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  1. Ego-based only changes the value used for the attack roll. It doesn't change the defense against an attack. If you want that, you need to take Severe as well. (Ego-based, when applied to a defense, however, makes that defense work against Ego effects.)
  2. Read the listing for Ego-Based advantage (p. 96) closely. It only changes the attack value to Ego. That's all.
  3. Here's some quotes from Ron Edwards on Adept Play Discord server, June 1, 2020 regarding multiform: "This is why there is no Shapeshift power, for example; it's inherent in Multiform. The same goes for something much smaller in scale, like a device - if you want a Multiform for it, each slot has to look totally different, work differently, literally be as if it were a different thing." "...different ammunition for the same gun, different arrows for Hawkeye's or Green Arrow's bow, different energy emitted from different vents in Iron Man's armor (repulsor rays vs. boot jets), different shapes of ice being formed at a wave of one's hand - none of these are Multiform." He was quite emphatic.
  4. Yeah, the FF were kind of global from beginning, and later cosmic. Our "location" in the Legacy playtest was "the left coast" -- basically a regional location unified by general cultural tendencies. One can't go wrong with choosing a single city or county one of the players knows. In the game I'm currently running, it's been a great help to have a player who can answer questions about setting and places where secret bases might be etc.
  5. Yes, I do see that in the text too. Go for it.
  6. Hm. I do see that -- page 93. And yet, I had a conversation with him about creating Judge Dredd's gun (which has many different kinds of ammunition) and he specifically said that multiform was not for a device like that. I wonder if this isn't one of those changes that didn't get into the final text -- or whether he does, as you say, expect people to do what they like with what they read. After may conversations, I know he has said that he wants people to be creative with what is presented, at the same time, he's also said that the rules are rules and should not be discarded if you want to experience the game he has envisioned. By implication, one should be creative _within_ the constraints of the rules. In this case, of course, I can see the ambiguity in the text, so what the rule may still remain in his draft notes. I've encountered several instances of that and documented them as I learn his answers.
  7. That is some cool conceptual work. If you're designing Thor as a nonplayer character, the accepted practice is to just take more situations to balance the higher point total. If they are to be a PC, they get 200 points and tough if you can't get everything you want -- buy it later with experience.
  8. I agree that autofire is a special effect. I do know, straight from Ron, that multiform is intended only for actually changes in form. A gun with different modes of output does not qualify. Elemental Control is the choice for items like this. [28] Machine Gun -- Elemental Control (28) [32] Slot: Concentrated Burst: 12d6 Blast (60) [28] Slot: Spray: 5d6 Blast, Area Cone (3/4), Piercing (1/2) (56) Yes, you need to put more points into an EC, but it doesn't require a half phase to switch between slots like a multiform. And anyway, multiform is for changing FORMS, not selecting options.
  9. Keep in mind that Champions Now has no one to one conversion relationship with Hero System and does not attempt to make a literaly translation between special effects of the power and the way it is built. Ask the player to describe what the power would look like if it were drawn for a panel of a 1970s Marvel comic. What are the common uses it would be put to? Hitting a single target hard may well be a simple 10d6 blast with the special effect of a shower of bullets. Hitting multiple targets may be an area effect. Selective fire will have to be slots in an elemental control (multiform is NOT multipower, it's for actually changes of form, not ammo).
  10. Yes, Champions Now is a more restricted set of rules than Hero System. It's sculpted down to channel character design and to produce a specific outcome.
  11. I checked a couple of characters Ron created and several do apply Find Weakness to non Martial Arts attacks, even a ranged blast. Not sure about applying it to Presence Attacks though.
  12. I see why that paragraph might make you wonder about Find Weakness applying to Presence Attacks. It is instead referring to the role of Presence Attacks as forcing hesitations and lost actions on an opponent.
  13. Multiform A multiform gives you a pool of active points and a list of slots you can activate. Each slot has an active point requirement. In order to use a slot you must commit that many points from the overall pool. So the total of the active points of all slots in use cannot exceed the active points in the pool. To activate a slot, you have to commit its full active point requirement -- even if you don't plan to use all those points. Whole pool trade off 50 real points--Multigun [50 active points] 10 -- slot 1: Bullet storm: 10d6 blast [50] 10 -- slot 2: Goop Shell: 5d6 Entangle blast [50] 10 -- slot 3: Hot Shot: 5d6 blast, Piercing, Severe [50] 10 -- slot 4: Self-guided bullet: 8d6 blast, Separate [50] This is like a selector. You can set the multigun to one kind of ammunition at a time. To change ammunition, you have to spend a half action to change slots. [Edit: I have learned that I misunderstood Multiform. It has some radical differences from Hero System Multipower. The above example is mathematically correct and correct in terms of how the points are traded off, but not conceptually correct. I just had a talk with Ron and have learned multiform cannot just be different ammunition in a gun, it has to be an actual change in form -- eg not a gun with different bullets but something that takes different shapes as the special effect. I'll see if I can come up with an example.] Mix and Match 42 real points--Animal Forms [42] 4 -- slot 1: Claws: +2d6 Blast, Severe, Strike adds to Punch [22] 4 -- slot 2: Growthx2: [20] 4 -- slot 3: More Growthx2: [20] 4 -- slot 4: Wings: 10" Flight [20] [This on the other hand is both mathematically and conceptually correct.] Here, a half action lets you choose two slots to activate. Some options are 4xgrowth, or flight and claws, or growthx2 and claws. This is just one example -- you can design multforms with different active points in each slot.
  14. A martial arts attack: Martial Punch, Martial Kick, Martial Throw, or "And Out." in order to get the bonus die, you have to succeed at an attack with the maneuver but that attack does no damage. Move-through: Run 6 hexes and slam into someone. Move-by: hit someone as you run past them. Yes. You only pay End for the base points you use. I can see this might be unclear in the rules. I think the intent is "yes" -- pay end for additions. Yes, except when they are mutually exclusive, as with Instant Change. It's just the points you need to set aside so you can have the pool. I'll get to this one after dinner!
  15. I'd highly recommend avoiding trying to translate existing comics into the two statements -- particularly modern comics and most emphatically NOT anime. Champions Now is not intended to be universal, it's intended to reflect the comics of the 60s and 70s. Read some to get the idea.
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