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  1. Not yet, i was introducing my friends to the hero system and in the last month we did character sheets and i explained the game mechanics, we are all old d20 players so i preferred to start slowly ? But i'll keep you update, this week we should have the first session ???
  2. Thank you for the reply, is really appreciated. I was thinking of something similar for balancing but i wasn's sure if it would have worked. Il'll also keep a close eye on the pdef allowed to players beacause seems that a 10 pd added to resistant armor derived from kevlar is a bit too much. Now i'll do the math for it ? thanks.
  3. Hello, i'm going to master a MHI game and i'm also new to hero system (as all my group). I'm searching a way to balance the game avoiding my players from doing too much damages ruining the feeling. I know the rule of X and characteristics maxima but i'm not sure about the damage class limit and a good way to mix all together. MHI is an heroic game so maxima should apply, can you give me advices? Thanks
  4. Hi all, i'm not sure if this is the right section for posting this. I put in my chart three books for hero and champions, but the shipping fees are counted three times, the order should be delivered in Europe (Italy) is it intended? I'm asking beacause normally fees are for the whole order, not for item. Thanks.
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