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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the opinions and information everyone!

    Perhaps I am at least headed in the right direction it seems because I am not using any of the game's original terminology or mechanics and zero of its setting material. Its more of an amalgam of house rules inspired by different GM's we had in our group which ended up becoming our own rule-set to play the game.

    Thanks again!

  2. Greetings!

    Is anyone familiar w/ RPG gaming copyright laws (legal technical terms are very confusing to me)?

    Very curious if I can call it a rule set of my own, legally speaking.

    After playing for many many years using the same fantasy game system (not D&D in case you are wondering) and collecting a stack of house rules on top of house rules as more and more people I played with became GM's themselves, I ran into another fan's version of the same game system but cosmically condensed, altered, and simplified. I was immediately inspired to attempt the same; this was about 5-6 years ago.

    After a wild roller coaster of marriage, divorce, a taste of homelessness, and covid induced isolation I recently dusted off and re-edited my version of said rule set; taking into account the original but replacing around 90-95% of it w/ my collection of house rules (50-55%), that fan's condensed rule set ideas (10%), and custom made on the spot ideas (30%). Thus far I have actually only been able to play test about a good 70% of it a few years back with a group of 4 people.

    P.S. I hope am posting this in the correct section of the forums (its been a while since I last posted something).

  3. 8 hours ago, Tywyll said:

    ...I noticed another issue with the export to PDF...it doesn't record Active Points nor does it print any Notes you write... 😢 That makes it functionally unusable for me...

    It does record active points and notes in pdfs, you just need to set the options for it in the designer. I am very visual oriented thus I will add 2 pics of where to find them. 1 is the window when you are creating/editing powers (for example as in pic 1) and the other is when creating a note (in same power for example).

    Active Points.PNG


  4. No idea if this helps, but I did once find one that the format uses word, maybe there's a way to alter that if it allows you to edit it in word. It's certainly worth a try. Also, its not the easiest way of doing it, but since I know you can copy things from the designer (highlight section then ctrl+c) and paste in other places (ctrl+v) you can probably make a character sheet of your own in word and after taking the long time and effort of copy/paste, you can edit and make your own. Its time consuming, but it might be worth the effort if your really particular about your character sheets.

  5. 58 minutes ago, Manic Typist said:

    I actually find it extremely distasteful on several fronts. I was excited by the cleverness of it when I first saw it, but when I actually read it and learned more about the sketch practices of Wendy's - such that one one the RPG designers quit as a result.


    So, I think it's unfortunate that such a clever idea was executed by this company, and that it was executed in a way that's against the spirit of what we do.

    Care to elaborate please? Its like you just entered the room and looked at the person in the middle and said, "I know what you did you bastard, I know!", and just exited the room leaving the rest of us wondering, "what the heck was that guy talking about?".

  6. Looking for an appropriate adventure module to run and I will be as clear as possible on what I seek as I am NOT familiar w/ any adventure modules except Sand of Time.

    1) What I Need: Adventure module that can be adjusted easily into the Extinction Event setting. I need the module to be as detailed as possible and should include maps.
    2) What we Have: A three member superhero team based on Millennium City

    I have yet to read the Extinction Event Book (just bought it), but it sounds like my favorite type of game setting (post-apocalyptic mess). The reason I post here instead of the star hero section is because our campaign is champions based as well as our characters and I highly doubt the group will want to stick around this alternate earth once the adventure is over.

  7. Good to know. Also, thanks for sending me to the book, made me read a bit further in and found some very cool info there.

    I miss the days I could just sit and read a book for hours. I seem to have developed in my 30's some type of psych complication that doesn't normally allow me to read a book for more that a few pages or I get all kinds of anxious and lose all focus and attention and have to stop trying to read because I notice am lost in my head and have no idea what I just read for the past page or two.

  8. I am wondering if according to the book rules does a character need to be registered somewhere to be able to operate freely as a superhero w/in a city/country. If not, would the characters be considered vigilantes? I know a GM can decide what to choose, but what I am looking for if there's a game official stance on this subject.

    For example, as it stands on my current group we are working as superheroes in millennium city, but are part of UNTIL as to avoid being considered vigilantes as we are part of an actual law abiding organization, but we are constantly wondering about going as an independent superhero group instead.

