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  1. I'd wonder why you're using Transform here. You want to turn water into ice for a reason, right? To make a barrier, or to walk across something, hit somebody with sharp ice objects, whatever. So build that power, with "Turning water into ice and" as the SFX. Also everything dsatow said.
  2. I can't speak regarding the criticals. I don't know what "if you roll your attack skill by 10" means (hit a DCV 10 higher than needed?), or what effect you've given to the critical. Edit: And for that matter, I'm not sure what your objective is. I can judge your houserule based on my subjective standards of Good Game Design, but they're subjective and may not apply to your table so knowing what you expect the rule to do and why you want it to do that will make any advice I give much better. I'd need to know the SFX of the Nightvision to know if the mirror would work. If i
  3. This is a hot load. Playing your character is role-playing. Being a theater major is acting. Learn the difference. If playing your character requires mechanical abstraction because your character is better at [thing] than you are, using that mechanical abstraction is role-playing.
  4. Oh, right, you had a poll. Here, let me make that a three way tie instead of a two way tie. I think if your group doesn't have issues tracking Adjustment Powers you should be at a play-testable state already, only maybe needing to fine-tune the effectiveness and find a way to keep it from making long fights mean 0 DEF foes. You know your group better than I possibly could, of course, and it's your group's opinions that count most.
  5. You're looking at needing a bunch of different things. "Name, Title": Detect Biographical Information, Discriminatory, maybe Analyze. "Level": Detect Generic Level of Power, Discriminatory. Also need a long conversation with the GM to figure out how that works. Does giving a person a blaster increase their level? What about power armor? So on and so forth. "Brief description of their attitude toward him": This is Telepathy. You don't do mind-reading via senses. "Current status effects": You'd have to define what a status effect is in HERO terms first. "Stats"
  6. I'm not trying to dismiss the idea, but what's the club for that we can't do in the rest of the forums?
  7. This seems unnecessarily intricate for that effect. "STR +10, Only for combat, Only against enemies character has already spent [time period] fighting this combat" seems like a much cleaner method of doing comeback strikes or "now I know how to fight you" ability. No messy tracking of exact margins of success and cumulative modifiers and the GM having to remember to apply those things, just add 2d6 to your punch/kick/grab/escape because your martial artist knows how best to do so now. Adjust base power as needed for whatever attack you're using (or switch to CSLs to fit anything), change th
  8. And to what end? What's the proposed benefit of making the house rule, or the problem you intend to solve, or the new feature you're trying to add that was clearly missing? If you've succeeded, what should the success look like beyond "Find Weakness exists again"? What should your version do that a straight port of 5th ed's wouldn't?
  9. What's the mission statement here? I don't know what your personal goals for this revision are, and without knowing them I can't say anything constructive.
  10. The BODY damage is generally stopped by any serious armor, but the STUN damage remains unaffected. This means that Reduced Penetration attacks are just as good for knocking somebody out so you can get away / tie them up / slit their throat as a normal attacks. Particularly in superhero games, the regular attacks might not be doing enough BODY damage to kill before KOing anyways. And remember that the rules for killing somebody helpless don't require you to sit there and ping them to death. On top of that, it has absolutely no impact on a Killing Attack if the target has no RDEF. Depe
  11. The simplest way would probably be to buy the multipower OIF with a shared Limitation of Use at range requires OAF bow (-1/4). If you or your GM object to that Limitation, Greywind's method is the next simplest I can think of.
  12. But then you have to deal with it insisting you stick a mask to it so it can maintain its Secret ID, and next thing you know you're demoted to sidekick in a team where the other members are parts of your costume!
  13. Talk it over with your players and figure out if they're actually onboard with this first. The possible "twist value" isn't worth the possible "this isn't what I signed up for" factor. And once you've had that conversation you're in a perfect place to transition into mining them for ideas which will be vastly better than anything we can give you since they'll come from the people you're playing with and who best know their own tastes.
  14. And when will those matter given that the character has Flight as well? About all I think is really being given up is the ability to Teleport out of grabs/Entangles if the player can't justify having a conductor to teleport through. Maybe not even that if the player pulls a teleport-to-where-I-am-but-oriented-differently trick. But if this is MegaTeleport, that's a moot point anyways.
  15. Ah, but you're not teleporting to any old urban area. You're teleporting to an urban area that needs a superhero. Plenty of opportunity for damage to the normally robust grid. That said, I agree that I'd be skeptical of the value. It seems like a thing the GM has to work to make a Limitation instead of something that limits just by being there, and I'm highly suspicious of those. At first I thought you meant teleport by microwave oven, and thought that'd be way too silly.
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