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  1. Do you have a point? You don't seem to be making one.
  2. What? FRED has a section on being an ***hole to players you didn't get involved by awarding XP differently, but the only advice on spending XP is "Not during an adventure, and look XP expenditure over the same way you would character creation because it's the same thing really".
  3. That has nothing to do with Multipowers though. That's just throwing obstacles in the way of players spending the XP they earned.
  4. Yeah? Well my IQ is 788 and I say IQ is meaningless. So either I'm right and your IQ doesn't matter or I'm wrong but that means I'm smarter than you so I must be right.
  5. I'd be worried about some of the parts, things I feel to be abusive in a vacuum and would request the player change regardless of the rest of the sheet. I'd be worried about how the parts were put together, aspects of the design process that indicate to me a focus on degenerate WAAC munchkinery. I wouldn't be worried at all about the sum of the parts. Any idiot GM can beat a character. I did your analysis and more in the time it took to skim the sheet. I'd be worried about what the sum of the parts said about the player who brought it to a game.
  6. You piled together a bunch of abusive constructs with zero thematic unity beyond "WIZARD". The Multipower would be the least of my concerns if you submitted that abomination to my game.
  7. Well I wasn't going to start the derail but I'm totally onboard with it. Me too, but I think I take it a bit further. I feel there's only room for one way to buy more CV. Buying OCV and DCV directly or through DEX? Sure, just don't have CSLs or MA (and add a OCV/DCV Multipower Talent so flexible CV still exists). Buying CSLs? Sure, just don't have MA or direct purchase of CV. "Here's your CV, if you don't like it do Martial Arts" is great and would be highly thematic for a Kung Fu HERO game where martial arts are just better than other forms of fighting (because Martial Arts are better than basic maneuvers). Just don't put it side by side with other, often better, ways to buy CV. Right now MA is in a really nasty spot where MADCs and the first 10-15 points are way too good, especially if you take the FMove maneuvers, but it very quickly becomes inefficient to buy more maneuvers. The old master with 50 points of Martial Arts maneuvers would be better off ditching 30 points of them for +3 CV. And that's just wrong.
  8. In Superheroic play, you don't need a Weapon Familiarity. Beyond that, all the methods you've listed are perfectly valid ways to represent "I hit things with a sword". You can pick whichever you feel is best.
  9. For god's sake man, headings! Don't make us scale that wall (of text) without handholds and ledges on which to rest (our eyes)!
  10. This is probably going to come off as negative, and I apologize in advance. I'm not fond of metacurrency, and it shows when I talk about it. Distribution: - Giving players the ability to control the pool so heavily is a very neat idea. Most metacurrency systems are purely GM driven, and that's one of their big failings. - Rewards post-chargen for Disads is good and discourages throwaway "never gonna matter" Disads-in-name-only. But: - The lack of scale presents a problem. Achilles Sr getting dropped to -12 BODY and STUN in the first action of combat because of his Vulnerability is "worth" one die. But so is Achilles Jr taking an extra d6 STUN from his Susceptibility. I suspect players will go for lots of small Disads instead of a few big Disads. - Relatedly, frequently recurring Disads pose a problem. Defendo has PsyLim: Starts all fights with a Presence Attack "Fighting solves nothing, let's talk it out!" and an Abort to Block. Does he generate a white die every fight? What about Honesty's CvLying, does he get a white die every time he could lie but doesn't? Mechanics: - This is a very simple and intuitive system. But it has to interface with all of HERO System, which is less simple. That simplicity difference causes some friction between the two systems. - Outright adding dice massively favors high-cost-per-d6 attacks. 12d6 Blast +3d6 is 75AP. 6d6 NND +3d6 is 90 AP. 4d6 RKA +3d6 is 105AP. 2d6 RKA AOE +3d6 is 150AP. - Only having offensive options (barring Block) for spending metacurrency is going to make combat a lot nastier. A 4d6k3 to-hit roll is way more accurate and adding a couple d6 to an attack massively increases the chances of Stunned'ing the opponent. This may be a feature, not a bug. Not having non-combat options for spending white (as opposed to giving the GM black) is going to exacerbate this. - Relatedly, this favors bricks and stiffs martial artists / speedsters. A low CV benefits more from skewing the to-hit roll and adding d6s to a big attack is more likely to push it above the Stunned threshold, while not really minding a skewed to-hit against them and being the best able to take a high DC attack. A high CV low DC/DEF character faces the opposite. - Is the use of dice declared before or after the window to Abort? If dice are declared before Abort, Block becomes absurdly useful since it doesn't care how many dice you spent on your to-hit and can benefit from spending dice. If dice are declared only when it's too late to Abort, then there's no interactivity or counter-play. Table Dynamics: (Will very much depend on your table dynamics, of course) - Shared-pool metacurrency systems easily suffer from distribution issues. Lo-Tek puts a die in the pool when him having no cellphone comes up. Swipeo spends that die. Angros puts a die in the pool when he goes Enraged over improper table manners. Swipeo spends that die too. Bob complains that Jim's screwing everyone on Disad Dice. - On the flip side though, this can promote fun moments where SFXman thinks he can beat Vulnerability Villain next phase if he has just a couple more white dice, so everybody else tries to generate as many white dice as possible by invoking disadvantages.
