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  1. Only two entries, but some fun discussions regarding the image which was cool to see. That being said the winner this time around is BoloOfEarth.
  2. Following up on TJack's suggestion, I immediately thought of this Phil Cho art although it appears more tech inspired.
  3. What is his story my fellow board members?
  4. Not sure anyone has any interest in keeping this thread going, but i thought i would bump it up and see. I enjoy the exercise in imagination, but if no one else is interested i understand. Or maybe a change in the rules/format? I don't really have any suggestions, i just enjoyed participating. So thoughts are welcome, or we can just let this one fade away.
  5. Königstiger Arno Stieglitz loved two things, drinking and fighting. One night during a bar brawl he got carried away and killed a man. His tendency for violence was even greater inside prison walls and this brought him to the attention of the warden who ran an underground fighting ring. Stieglitz soon became the warden's best fighter and in an attempt to make him even better was given experimental enhancement drugs. They worked all too well granting him massive size growth, superhuman strength and steel hard skin. Escaping was now child's play and he became muscle for hire before b
  6. Shchuka In the early 90s russian gangster Leonid Lyosha had come to America to make his fortune. He eventually got into a scheme to buy a submarine from the Russian military for the Cali Cartel in Mexico. While in Russia to view the submarine he came across a prototype for a suit of power armor built for underwater operations. He had it thrown in with the deal. While the submarine sale failed Leonid kept the armor and sold his services to the Cartel and anyone else who would pay as the Odessa Destroyer. He operated for a few years, but found himself on the losing side to superheroe
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