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  1. I have one player in my current campaign with no prior experience with the system, so I started off by having him give me a description of what he wanted his character to do with no reference to game mechanics. Then I built a character to match what he;d described. He wanted a character who used real world firearms which are a bit underpowered for superhero games, so I built a VPP that only changes in the workshop/arsenal, gave him a list of the weapons he could use at the start, and told him that when he wanted something special he could give me a description and I'd work out the stats. Admittedly, I have a table full of gamers with decades of gaming experience and only one is unfamiliar with HERO, but designing a character based on the player's verbal description might be a good alternate to a pregenerated character.
  2. Sometimes I will inform the illegitimate rodents in my path that I would prefer them to consume excrement and expire. This is when I forget to eschew obfuscation.
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