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  1. Well, to be honest, I haven't fleshed the character out that far yet. They don't? I didn't know that. I just assumed that each branch of the Military had their own Medics. I try to learn a new fact each day . . . I guess that this factoid takes care of today. Maybe I will just make him a Navy Medical Corpsman for the real-world realism. Thanks! I'm sure that I speak for everyone on this forum when I say, "Thank you for your service, sir!" ------ While I'm thinking about it, here's a couple of more real-life Military questions for HeroSystem 5th Edition Revised Shouldn't even Combat Medics (regardless of which branch they are in) have a Weapon Familiarity in Pistols and a Transport Familiarity in 4-Wheel Military Vehicles? The Hypocratic Oath (Do No Harm) should definitely be a PsychLim. So . . . Very Common, Total (25 pts), or a different Intensity?
  2. Could 'Detect Medical Condition' be built as a Custom Power using the Skill 'Deduction' with the Limitation 'Only to Diagnose Medical Condition'? And, if so, what would the value of the Limitation be? - 1/4? - 1/2?
  3. My apologies if this topic isn't posted in the proper Forum, but I'm building a Combat Medic using the 5th Ed Revised rules. The character is a fully-educated Doctor who volunteered for Military Service. His backstory isn't fully fleshed out, but something horrible happened causing the character to suffer from PTSD and subsequently being discharged from the Marines. He feels guilty that he couldn't save everybody (and, in his mind, left his brothers behind when he was discharged), so he continues to use his medical knowledge to help out the people in his neighborhood. Questions: 1) Which Science Skills, Professional Skills, and Knowledge Skills are necessary to be a doctor (General Practitioner)? His INT will be at least 20. 2) Which Powers, Talents, Skills, and Perks would also be necessary? 3) I was thinking that The Medic would have a Power Framework of some sort to simulate his chances of having a certain piece of Medical equipment that he needs. Basic items like a Stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure equipment (I don't know what it's called) could be automatic successes while other items would be more difficult for him to have. Any thoughts?
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