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  1. Yeah we went with a flash attack for pies, and currently a blast attack for the mallet. Character has a 50% damage reduction for Normal and Energy Damage, plus a 15 resist on both at the moment. Then full life support for everything including dismemberment. In a sense, I've become the secondary tank for the team, though my damage output is pretty weak and likely will stay such. Instead I'm going to focus more on status effects on enemies.
  2. So I'm working on a character right now just referred to as the hopping vampire. He is a cartoon character created by another super known as The Animator. Suffering a heart attack 95 years old, The Animator's powers exploded outward, and he was reincarnated as The Animated and then pretty much buggered off from there. The Hopping Vampire in the world was a cartoon that its first season or two was mostly just gag episodes. Generally it revolved around Hop going around and defeating the forces of evil, usually with comical results. It ends up featuring a number of villains that Hop manages to easily defeat through trickery and the resist almost any attack through cartoon shenanigans. Then it had some of that cerebus syndrom when they introduced a villain known as the Inquisitor, who actually has some of the ability to deal real damage to Hop in the cartoon. When the Animator, who created the show, died, The cast of Hopping vampire was released into the world, along with other cartoons. While most kinda just went and made their own world, others became heroes and villains. So here are my questions with the system here, how do I go about making the character's mechanics? Generally speaking, the character with the rest of the group would adopt a more 'non-violence' approach to problem solving. He'll throw pies, use seltzer water, or a number of other classic gags that you see the likes with Bugs Bunny or Rodger Rabbit. If he ever ends up getting caught or in a situation he can't run away, he uses a mochi mallet to beat his foes. (Kinda like into the spiderverse's spiderham) One thing I'm kinda wanting to do is the whole cartoon bit where character can come apart as well. Like if a villain uses a slashing weapon, it cuts off Hopp's head, and he has to spend some time being cut apart like that.
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