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  1. Just a heads up just in case: I am sad to report that our 3 person group has decided to amicably disband after a year playing. Thank you Hero Community you have all be great; stay awesome!!!
  2. It does record active points and notes in pdfs, you just need to set the options for it in the designer. I am very visual oriented thus I will add 2 pics of where to find them. 1 is the window when you are creating/editing powers (for example as in pic 1) and the other is when creating a note (in same power for example).
  3. Yup, I guess that's another good way to put it, a 'soft-apocalypse', there's still places that are a mess, but there are still ongoing and fully functional places that either where able to survive thru it or that have rebuilt.
  4. No idea if this helps, but I did once find one that the format uses word, maybe there's a way to alter that if it allows you to edit it in word. It's certainly worth a try. Also, its not the easiest way of doing it, but since I know you can copy things from the designer (highlight section then ctrl+c) and paste in other places (ctrl+v) you can probably make a character sheet of your own in word and after taking the long time and effort of copy/paste, you can edit and make your own. Its time consuming, but it might be worth the effort if your really particular about your character sheets.
  5. Well I do appreciate the suggestion(s). Dunno if it will actually end up helping, but it does get me thinking so it might just spark something up.
  6. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyone?
  7. Interesting, I had no clue about most of that. Thanks for sharing!
  8. What we have been doing in our group since its always just 2 players and 1 GM, the GM made his own character and runs it as the 3rd member of the group as an NPC. What we do is we sometimes also alternate being GM in the same campaign which allows the regular GM to enjoy his character as a player as well.
  9. Care to elaborate please? Its like you just entered the room and looked at the person in the middle and said, "I know what you did you bastard, I know!", and just exited the room leaving the rest of us wondering, "what the heck was that guy talking about?".
  10. At first I thought it was a joke, but now I can honestly say I would definitely play it. https://www.feastoflegends.com/ Wendy's own RPG! Just when you think you may have just see it all!
  11. Looking for an appropriate adventure module to run and I will be as clear as possible on what I seek as I am NOT familiar w/ any adventure modules except Sand of Time. 1) What I Need: Adventure module that can be adjusted easily into the Extinction Event setting. I need the module to be as detailed as possible and should include maps. 2) What we Have: A three member superhero team based on Millennium City I have yet to read the Extinction Event Book (just bought it), but it sounds like my favorite type of game setting (post-apocalyptic mess). The reason I post here instead of the star
  12. Good to know. Also, thanks for sending me to the book, made me read a bit further in and found some very cool info there. I miss the days I could just sit and read a book for hours. I seem to have developed in my 30's some type of psych complication that doesn't normally allow me to read a book for more that a few pages or I get all kinds of anxious and lose all focus and attention and have to stop trying to read because I notice am lost in my head and have no idea what I just read for the past page or two.
  13. I am wondering if according to the book rules does a character need to be registered somewhere to be able to operate freely as a superhero w/in a city/country. If not, would the characters be considered vigilantes? I know a GM can decide what to choose, but what I am looking for if there's a game official stance on this subject. For example, as it stands on my current group we are working as superheroes in millennium city, but are part of UNTIL as to avoid being considered vigilantes as we are part of an actual law abiding organization, but we are constantly wondering about going as an inde
  14. FB has never given me any results, can't speak for anyone else, but I should give it a shot yet again, who knows right?
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