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  1. This is very useful! "When a character performs either Maneuver with a weapon, halve the character’s STR for purposes of the STR Minimum (calculating extra damage or DC/OCV penalties), and apply the damage normally taken by the attacking character to the weapon inst ead." Do you think that this quote means that the STR is halved only for the minima and not for the damage counting?
  2. Ok but without a weapon this works differently, you halve the STR only with a Move by, with a weapon you halve also with a move through and with an object used as weapon you add STR only with a Strike
  3. "If a Move Through is performed with a HTH weapon or HTH Killing Attack, divide the character’s STR by 2 for purposes of calculating extra damage or DC/OCV penalties based on the weapon’s STR Minimum." This is written at page 72 6E2 under the Move through maneuver, and that's really strange for me
  4. Ok thanks, that is how I understood the rule. And with a proper weapon, the STR is halved also without a minima as I read it (so it works this way for supers too), what do you think?
  5. Ok those are reasons for using an object ad weapon, but doesn't help me with my questions nor tell me if my interpretation is correct, but thanks for trying to help
  6. Hi all, I started playing Hero about two years ago, I've been here reading, taking taking inspiration and learning how you lead the game, so thanks. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? It is the mangling of a name from Baldur's Gate What was the first tabletop RPG you played? D&D in '92-93 What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? D&D 3.5 many years ago but I didn't GMed often What are you currently playing/GMing? I'm GMing a Champions game it's about two years and I
  7. Hi, maybe it's an old question but I've searched for a response in the forum but didn't find it. Looking at the rules for adding damage it says: "When a character performs a Move By/Through (or other movement-based Maneuver) with a weapon, divide his STR by 2 for purposes of calculating extra damage or DC/OCV penalties based on the weapon’s STR Minimum (6E2 199)." And in the chapter about using objects as weapons it says: " Improvised weapons typically can only increase a character’s Normal Damage in HTH Combat when used with a Strike
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