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  1. Your basic flying car, getting the team from one scene to the next might be 5 Vehicle with passengers space for all contributors 12 for 5 hexes flight with the regional advantage It provides no protection, it's obviously a high tech vehicle, logos and flashing lights are free, and I think it would be able to drive around on the ground like a regular car. The primary advantage would be the ability to transport the team rapidly across a small state or large city.
  2. I have found that the best starting point for answering rules questions from games that Ron writes is to take the text literally and with a minimum of assumptions. In this case it says "provides offensive value for another attacker's use." As one person's offensive value is Dex or Ego plus allocated levels -- my answer is yes.
  3. The person being assisted uses the assister's OCV or ECV instead of their own.
  4. EC's can be confusing. The way slot costs are calculated are in this order: 1) calculate active cost with advantages; 2) subtract EC bonus; 3) apply the limitations to the remainder.
  5. Good start. I don't understand where the "30 active" comes from when each slot has an active total of 45 points. What's up with that?
  6. There are at least two approaches to what you're describing. 1) create powers using blast, entangle, etc. with no range and call them martial moves. 2) Use the Strike advantage on page 99 to attach powers to one of your martial moves. For the framework, you'll be using the Elemental Control because Multiform requires a half phase to shift between slots.
  7. The error is in the game text on page 121. 0 endurance should not be allowed in that design. I recall that a previous draft, before the change to elemental control rules, did allow 0 end -- so it is most likely a legacy of the previous draft.
  8. That's an error. Villains follow the same rules as player characters, except when it comes to starting points and ratio.
  9. You can get access to the Champions Now discord community through http://adeptplay.com/ -- the discord community is a great place to find players for online games. Also, there's actual play video on adeptplay itself.
  10. Ego-based only changes the value used for the attack roll. It doesn't change the defense against an attack. If you want that, you need to take Severe as well. (Ego-based, when applied to a defense, however, makes that defense work against Ego effects.)
  11. Read the listing for Ego-Based advantage (p. 96) closely. It only changes the attack value to Ego. That's all.
  12. Here's some quotes from Ron Edwards on Adept Play Discord server, June 1, 2020 regarding multiform: "This is why there is no Shapeshift power, for example; it's inherent in Multiform. The same goes for something much smaller in scale, like a device - if you want a Multiform for it, each slot has to look totally different, work differently, literally be as if it were a different thing." "...different ammunition for the same gun, different arrows for Hawkeye's or Green Arrow's bow, different energy emitted from different vents in Iron Man's armor (repulsor rays vs. boot j
  13. Yeah, the FF were kind of global from beginning, and later cosmic. Our "location" in the Legacy playtest was "the left coast" -- basically a regional location unified by general cultural tendencies. One can't go wrong with choosing a single city or county one of the players knows. In the game I'm currently running, it's been a great help to have a player who can answer questions about setting and places where secret bases might be etc.
  14. Yes, I do see that in the text too. Go for it.
  15. Hm. I do see that -- page 93. And yet, I had a conversation with him about creating Judge Dredd's gun (which has many different kinds of ammunition) and he specifically said that multiform was not for a device like that. I wonder if this isn't one of those changes that didn't get into the final text -- or whether he does, as you say, expect people to do what they like with what they read. After may conversations, I know he has said that he wants people to be creative with what is presented, at the same time, he's also said that the rules are rules and should not be discarded if yo
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