  9. On 9/23/2019 at 1:37 PM, Psillias said:

    Have you tried Sci-Fi City near 50 and 436?  They've been around forever and have a locator board up. 

    I forgot it even existed because I went a bit over a year there w/ and friend and the people there were not helpful at all. I remember even asking for some info and all I got was a very dismissive "just check our facebook" reply. I will have to pass by again and check it out, maybe I will have better luck this time. Thanks for suggestion.

  10. 18 minutes ago, Duke Bushido said:

    ...Though mini-monologue here (not exactly a rant, because I've had a really bad day, culminating in a house fire (small one), so I just don't have the energy...

    I am sorry to hear that friend and I hope everyone is fine and can recover fast and well.

    Now as for your examples, if it works for you and your group and everyone has fun its all fine and good and excellent. That's the bottom line: have fun!

    As for me following your examples, if the city gets destroyed, oh well, doesn't mean I will auto-kill em, just means the world and story takes a different turn and they have to deal w/ the consequences regardless of their fault or not. The story just takes a different turn instead than the one I had expected (a welcome surprise to me as a GM most of the time). As a player, oh well, shoot, we kinda failed and the city got smashed, I just roll w/ it and actually look forward as this unexpected turn and learn from the experience.

    If a fight is going badly for the players, it happens, the players I usually play w/ know when to actually call a retreat or use some teamwork tactics to stay alive and/or triumph. Me and my group actually prefer going into a battle have a real fear of death and having to make a new character, but its not for everyone (only 1 death in 1 year and due to extremely unlucky rolls in a row and some very very poor choices. Its not an extreme game; though we have had near deaths a few times).

    At the end of the day I think we may agree that whatever works for whatever group one is a part of and everyone has fun IS the correct answer, regardless if it doesn't work for a completely different group elsewhere.

    Again, I wish u best of luck and a speedy recovery from the accident.

  11. 49 minutes ago, archer said:

    I keep it a secret just how much BODY STUN and END the boss villains have. . .


    I NEVER tell the players how much of these a bad guy has at ANY point, but I always let them know both how effective their attack seems to have been, "seems you just grazed him", "yup he reels back w/ a growl as he grimace's in pain", as well as how bad a shape the bad guy is in in general, "he spits a glob blood as the smoking scorch marks on his upper body smell just as bad as they look", and seems to have been working for decades w/ different groups. The only exception I can think of was that one time the group fought a specific magic automaton monster that seemed to look pristine until it fell to pieces destroyed.


    56 minutes ago, archer said:

    ...It's easier to scale the encounter on the fly if I can adjust the bad guy's BODY, STUN, and END up and down based on how the encounter is going as well as being based on how much damage the heroes are doing...


    ...Or if he isn't supposed to die, he's done a long ritual spell giving him extra BODY or which triggers an escape teleport if he drops below a certain BODY score...

    As a player personally I cannot stress enough how much I absolutely abhor how much I hate it when a GM custom alters a bad guy on the spot just to avoid the characters from whooping its arse! In the process you are not only punishing the players for having the good sense to create good characters, make interesting (to them at least) choices, but it also steals away and invalidates any 'lucky' rolls they may have gotten to make it to that point.

    Yeah sure its easier to cheat them w/o their knowledge just for you to keep doing what you want to do instead than have them obliterate that really awesome bad guy you thought was gonna give em hell and the really cool story you had planned behind him. Selfish and abusive!

    The best darn 3yr irl campaign i ever been a part of started w/ my character running a steak thru the heart of the big bad vampire lord who was supposed to be the bad guy for the entire campaign. Instead of completely ignoring my reality-breaking natural rolls and cheating his way to life just to keep his bad guy and story alive, GM simply went w/ it and the game still lasted almost 3yrs irl.

    Last month i ran my 1st champions scenario and the heroes just steamrolled thru the bad guys and the boss, I simply added more story, picked new better bad guys for the new story and new boss. They had fun kicking butt then and now still have the same amount of fun finally having a challenge. They're actually worried about being beaten in the current scenario, which is a real possibility, but if they do get beat, the story doesn't end and I will definitely wont be readjusting stats to make it easier or harder on them. The story will continue regardless, should they triumph they will be happy, should they fail, they will learn and will make their next encounter all the more sweeter should they be victorious then.

