcka! Thanks for the feedback! These are not from the downloads section, but are InDesign files that I created. All of the character info is cut-and-pasted from the HeroDesigner rtf export and then tweaked by me in InDesign. All the best, Aldo
  4. Hey folks! I'm trying to publish some third party material for Champions and have a question about what works best in terms of layout. I've posted a complete character write-up here (along with a couple of questions) and would love any feedback that you'd be willing to provide. All the best, AJR
  5. Hey folks. Thanks for your responses! I'm still toying around with the possibility of offering a HERO System version of The Superverse. Here are two follow-up questions that I have before going ahead with the project: 1) Would folks be okay with a June 2019 delivery date? The other versions of the source book are scheduled for January 2019, but those systems (SUPERS!, ICONS, and BASH!) are much less labor intensive than HERO, and I'm a teacher, so once I hit August I'm going to have precious little time to work on The Superverse at all. 2) What sorts of character sheets would you all expect out of the project (aesthetically speaking)? I've included Freedom Star's ICONS sheet and Mammoth's SUPERS! Revised sheets as attachments to give you a sense of what I'm doing for the other systems. I'd like to provide something of like quality for a HERO System version, but the write-ups might be too long and complex to express to provide the write-up and image on the same page. 3) What sorts of write-ups do you want out of your Champions characters? Do you want hyper-detailed write-ups that include every Transport Familiarity, Weapon Familiarity, Are Knowledge, etc. that the character should have according to their background, or are you okay with write-ups that focus more on a character's superhero/supervillain persona while fleshing out their non-super background with a more generalized set of skills/perks? So - what do you all think? All the best, Aldo Regalado (A.K.A. Dragonfly)
  6. Hi folks! I've recently launched a Kickstarter for a project called The Superverse. Currently, Champions Complete character conversions are a distant stretch goal, but I'm exploring the possibility of adding a complete HERO System version of the book as a new tier. I've got my Hero Designer all fired up, but this is a huge undertaking for me, so I'm posting here to see if there is any interest in such an offering before I start working on it. Before you respond, let me give you a product description: The Superverse is a campaign source book designed to be compatible with SUPERS! Revised from Hazard Studios. It includes: Updated characters from my first two SUPERS! publications: The Freedom Ring (5 heroes) and The Iron Gauntlet (7 villains). Four interconnected adventures designed to introduce player characters to the broader universe while keeping them at the center of the action. New heroes, villains, and supporting characters designed specifically for those 4 adventures The City of Del Rey, which is the setting for the four adventures A timeline of the Superverse from the Big Bang to the present Standees for all the characters in the book. Some advice on campaigning in the Superverse Lot's of full color art from artist Joe Singleton Optional rules for SUPERS! (including a mass combat system) [This would have to be dropped from the HERO System version.] So, what do you think? Are you likely to back The Superverse if I offer a full-HERO System version of the book? All the best, Aldo (A.K.A. Dragonfly)
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