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  1. Yeah sorry, it's a real bad habit of mine that my group keeps trying to get rid of but without much luck. Not quite that soon, luckily for everyone Aborting against higher-DEX foes. FREDp383 says "Any modifiers from a Maneuver remain in effect from when the character performs the Maneuver until the beginning of his next Phase." and p356 says "A character’s Phase begins on his DEX in each of the indicated Segments.". So if you have DEX 21 SPD 4 and Dodge in Segment 3 (or 4, or 5), your Dodge ends at the start of DEX 21 on Segment 6. IE, if a character does nothing but Dodge they can maintain a permanent +3 DCV. There's no "gap". But if you'd held your action from Segment 3, it'd "wear off" at the start of Segment 6. For that reason, this character cannot act (except via Trigger or Abort) before DEX 21 on Segments 3, 6, 9, or 12.* IE, if a character does nothing but Hold Action, they cannot maintain permanent readiness. There are "gaps" for a higher DEX character to do something first. *: There is an explicit "GM may override this" clause: "(The GM may, if he wishes, let a character Hold his Action until his next Phase begins, but if he chooses to use the Held Action before his Phase occurs, it takes the place of his Phase — he cannot have two Phases in the same Segment.)"
  2. Because when your next Phase comes up you lose the held action. FREDp360, "he loses any Held Action when the next Segment in which he has a Phase begins".
  3. How does the initial attacker Block? He's already made an Attack Action. Or are you proposing yet another Trigger to "Automatically attack whenever I declare a Block" (or vice versa)?
  4. I know what words mean. Your justice-god implies that "You did a bad thing." "I won't do that again." is injustice because no punishment was applied. That figuring out the reason a villain is doing wrong, correcting it, and having the ex-villain turn their abilities to the greater good is wrong unless you first make the villain suffer. Your justice-god is evil.
  5. Why does "cosmic justice" require vengeance? Why does forgiveness cause injustice?
  6. I had a couple paragraphs typed up, but really now. If you were going to pose this question about 6e Rules-As-Written to Steve, why bring it to us first? It comes off as pretty insulting to ask a question only to turn around and ask somebody else the exact same question.
  7. The big problem you're going to run into is that "Target cannot move for five minutes" basically means "Target loses" and HERO System will make you pay an appropriate amount for such an overwhelming effect. The problem you'll run into with a Drain DEX is that even at 0 DEX you still get a 9- roll to see if you can act. Debilitating, but not totally paralyzing. A CON Entangle would work, though has the problem that with enough DEF it can be inescapable for some targets unless you allow Haymakering the CON damage roll (which opens a different can of worms). Mind Control and Transform would be the other obvious options, and both should work sorta-well.
  8. It absolutely can. HERO is very easy to grok as long as you don't have to touch chargen and you don't touch anything outside your own sheet. The thing is that HERO needs to be streamlined at the individual player level instead of at the system level. Character sheets with rules on them would solve basically everything.
  9. I submit it isn't. I'm not saying anything's wrong with your idea, but "humans with fish bits" is still humans. I didn't see anything that meaningfully rendered them culturally or mentally distinct.
  10. At the most basic level, you'll see a sharp divide between "combatants" who invested relatively heavily in fighting and "noncombatants" who invested relatively lightly. The same will follow for other areas, but this is where it will stand out the most. Combat will either suck for the combatants as they steamroll everything, suck for the noncombatants as everything trivially defeats them, suck for you because you have to build elaborate multi-level encounters, or some combination of the above. The same will follow for other areas, but this is again where it will stand out the most. No, because a significant balance problem can result from rational actors with differing investment priorities. Other significant problems arise due to differing investment efficiencies, player execution skill, or ability to predict the obstacles presented by the GM. Additionally, "rational and balanced" characters require useful information as input to the character design process. Being just a couple DCs or CV off from the rest of the party can cause serious problems. Caps and baselines provide that needed information while also communicating the expectation of "these numbers shall be adhered to".
  11. 1) I don't feel they have a useful purpose in a fantasy RPG. Any mechanical or role-play distinction can already be explained by magic ("Bob, how come your cleric is a hundred and seven?" "Oh, he completed a holy trial of faith a while back and was granted agelessness. Third sentence of the backstory.") and I don't trust people to be able to appropriately role-play "other species" in real-time (it's hard enough getting some people to role-play anything beyond 'wacky gimmick'). It's certainly doable in writing-time, but I don't play PBP or PBEM so that's a nonfactor to me. In my experience "race" is just a mechanical template that winds up underwhelming for what should be such a big deal and a coat of role-play paint on top of a very human character. 2) No. Give me good old humans-only any day. 3) Non-human characters who act human. Species-as-culture. Species-as-real-group. Crossbreeding except as "a wizard did it". Any time a character's species doesn't matter. 4) One is the number for me. 5) In my experience, they boil down to stereotypes or visual aids. I hate that.
  12. I've used Leaping, Usable As Attack, Instant. If you hit, the target moves. Nice and simple.
  13. I'm regrettably in a group where we can't have Nazis without two particular people sidetracking into loud anger about current politics.
  14. My group's always felt that punishing somebody for switching characters was silly. - If it's a voluntary change, they're either changing to make themselves have more fun or to make somebody else have more fun. Having more fun should be encouraged, not punished. - If it's a character death, they're already suffering from suddenly losing the character they've been playing for the last however long. Don't force them to play a weaker character on top of that, they'll just wind up having even less fun. - If it's a heroic sacrifice, why in the world are you punishing people for heroic sacrifices? We're not an early edition HERO group, but we've always given XP to players, not characters.
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