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  1. All in all, i think i will make some changes. 1) different hair colors and esthetical animal parts (like cat ears) is somewhat common and not only used in replicates. It could be said it's as common as people that paint it's hair or make body modifications. 2) replicates, on the other hand, have a mark on his face another one on his body. The face mark is related to the manufacturer. The body mark is related to the function and model. 3) I will create some gene mods to be used in genners. It's a list of gene packages and gene modifications that you can only access if you are a genner or a replicate. 4) I am thinking in create some specific talent or power (or maybe gene mods) exclusive to the replicates. Or maybe something that is bad and good at the same time, like having a connection with the others that have the same model as yours.
  2. That is what I am talking about. They give templates and some chars. But they don't give a list of packages and models so I can create my own Genner or Replicate, I think a list of those would be nice, even if listed as talent and not as a power. We have a cyber list, we have an esper list. We even have a mech list. Well, I will sit and create some base packages and models. It seems that the only rules are the that Genners have extended life spam, Hyper Immune System and Bioware Compatible. And Distinctive Features. Replicates don't have Extended life spam, have Must Obey Owner’s Commands and a social complication. Using this as a base I could think in models and packages. Or could even the player create it.
  3. Also what is the advantage of being a replicate? Genners have: Improved Longevity: LS (Longevity: 200 Years) (ok, this is not thaaaat useful) Hyper Immune System: LS (Immunity: All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents); Not Versus Bioweapons (-1/2) Bioware Compatible Striking Appearance and some characteristics bonus (that i can have as a normal human) total cost of 35 without complications replicates have Hyper Immune System: LS (Immunity: All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents); Not Versus Bioweapons (-1/2) Bioware Compatible Striking Appearance but also: -2 EGO Psychological Complication: Must Obey Owner’s Commands (Very Common, Total) Social Complication: Replicated Human (Very Frequently, Major) So being a replicate seems more a complications package than anything else... A genner will be better than any replicate. And if you ignore Hiper Immune System... A regular human can surpass a genner. ANother thing, in the power section it's says: Genetic Upgrades: Genetic upgrades already have two innate abilities (their longevity and resistance to disease), but otherwise are as limited as normal humans. As with normal humans, they can purchase cybernetics or become cyborgs but it's just say it. Would be nice a list of gene mods. Like we have a list of cyberwares and espers powers.
  4. In the book, it says that "Selected from any number of pre-designed packages" and that replicants have models. But we have just the general template... How should I create those packages?
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