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  1. But in the first two lines it says :"Looking for content or inspiration for your Hero System campaign? Or maybe you want to publish adventures, villains, powers, equipment, or settings you’ve created for your own Hero System games?" Isn't it enough to allow adventures publishing?
  2. Khas

    Near future

    Thanks all for the replies and ideas, i'll look into the sources you suggested. Set a proper degree of technological evolution coherent with the described world is not an easy task 😊
  3. Khas

    Near future

    Mostly writ-ups but also ideas are welcomed. I was looking for premade vehicles as a starting point.
  4. Khas

    Near future

    Hi all, i think this could be the right place where to ask. I'd like to start a new campaign set in the Extinction event (new released setting for 6th) world, and i was searching for examples of near future vehicles, drones and technology. I know i can build them all but i'd like to see examples. Seems that I'm not able to find nothing in vehicles books, champions or start hero source books, do you have suggestions on where to look?
  5. Hi Steven i'm sorry to reposting this but i couldn't be able to find your previous answer dated i think 2009. In APG2 i at page 37 it states that: The Adding Damage rules apply to Telekinesis in the standard way. Thus, Telekinesis (STR 40), which costs 60 Active Points, has 12 DCs for purposes of adding damage to it. However, the GM can rule that the DCs of Telekinesis are based on the STR used rather than the Active Points, if he feels that’s more consistent and/or won’t case game problems. So my question is if this is the standard rule and if an hit of a 60ap telekinesis alone worths 12dc of damage. Thanks and sorry again for the repost
  6. May be they are the keepers or guardians of something and pass the witness to their descendants
  7. That's why makes sense to put on it a few limitations to balance the cost like i did with jointly linked and double endurace cost, so that the discount balances the increased cost
  8. Yes it is a nice build but different from a free use/cooldown and doesn't take in account the possibility of multiple attack actions . Anyway it could be perfect for a different power or needing
  9. 😂😂 You are right i'm a bit finicky and i apologize for that, but all the ideas you have provided helped me in choosing a good limitation value and also to better understand the guidelines underlying the rules. I think that a custom - 1/2 or a tweak of existing limitation would do the job without the iper complicated build i thought.
  10. Extra time is quite perfect if you ignore that if used for an attack you can't attack until it is ready for use: "Attacks are an exception: if a character takes this Limitation for a power that requires an Attack Roll, he cannot make another attack until the power’s been used (unless the GM gives permission otherwise)." I too think that a limitation that takes in account the cooldown time and a time limit together should be required and very useful in this kind of situations as ghost-angel said
  11. I see your point, the two conditions are similar. Thanks for help and ideas!
  12. I'm glad you agree about time limit and i have no particular issues with custom limitation but if i can i try to use existing elements, anyway this tread helped me a lot with different approaches and idea. Thanks all
  13. Ok i think that's because you consider an instant power with time limit on par with a constant power so that it qualifies for continuing charges right?
  14. Excuse me if i'm boring, i relly like your solution but i had discarded it myself beacause continuing charges can be applied only to constant or persistent powers, are you just ignoring this or i'm missing something? Thanks for the suggestions
  15. Yes as i can see from the different construction of a custom limitation would set around - 1/2 or - 3/4 and that is very useful for focusing its value since different approaches lead to a similar result
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