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  1. This seems unnecessarily intricate for that effect. "STR +10, Only for combat, Only against enemies character has already spent [time period] fighting this combat" seems like a much cleaner method of doing comeback strikes or "now I know how to fight you" ability. No messy tracking of exact margins of success and cumulative modifiers and the GM having to remember to apply those things, just add 2d6 to your punch/kick/grab/escape because your martial artist knows how best to do so now. Adjust base power as needed for whatever attack you're using (or switch to CSLs to fit anything), change the numbers and add other Advantages/Limitations such as 0END or No KB as desired. Alternatively, do something similar with an Aid construct. I'll note that I really don't like reducing defenses because that leads to nasty memory issues and speed issues. Did the GM reduce their defense against your attack? By the right amount? Only against your attack? You probably have to remind them of the exact amount (you are keeping track, right?) anyways. And then they have to do subtraction instead of you doing a bit more addition, so that's slower, and there's the general cognitive load of all this, and it's just a big mess at the table. Far far easier on the GM if you just roll more dice when appropriate and tell the GM the damage number that they do the same thing with as anything else. I agree that the old version of FW was powerful, but I don't think this is much weaker in theory. A fairly comparable investment into this version should get better results over an extended fight, since you can retry indefinitely with no penalties and you're making linear progress. Also, you could double-tap FW on your first Phase and get a pretty hefty amount of defense reduction for the entire fight, which is very tempting if you're starting on P12 and most of the STUN you put out by attacking would be post-12'd away anyways. It's not like you have to worry about the FW turning off either, being unable to use it for a full Turn is such a long time that any enemy capable of eluding you for that long is either outright immune to your FW and just didn't have that Invisibility or whatever on at the start or has such a mobility edge that they can leave or take all the Recoveries (and probably attacks) they want in total safety and thus you're not winning anyways. You've reintroduced FW, but I don't feel you've removed the problems with FW. I can't speak for feel. I'm perfectly fine with "this +4 damage is because the attack pierces defenses" but that's a purely subjective stance. The mechanics are absolutely not clean, unfortunately. Way too much small math and tallying going on to be clean.
  2. And to what end? What's the proposed benefit of making the house rule, or the problem you intend to solve, or the new feature you're trying to add that was clearly missing? If you've succeeded, what should the success look like beyond "Find Weakness exists again"? What should your version do that a straight port of 5th ed's wouldn't?
  3. What's the mission statement here? I don't know what your personal goals for this revision are, and without knowing them I can't say anything constructive.
  4. The BODY damage is generally stopped by any serious armor, but the STUN damage remains unaffected. This means that Reduced Penetration attacks are just as good for knocking somebody out so you can get away / tie them up / slit their throat as a normal attacks. Particularly in superhero games, the regular attacks might not be doing enough BODY damage to kill before KOing anyways. And remember that the rules for killing somebody helpless don't require you to sit there and ping them to death. On top of that, it has absolutely no impact on a Killing Attack if the target has no RDEF. Depending on your game, that might be pretty common. It also works well to make a less-lethal attack without going all the way down to STUN Only.
  5. The simplest way would probably be to buy the multipower OIF with a shared Limitation of Use at range requires OAF bow (-1/4). If you or your GM object to that Limitation, Greywind's method is the next simplest I can think of.
  6. But then you have to deal with it insisting you stick a mask to it so it can maintain its Secret ID, and next thing you know you're demoted to sidekick in a team where the other members are parts of your costume!
  7. Talk it over with your players and figure out if they're actually onboard with this first. The possible "twist value" isn't worth the possible "this isn't what I signed up for" factor. And once you've had that conversation you're in a perfect place to transition into mining them for ideas which will be vastly better than anything we can give you since they'll come from the people you're playing with and who best know their own tastes.
  8. And when will those matter given that the character has Flight as well? About all I think is really being given up is the ability to Teleport out of grabs/Entangles if the player can't justify having a conductor to teleport through. Maybe not even that if the player pulls a teleport-to-where-I-am-but-oriented-differently trick. But if this is MegaTeleport, that's a moot point anyways.
  9. Ah, but you're not teleporting to any old urban area. You're teleporting to an urban area that needs a superhero. Plenty of opportunity for damage to the normally robust grid. That said, I agree that I'd be skeptical of the value. It seems like a thing the GM has to work to make a Limitation instead of something that limits just by being there, and I'm highly suspicious of those. At first I thought you meant teleport by microwave oven, and thought that'd be way too silly.
  10. I'd argue that the absurdity lies in permitting the device to drain Earth's defenses without explaining why it allows a 1 pip HKA to destroy the Earth in under a hundred Phases. Of course an absurd assumption will create absurd results.
  11. Buy the appropriate Range Advantage. See FREDp266 or 6e1p344.
  12. But it's not "for nothing". You bought an Advantage on a very expensive power. You're getting something for something. And it's the cleanest way to build it. In fact, I think it'd be liable to be more expensive than a Trigger Teleport construct.
  13. That has nothing to do with ranged Duplication. All you need for that is non-ranged Duplication and Teleport that's either UOO or possessed by the duplicates. ...And it doesn't even work, you run into the duplicate limit. Your opponent just has to KO them all and keep them KO'd, then your Duplication is worthless. You could patch that with the appropriate recombination modifiers, but those are explicitly allowed so I don't see what that has to do with ranged Duplication. But this is all moot, because you can do exactly as you describe with Summon and no other powers by just sitting back and summoning teleporters to attack your foe. And yet there's no restriction on summons having Teleport. Because at the end of the day, there's always a bullshit combination (Desolid overcome by SFX you know your foe lacks + an APW attack, for example) that needs a silver bullet to overcome and it's not worth trying to patch obviously exploitative holes that don't occur in actual play.
  14. And he has an answer from his GM, so the thread is free to turn to other purposes. It is also entirely reasonable to ask questions regarding intent and SFX in a build discussion. I know I'd be right pissed if my free spirit whatsit turned off when the opponent used a mental paralysis based on Mind Control instead of Entangle despite being the exact same thing narratively. That'd be a failure case for anyone who gave me advice.
  15. What in the world is the expected use case for these characters?
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