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  1. I've bought it and waiting for the POD, very good, very well thought, easy to grab and play and can be expanded with the core rules of needed.
  2. Khas

    Babylon deepening

    Thank you all for the help and inspirational contents, it's very useful!
  3. I really second this, I wouldn't like to buy the sections twice or to be forced to wait for the finished book. Something letting me to buy the sections as they are released and then "upgrade" to the finished book would be perfect.
  4. Yes I thought so, that's why I specified "in 6th".
  5. Agree with starting at 300pt making clear that this is a low-powered superheroic level. But in 6th of you you don't add complication points to the main points, if you have 400pt with 75pt of complications, you still have a 400pt character
  6. Khas

    Babylon deepening

    Ohh, I was hoping for a different answer but thanks 🙂
  7. Hello! I was reading about Babylon in The Mystic World book, it's a great dimension and setting, there you can find whatever has been imagined by the mankind and more. I was looking for an expansion, deepening, article, adventure or something with more informations about the city or the dimensions where it is, can you help me? Thanks!
  8. At page 58 6E1 it says that combat condition is for skills not normally used in combat, for me magic (skill power) is a skill used in combat, so I don't apply the negative modifier
  9. Khas

    6E1 POD

    Thanks, I already have those book but I hope removing the POD wasn't intended, beacause on drivethrurpg it is sold as a bundle at the same price and POD is better if you live in Europe or you need shipping.
  10. Khas

    ocv Chart

    There is one at page 94 of the hero system basic rulebook
  11. Khas

    6E1 POD

    On drivethrurpg the POD option for the 6E1 book disappeared, and looking at the comments it's since August (while the POD for 6E2 is still there), there is a reason our it is an error?
  12. This is very useful! "When a character performs either Maneuver with a weapon, halve the character’s STR for purposes of the STR Minimum (calculating extra damage or DC/OCV penalties), and apply the damage normally taken by the attacking character to the weapon inst ead." Do you think that this quote means that the STR is halved only for the minima and not for the damage counting?
  13. Ok but without a weapon this works differently, you halve the STR only with a Move by, with a weapon you halve also with a move through and with an object used as weapon you add STR only with a Strike
  14. "If a Move Through is performed with a HTH weapon or HTH Killing Attack, divide the character’s STR by 2 for purposes of calculating extra damage or DC/OCV penalties based on the weapon’s STR Minimum." This is written at page 72 6E2 under the Move through maneuver, and that's really strange for me
  15. Ok thanks, that is how I understood the rule. And with a proper weapon, the STR is halved also without a minima as I read it (so it works this way for supers too), what do you think?
  16. Ok those are reasons for using an object ad weapon, but doesn't help me with my questions nor tell me if my interpretation is correct, but thanks for trying to help
  17. Hi all, I started playing Hero about two years ago, I've been here reading, taking taking inspiration and learning how you lead the game, so thanks. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? It is the mangling of a name from Baldur's Gate What was the first tabletop RPG you played? D&D in '92-93 What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? D&D 3.5 many years ago but I didn't GMed often What are you currently playing/GMing? I'm GMing a Champions game it's about two years and I hope I'm going to play soon I arrived to Hero after becoming bored of the d20, so I searched for a game I could like and enjoy, I first found GURPS but after learning the basics and running a short game, I understood I didn't like it, and then finally I found Hero. I'm a big fan of this system, it's so good and grants so much freedom.
  18. Hi, maybe it's an old question but I've searched for a response in the forum but didn't find it. Looking at the rules for adding damage it says: "When a character performs a Move By/Through (or other movement-based Maneuver) with a weapon, divide his STR by 2 for purposes of calculating extra damage or DC/OCV penalties based on the weapon’s STR Minimum (6E2 199)." And in the chapter about using objects as weapons it says: " Improvised weapons typically can only increase a character’s Normal Damage in HTH Combat when used with a Strike Combat Maneuver. If used with some other Maneuver, they just let the character hit the target without having to touch it (unless the GM or some other rule says otherwise)." If it works as I intended, looks like you have a very little advantage (if there is) in using a weapon with Move By/Through and looks like a strong character has a greater effect comprared with one that uses a focus (weapon). Furthermore you can't add damage using an object (like a car) and smashing it on the enemy using Move By/Through. So my first question is if my interpretation in correct, the second is why there is such approach and the third of you use this rule (and if it works) or modify/ignore it. Thanks
  19. 38... Seems I'm a baby here 😄
  20. Actually via skype and roll20, normally at the table. Roll20 works surprisingly well for keeping track of body, stun, endurance and status (like stunned, prone, 1/2 dcv etc) I've run a big fight with 25 mid level enemies (weaker than PCs but not so weak) and went fine
  21. Related to this I have a question, as written in the fantasy book, incantations and gestures start at the beginning of the segment. Since this is written in a genre book describing "fantasy limitations" and not in the cores, do you think this is a genre rule (or suggestion) or this is a clarification valid for any genre? Thanks
  22. Just out of curiosity i'd like to know if there are here italian speaking players. I'm running a 6th Champions campaign and at the moment I'm not looking for more members but who knows in the future? Morover I'd like to know more players speaking my language. 😀
  23. But in the first two lines it says :"Looking for content or inspiration for your Hero System campaign? Or maybe you want to publish adventures, villains, powers, equipment, or settings you’ve created for your own Hero System games?" Isn't it enough to allow adventures publishing?
  24. Khas

    Near future

    Thanks all for the replies and ideas, i'll look into the sources you suggested. Set a proper degree of technological evolution coherent with the described world is not an easy task 😊
  25. Khas

    Near future

    Mostly writ-ups but also ideas are welcomed. I was looking for premade vehicles as a starting point.
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