  11. Keep in mind how old the skill rules are and how far UX has come since then.
  12. My group has been having great success with roll20.net. Nobody's paid a cent and it works quite smoothly. Could be made better, even, we haven't touched some free features. Our big problem has been that we've got a couple players with zero access to the rules and are not really sure how to go about bringing them up to speed short of telling them to show up half an hour early for a rules crash-course. "Just hand them the rulebook" has become illegal.
  13. Threw together an anydice of the proposed models so far. Assumed AP and defenses that are around normal for my home Champions game. https://anydice.com/program/1b7de
  14. Firstly, if I'm allowing a character to have "invulnerability" I'm not going to "well actually no" them. I'm going to let them be actually invulnerable. Because I told them "This construct is invulnerability" and I'm not going to lie to a player about mechanics. Secondly because I might allow invulnerability Only/Not Against THING. Likewise I might allow LARGE NUMBER ATTACK Only Against THING. And I'd expect both of these to work. If Captain Invulnerable-To-Fire can be hurt by Ghost Burning Flame, something is horribly wrong. I am leaving this thread at this point because I do not feel this discussion is civil anymore. It is just two sides failing to engage with each other. There is no point in anyone continuing in my eyes.
  15. And could you please show me where in that post I made any mention at all of hitting somebody behind the target?
  16. Could you quote the post where "and hitting someone behind them" came up? Because that's not my stance, my stance stops at "passing through". I don't want to accuse you of making a strawman of my position if somebody else is actually arguing that position, but it really feels like a strawman when it's so critically different from my position. @Doc Democracy That doesn't happen at sensible damage scales. "Whoops, Captain Invulnerable got blasted by the GhostBust5500, guess he wasn't invulnerable after all" does.
  17. Please demonstrate that Desolid is "closer" to "invulnerable" than [LARGENUMBER] rDEF Hardened x[LARGENUMBER], 100% Damage Reduction, and other such defense constructs.
  18. My copy of 6e1 says to use the +3/4 level of Takes No Damage From Attacks and +1/2 of other advantages to make Mental Paralysis. Are different 6e sources saying different things?
  19. Sounds like you'll have a very expensive power, then. I don't really recommend Transform. It'll do what you want in the end, but it doesn't do it "right". You don't get a steady increase of mass with each transform-application. You get a steady nothing-happening and "you feel heavier" flavor text until BOOM! the victim's legs buckle as the Transform suddenly manages to get enough BODY to transform the target all at once.
  20. I think the big question is, what do you want increasing somebody's mass to do? Does it make them move slower? Drain movement powers and CV! Does it make them fall down if they're too weak to carry the added weight? TK, Only to grab and pull down! Does it hurt them because their own body crushes them? Blast or RKA! Probably with Modifiers! So on and so forth. So, what do you want increasing somebody's mass to do to that poor shmuck?
  21. I think there are far bigger concerns anyone in a game with this character would have than "does this Limitation on two points of SPD work this way".
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