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  1. Honestly I rather miss entirely and know that the enemy is just better at defense than I am at offense atm or that am just getting unlucky w/ my rolls, than to hit, hit, hit, and hit and absolutely feel pathetic because I am just tickling the opponent (no damage/effect). I can always find a way to improve my OCV, but everyone seems to have a cap when it comes to how much points one can sink into a power (including the characters in the books) thus limiting the amount of damage I can do no matter what (the same doesn't apply to defense).
  2. Oh no, this is not only a recipe for disaster, why should anyone put themselves thru having a bad time to please someone else (unless its your significant other or your child, for those its ok)? Don't get me wrong every once in a while, sure, but every game nite?! heck no, life is too short. I was a part of a group for a long time that constantly wanted to play games that were fun to them and not me, and neither they or me had any problems w/ me finding something else to do meanwhile. I even recently had to walk away from a game being run by a friend because it just had a very disruptive player that made things very boring and annoying to me (and later on the rest of the group) and I just couldn't keep wasting my free time on something that made me miserable. I explained to my friend and he was ok w/ it as he understood why I was not having fun and had to walk from the table, no problems, no drama, and I was able to use the time for more entertaining/productive things.
  3. A little trick I have used in the past is to offer to run a game, then I pick something I know I can run and enjoy and that the players will be interested in and I run a game in which I just get em hooked and asking for more. Then I get one or more of the players interested in running in the same campaign or one of their own using the same game. Sometimes it doesn't work, other times it becomes the only game the group ever wants to play haha! The last time I tried this it ended up w/ a campaign being run by two GM's who would switch to give the other a break to create stuff while on break and to play his character w/in the same campaign. Also, if you are not having fun in ANY game/group you are a part of there are two choices I always make and both work. 1) If its a friend running the game I explain why I am not having fun, why, and suggest possible ways to improve the experience. 2) I simply give my thanks, excuse myself, and politely just walk away from the game. The whole point is to have fun and if that's NOT the case then you are merely torturing yourself and wasting valuable time you could be investing in something else.
  4. Awesome! thanks everyone for the assist!
  5. I went w/ this and it worked very well. Had to as always improvise some stuff on the fly, but I was able to make it work. Had one of the experienced champions player just draw me the maps on the fly on the hex map w/ a vague description and it paid off. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Not really into collateral damage and they avoid civilian casualties, but not squeamish about killing the bad guys at all. They will be joining up w/ a group that actually does their best to not kill the bad guys.
  7. 400 points. one uses chains and chainmail armor, the other uses gunblades, concealed guns, and tactical armor
  8. Greetings! I will be running a short scenario to introduce two new characters to our ongoing campaign I am looking for a scenario that would fit w/ what's happening in the main campaign. Millennium City has been struck w/ a tsunami of crime since the Champions have gone missing for a few weeks now. Our heroes in the main scenario where doing their best to stop the pack and some guy called reverend x (its an old official adventure the GM has and it was used to kick start our current campaign). What I want to do is run a short scenario good for two vigilante flavor characters placed in the same city at the same time the other team is stopping the pack and have them team up w/ the other group after the end of the scenario. Can anyone link me to such a scenario (I need it to have maps or its unusable to me; I don't have the time, skill, or talent to make maps)? I also have no problem buying one as long as it has maps and serves the purpose. Thank you! P.S. it can be any edition champions, i have no problem translating stats to current edition!
  9. Thanks for the info, much appreciated, but a tad too late since I already gave to tablet away as a present to a special needs teacher who was in need of one. I still greatly appreciate the effort since now I know what to do if I do get another one and/or know of anyone else w/ the same issue. Hero Games Community, stay awesome!!!
  10. Aok, thank for the prompt replies and info. Guess am sticking to laptop then
  11. I bought an android tablet thinking I was going to be able to take the pdf books and the hero designer w/ me on it to game night, but it seems it won't open .jar files and the few explanation on possible way to do so (needs some downloadings and instals) is beyond my current limited understanding of modern tech. Is there a guide somewhere I can get to be able to do this or even better yet, if I get a windows tablet I can bypass the issue altogether seeing as it would run java? I am at verge of just giving the stoopid thing away as a b-day or xmas gift and its brand new; I have superhuman ability to be patient w/ people but suffer a -20 when dealing w/ inanimate objects. I am just a caveman when it comes to modern phones/tablets, my previous phone was a fliptop (yes, like Gibbs) that fell on the ground and didn't shatter into a million pieces and kept working just fine. Any help (even if its just, "get meds dude!") is appreciated!
  12. I don't know if this counts, but i will give u a brief account of our last scenario: We found ourselves facing 15 mind controled civilians who had force fields and arm blasters (11d6). In a crazy ploy to draw fire away from the civilians, I was shot at by the 15 of them, scoring enough hits to take me out of combat; not smart yes I know, but I did save the civilians and did not die, so not a complete loss for me). The only thing that allowed the other hero to survive the encounter was he used his illusion powers to make it seem as if 4 of them had suddenly become 4 of me, and them being in a mind control daze ("imotep...imotep...") simply drove them to start attacking themselves. The hero then decided to let them steal what they were after as he threw my unconscious form on the team vehicle (a magic flying carpet) and began following them from above (that carpet is crazy fast). Along the way I recovered. When we found their destination (a crash landed ship) we choose to stealth our way to the ship. Long story short we were able to surprise the alien in his robot vehicle that was incredibly tough and lethal (6d6 killing) and in this battle what worked for us was that the brick kept the bad guy attacking him and kept blocking for his life (which worked) while I blasted it from the air. Two turns later and badly injured (he had taken almost half my BODY in just 1 shot) w/ my last shot (no more END left) we were able to defeat it! Side Note: Two Turns is usually the most our fights ever last. So far we have only had two that lasted a bit more; one was a one on one duel and the other was the heroes battling Strahd the vampire (dunno if i spelled that right).
  13. Whoa that sounds super awesome and i will more than likely use the idea to make a new different character, as for the languages I am planning on getting it the Universal Translator Perk. Thanks! I don't know how it works ruleswise, but the initial idea is to just link it to our coms system and to our base computer terminal which does has KS: Everything 30-. Now what I am realizing as I type this, could I just invest the points instead on the computer base, link it to our coms system and just have the characters buy Computer Link Perk? Also, am I allowed to create the same com system in the base instead of on the character, thus reducing the amount of points it costs to create or is that not allowed ruleswise?
  14. Two thumbs up especially if you are new to the game because it does all the math for you. I like that it even tells you in some instances when you are doing something that would normally be breaking the rules when creating something. After I got the program I have never bothered to use pen and paper to create characters or NPC's anymore. I even got a table to carry around my book(s) and program to game nite instead of having to lug around a collection of physical books (which is still fun, but too much work).
  15. That's a great SOP to follow. let me see if I can get it in a viewable format in here (the hero designer is not allowing me to save as pdf for some reason). Took a pic w/ the windows snipping tool.
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