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  1. The Yellow Pressman Jervis Blank is a grifter who runs sensationalist tabloids like "UNMASKED" and "SUPER SECRETS" promising the public juicy salacious stories about the superheroes of the world. He has a network of informants and a mild form of telekenesis that allows him to extract information as well. He has successfully blackmailed a few minor heroes and damaged the reputation of others. Only a handful of heroes whose identity is known the to public have been able to sue him for slander, but those cases wind up tied up in court for years and at most result in a small payout and retraction with the damage already done. While the vast majority of the public considers his magazines trash, he still has a huge readership and is an overall headache to the victims of his rumors. However the real danger lies in him selling information to the enemies of the heroes that puts them and their loved ones lives in danger.
  2. Telum Sanctus His history is a secret, but the man who is known only as the Holy Weapon by the Vatican is called upon when dire demonic threats arise. His body is covered in tattoos of verses and proverbs that provide him protection from the evil forces he battles. He is also armed with the Sword of the Spirit representing the Word of God and is capable of slaying demons in whatever foul shape they take upon this plane.
  3. Szélatya Taking the form of the Hungarian Wind Father this alien machine had the ability to control the winds and storms and has a herd of thunder horses that ride through the sky. It's attempts at domination and destruction have been countered by the likes of the power armor wearing Winged Hussar and the legendary brother heroes Hunor and Magor.
  4. Godspeed Runaway Rundown Greenlyte Surge
  5. Blip Dr. Roz Wexler and her partners in the small tech firm Cleanroom Consultants were developing the Hyper Spatial Shift Suit which would allow the wearer to teleport. Unfortunately during the final test run they suit had a power flux and when Roz teleported to the target location she was now 12 inches tall. Despite their best efforts Roz and her partners were unable to reverse the process, but the suit still allowed her to teleport. One day the teams work was disrupted when the superstrong brick Manvil was rampaging through the city near their work lab. Roz sprang into action and used her teleportation abilities to harass and distract Manvil by "blipping" around him and eventually was able to lead him away from the city and tricked him into falling into some wet cement at a construction site. Inspired by the encounter she began her career as a hero. While not a strong offensive combatant she is able to act as a great distraction. Her suit also creates a small field around it that allows her to teleport items she is holding like enemy weapons or devices as we as her fellow Legion members. She is limited by only being able to teleport in her line of site, but the team is working on using a drone or other tech to enhance her capability and of course still trying to return her to normal size.
  6. The Golden Lancer mech and it's pilot Momo Iwatani were making the final steps before the first launch and to join the second Zen team when tragedy struck. The mech was sabotaged by members of the monster worshiping Kaiju Cult. The Golden Lancer was destroyed and Momo was severely injured and in a coma. Having no time for alternatives the corporation was forced to recruit Momo's 13 year old daughter Hana. She was a genetic match for the systems of the smaller training mech the Golden Springer and after it was retrofitted with weaponry and Hana had a very short training period she joined the team. Despite her youth she has already displayed bravery and supreme skill as a pilot possibly due to her gaming experience during the teams first battle with the monster. She is also aided by the consciousness of her mother that was connected to the mech to act as Hana's guide and co-pilot.
  7. Rasha Patel was attending the Laughing Dragon gaming convention when the event was interrupted by supervillain The Master Gamer. He challenged the best players to battle him in his digial arena and proceeded to download them into the Quest for the Golden Scroll IV RPG. Rasha found herself taking the form of the character Lynx Brightbow a Felinae archer. Rasha managed to defeat The Master Gamer in the end but when she returned to the real world she now had the ability to transform into Lynx and utilize her fighting skills and magic light bow and arrows to battle evil.
  8. Sonoran Pete Goodridge was a high school dropout in New Mexico drifting from odd job to odd job and while constantly indulging in recreational drugs. When he heard you could get high from the poison of certain toads, it was so weird he had to try it. He quickly became addicted to the psychoactive effects and over time began to notice a transformation possibly triggered by a latent mutant ability. His skin became tough, leathery and greenish brown in color and he gained the ability to leap great distances. He also began to secrete poison through glands that grew in his hands and mouth. His tongue can now also lash out and deliver a toxic dose of the poison. The poison has the effect of dulling the victims senses and filling them with brief euphoria and then strong and often nightmarish hallucinations. After a minor crime spree he joined with the Terrible Toads.