    Yes players and GMs like a challenge, heck yeah, BUT adjusting on the fly simply means I shouldn't bother w/ character creation or making plans since you will already adjust on the spot to defeat or invalidate me or my choices on the spot no matter what I do or what I roll(s) I make.

    P.S. no, am not accusing you specifically, I guess its could be considered a pet peeve and since I am in bed after surgery bored out of my wits I may have gone into a small rant. Also, I had to stand many years of abusive and unfair DMs to drive a mind flayer insane.

  12. 10 hours ago, megaplayboy said:

    An informal money system might work as follows: If you don't have the wealth perk, and you don't have a poverty complication, then your character's income is going to be within the "average" range, possibly a bit higher if they have a decent PS roll and a steady employer.  So they can afford "average" stuff available to the average consumer in, say, the United States--a minor purchase might be dinner and a movie for a family of 4; a major purchase would be a new car; a huge purchase would be making the down payment on a new home.  A handgun for personal defense in secret ID might be a few hundred dollars and isn't something the average citizen can casually purchase(i.e., it might be a once a month kind of thing, given average discretionary income).  With the 3 levels of the wealth perk, you can multiply what's affordably by 10, 100 or 1000+ respectively.  But if you don't pay points for it, it's going to be more disposable and less available/reliable than gear you spend CP on, just for the sake of fairness and game balance.  

    As a general rule, in the US, for example, unremarkable used firearms can run between 50 and 500 dollars, and higher quality or more exotic ones about 10x that, with the most exotic running into the thousands of dollars.


    Honestly when we do go into the realm of using currency, 'wealth' perk will not be allowed even w/ CP and the character would have to figure out how to get wealth above the "average range". And yes we know this is how you end up like this sometimes:
    But it will serve for what we want to use it for. Being a superhero is awesome, but a complication all on its own.


    10 hours ago, steriaca said:

    "But honestly, Mr. FBI guy, I was researching the prices of a Ladyboy prostitute, rabbed wombats, and a nuclear bomb for my roleplaying game session tonight. I didn't know looking up prices were illegal sir."

    LOL! Yup that's pretty much in general how I envisioned having to explain why I am researching 'prices of illegal weapons' on the browser.

  13. Try uninstalling the program and reinstalling it again, maybe that works? I know me and another person had the problem that it would not let us use the pdf option either, but I cant remember how we fixed it. I do know I have reinstalled the program twice since I got it to get rid of problems and it works fine afterwards.

  14. 1 hour ago, BoloOfEarth said:

    In my game, I do allow characters to purchase real-world things that do damage (e.g. regular firearms) or can affect combat (e.g. smoke grenades)  with money rather than CP - though these all come with a "real world" limitation.  The team members all have walkie talkies to communicate?  Well, they probably don't work as well as the CP-paid radio headset (interference, and maybe batteries dying at inconvenient times) and are definitely much more fragile.  ("You fell five stories after Green Dragon threw you off the roof.  Due to your high PD you don't take any damage, but your walkie talkie suffered some deceleration trauma.")


    Also, depending on what something is, buying it might incur some in-game complications. 


    As to looking up real-world prices - that will work fine until you start getting into things that aren't readily available on Amazon or in stores.  How to price that tear gas grenade, for instance?  I suppose you could figure out the active points for the item, and then give it some multiplier (maybe a random number) to determine how much in-game money it costs. 

    Yup, this is how its more than likely go down using money as well as its limitations and complications. As for tear gas and the like there's always someone selling something, but i bet one has to be careful how to research on browser due to possibly ending up in a watchlist of some sort for typing in certain words and the like. Sounds funny, but I bet its really not.

  15. I ran into this same issue when trying to print out a 'computer' and was never able to. I am not versed it what might caused the problem or how to fix it, but when I ran into this problem once I think the way I solved it was selecting the proper export format, closing program and opening again and it worked for me, no clue why, it just did (I can do it for characters but not for computer built w/ the program, also no clue why). I have even downloaded a few character export formats from the forums and proven they work also. Hope this helps in some way.

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