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  1. You could always make the rule "Round in favor of whoever is being more heroic right now".
  2. So, when you say "group of attacks" all I can hear that as is "Multipower". We have to pay for flexibility in attacks, Multipower slots cost points. I don't see why "floating" damage should get around that surcharge. I don't see why "floating" damage shouldn't just be built by listing the forms of damage boost available and MPing them. We can buy the appropriate forms of damage via a(nother) Multipower and apply the appropriate slot. If we somehow don't know what Advantages the damage will have, we have Variable Advantage (which can certainly be given a cost break for having to duplicate another set of Advantages). If we somehow don't know what types of damage the character will be outputting, we can make a VPP. I really don't see why having two competing cost structures derived in totally different ways is a good idea.
  3. Question for the historians around here: I seem to only see this argument come up in the context of HKAs. Is there a particular reason it doesn't come up in the context of Hand Attack? I have my guesses, but I'd much prefer first-hand answers.
  4. I absolutely agree with you here, which dovetails into my disagreement regarding using Limited CSLs to get damage. Why not just buy damage to get damage?
  5. Assign the same Limitation value worth of Charges to each item, then normalize charges/use to the largest charge count. Takes a few minutes during chargen and less time in play than END.
  6. 10 points of MA maneuvers is a good investment for everyone because MA scaling is screwed up beyond belief, so that's not really a hindrance. The GM can veto anything, and should veto abusive constructs. But that doesn't make those constructs any less abusive, the GM being able to fix the problem just means there is a problem.
  7. Justify "Only with MA" as -1/4. It's not worth that much. And you're ignoring them being floating DCs that can apply to, for example, Energy Blast. If you've got a way to pull 1d6 EB 0END down to 4 real I'd love to hear it.
  8. A MADC is a DC, 0END. Normally that costs 7. You pay 4. So "Only with MA" is a pretty big Limitation! But a Weapon Element is 1. So you buy whatever-fu, buy Weapon Element: My Attack, and buy MADCs to get cheaper damage that costs less END. It's both cheaper and better than buying normal damage normally. Because as it turns out, "Only with MA" isn't limiting at all. And that's not even getting into how MADCs apply to anything, so you can take them outside a MP and cut the slot prices while retaining flexibility.
  9. Doesn't every second poster have their own rant on that subject?
  10. I'm in complete agreement with Doc here. First you make the mages pay points for the basics like DCs that everyone else gets for free. Then you make the mages pay END for the DCs that everyone else doesn't. Then you make the mages pay for the END that you're making them pay for the DCs that everyone else doesn't. You're taxing the concept thrice. You've given the reasons that A: Other systems do it. But you're not playing other systems, you're playing HERO. B: You don't like mages throwing around spells non-stop. But there's other options for this that don't require double-standards, like the Charges Limitation.
  11. Yes, being blind in 6E nets you 35 points. It's not a PhysLim anymore though, it's selling back your Normal Sight.
  12. [CITATION NEEDED], because that ain't how it be in my books. In fact, my books explicitly state the opposite, that CE can't make light (FRED p135, 6E1p175).
  13. Unbelievably enough, this was a published PC-facing example power in the Mutants and Masterminds 3e Power Profiles book.
  14. It does not have such functionality. There's the ability to attach an image file from an external source, but that's it.
  15. A fancy dice mechanic isn't going to solve the underlying issue of HERO's social system. Namely, that it doesn't have a social system. Also what I said upthread RE BODY/STUN correlation.
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