  9. Xahtep Oksana Vasilev a former operative for S.K.Y.D.A.S and now a freelance bounty hunter specializing in superhuman threats. While she usually prefers working alone, Mr. Spider is a powerful enough enemy to warrant teaming up with like minded allies.
  10. Jack Hell A canniballistic serial killer who claims to be the reincarnation of Jack The Ripper and who leads the Toten Society death cult.
  11. The Auteur Miles Stone was a film director who was given the job of creating the Golden Guardian biopic "Glory of Gold: The Golden Guardian Story". However during pre-production and in the writing process he ran up against major issues and complaints from the Golden Guardian. At first it was through his agent and some studio lackeys, but then Stone was confronted by the man himself. When Stone refused to compromise his artisitc vision of telling a realistic story that would show GG faults and all, he was fired from the project. Following this humiliation Stone soon realized he had also been basically blackballed by the hero and could no longer find work. Devastated and filled with anger he adopted the role of The Auteur. He began making a viral video series featuring the bumbling Golden Fool character to mock the Guardian. He began "casting" those close to the Guardian in his videos to act as victims that the Golden Fool fails to save from doom.
  12. Ground Zero Rosa Torres was one of the soldiers involved in the Project: Sunburst and she ended up in a comatose state and placed in The Crypt. Years later a medical tech named Doug Palmer noticed her readings were changing and that she was coming out of her coma. Fearing that she would be subject to experimentation or worse he managed to smuggle her out of the facility. She regained consciousness and Palmer's examination showed no signs of radiation or other damage. She didn't even require physical rehab. However they were both soon tracked down by a spec ops team. Palmer was killed when they attempted to escape and an enraged Torres suddenly found herself bursting with energy and she exploded killing the entire ops team. Moments later her body reconstructed itself. She stayed on the run only to find herself hunted by both the military and Sunburst who wanted to recruit her for his Project:Sunburst. She was saved from this fate by the other members of the Legion. She has begun to get the handle on her powers and can create smaller explosive effects and attacks and has discovered she is highly resistant to physical damage as well.
  13. Cross Adder Andrei Petrov, a salvage operator/treasure hunter in the Balkans, was pressed into service by a group of VIPER agents who believed a tomb of one of Nama's chosen warriors was in the area. He discovered the tomb and managed to flee before VIPER did away with him. Unfortunately his escape merely led him further into the tomb. As the agents approached Andrei stumbled upon the warrior's resting place and discovered a sword laid across the coffin. He grabbed it and was immediately imbued with power. The sword split into twin blades and as he turned to face his enemies he became a whirling dervish of destruction cutting them down with super speed in seconds. In time he discovered that the sword was known as the Fangs of Nama and he determined to use them for good and fight VIPER who hunt him in an effort to acquire the weapon.
  14. Query Jackie Katz was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child and struggled with it greatly. Frustrated by her less than sympathetic parents and tutors and teachers that didn't seem to help, she insisted that she was special and she was seeing her own unique language. She began to speak and write in this language and refused to learn anything different. Sent to a school for learning disabilities she continued to rebel and soon discovered that she could use her special language to affect people. What sounded or looked like mixed up words would confuse and beguile people. She refined her abilities and discovered she could create questions with this language that could cause panic, insanity, paralysis and other effects. She then began taking revenge on any who had "wronged" her. Eventually she adopted the the identity of Query and uses her abilities to steal or merely to torment people for her amusement.
  15. Ghost Casanova Nathan Rothschild was a notorious ladies man amongst the social elite in New York in the 1920s. He was killed by a jealous rival at a masquerade ball, but his spirit remained on Earth. Now he appears from time to time to yet again romance women, and invariably ends up helping them against some threat or to escape a dire circumstance. This task complete he will then vanish knowing that he can never truly be with anyone in the land of the living.
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