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  1. Le Flipper(Pinball) Sophie Boucer was a gymnast and acrobat studying at the Academie Fratellini when she and several other students were recruited by one of the instructors to form the Cirque Des Voleurs(Circus of Thieves). They operated for a few years until the gang was broken up by French super team the Nouveau Gardien. Boucer was then recruited into the Slingshots. She wears a silver reflective light armor power suit that can repel away and attract toward any metal and using this Le Flipper bounces from target to target inflicting considerable damage. She is very difficult to hit as she twists and tumbles around using the suit to quickly change direction and easily dodge attacks. The suit provides her with protection and cushions her from the collisions as she strikes her targets.
  2. Major League Eating was holding it's biggest event bringing back it's top champions in a huge showdown of competitive eating. Unfortunately someone in marketing came up with the idea of naming the winner the Greatest Eater in the Universe. This garnered the attention of the Bloatarian known as Garlbulbank The Gluttonus who teleported into the event from his orbiting warship and forced his way into the contest. He easily bested Kobyashi, Chestnut and Stonie and was all set to claim his prize, and destroy the planet as a consequence of daring to not invite him, when HE arrived. Wearing a simple mask and a red cape he strolled up and sat at the table and pulled a plate of food forward. Garlbulbank balked at this challenge, but allowed it. 11 hours of intense eating later and Garlbulbank admitted defeat when one of his twelve stomachs burst. He teleported away filled with shame and in intense pain. The masked man burped lightly and began to walk away. The press called after him asking who he was. He raised his mask as a timely gust of wind sent his cape billowing majestically "Oh you can just call me....Dave."
  3. The Gwailou Tigress Vivian Liu is the one who brought the members of the CZ together. The daughter of 24K Triad boss Da-shin Liu who, because of her mixed Chinese/British heritage, would never be allowed to takeover the 24Ks when he passed away. She did not let this stop her and channeling her fortune from her own criminal empire in the UK she took over the 24Ks by force with the CZ and now has established herself as a major crime boss in Hong Kong. While not a super powered individual she does not shy away from getting her hands bloody, quite literally, with a pair of reinforced steel tiger claw gauntlets. Ruthless and brilliant she won't be satisfied with her conquests and with the power of the CZ she aims to expand her empire further.
  4. It's all good Duke. Tribble has to keep us all in line from time to time.
  5. Jack Straw Gale Guthrie was a Deadhead hippie who was happy living on his small farm and growing his crops, including a particularly potent strain of weed. However word got out and one night he was visited by the Stark brothers. Guthrie didn't resist and gave up his crop willingly, but the vicious thieves gunned him down anyway. Guthrie's spirit didn't rest however and animated Gunthrie's hemp scarecrow. As Jack Straw he put an end to the Stark brothers sending them to prison and then remained in this plane to help balance the scales of karma and just keep on keepin' on. As a scarecrow he can absorb damage and is able to recover wounds and even pull pieces of his body back together if torn apart. However fire is his ultimate weakness. His touch can induce a mellowing trance like state much akin to a very potent high. He has a strict code against killing and he avoids combat whenever possible.
  6. Xue Gou(Blood Hook) Representing the Year of the Pig is Wei Po-Yuan. Ever since birth he was inflicted with a never ending hunger that no matter what how much he eat he could never be sated. When he was 15 he was visited by a E Gui, a hungry ghost, that told him he must consume human flesh to finally quell his appetite. Wei driven mad by his affliction over the years desperately followed the instructions and committed his first murder and feasted upon the victim. His hunger finally ended and he became stronger and more powerful. Since then he has become a notorious serial killer who wields a massive metal hook and wears a makeshift pig mask he fashioned out of human flesh. As long as he periodically eats human flesh he remains super-humanly strong and resistant to injury.
  7. Slicey "What creeps downstairs alone or in pairs and makes a slicety sound? A razor sharp spring, a razor sharp spring, it's a murderous thing! Everyone knows it's Slicey! It's Slicey, it's Slicey. It comes from your friend Killjoy. It's Slicey, it's Slicey. It's fatal for a girl or a boy. It's fatal for a girl or a boy!"
  8. Hax0r A computer virus that gained sentience and broadcasts a humanoid avatar into the world through virtually any electronic device. The avatar is constantly glitching and pixelated and communicates through loud screeches that are translated in text that appear to form on it's "face". It has the ability to rewrite reality as if it was a computer program changing objects, landscapes and humans into a digitized versions or sometimes deleting them outright. It's ultimate goal is to convert all of existence to this state. New Team: Killjoy Collection When his Puppet Monster was defeated by six toy golems, mad toy maker Kilroy Killjoy created six evil toy golems to combat them.
  9. Really great stuff everyone. I am going with Duke Bushido for the detail and thinking outside the box with regards to the uniform logo. The next image is yours sir.
  10. Vape Ramon Carlos is a mutant who has the ability to control and shape the smoke he exhales while vaping for a variety of offensive and defensive effects. A Twitch streamer and Youtube content creator known for his snarky attitude, over the top rage quits and contentious relationship with his followers. He was a member of USAT during the time they reformed and headquartered in Cleveland and were led by the Saturnian Personpursuer and also included new young heroes Bohemia and Titanium. It was largely considered a low point for the team.
  11. Sundog I had Amok the Neanderthal Mutant all ready to go when I saw your entry. Great minds and all that.
  12. Lucy Dean Smith Also commonly called Saint Lucy is a descendant of Joseph Smith Jr who possesses several artifacts to aid in her service as a Lock. A section of Iron Rod from the path to the Tree of Life that protects the wielder from sin, temptation and corruption. A piece of white fruit from the Tree of Life that grants miraculous healing powers. She is also rumored to possess the Golden Plates which give her heavenly knowledge and wisdom to help in the battle against evil.
  13. Wakinyan A Thunder Being/Spirit summoned by a Lakota Heyokas(sacred clown) named LaughingMoon who can call down powerful thunder and lightning.
  14. Valici the Vulgarian a vampyre from late 1500s Romania. Before his conversion he was a false prince and charlatan acquiring wealth and land through murder and deception. Upon becoming the undead after a fateful encounter with the strigoi witch known as Raisa, he created the foul Red Church and he and his disciples plagued the land. Their reign of evil was ended by The Holy League led by Michael the Brave. The Vulgarian was thought to be destroyed in the final battle, but he was rescued by Father Time. He will assist his savior, but he plots to someday return to the past for his revenge or failing that reform the Red Church in modern times.
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