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  1. The Facilitator A former management consultant and teamwork guru who decided her skills would be more profitable in the world of supervillainy. She has assisted many criminal organizations and masterminds, generally those who don't reward perceived failure with a death ray blast or trap door to an acid pit. A monumental scheme such as the Decade of the Iron Gorilla has been a supreme challenge for her. First came the delay and then getting the unique individuals, especially those of simian nature, on the same page. Also dealing with the Sloth's sloooooow pace and Viridian Bat's o
  2. Ruse She comes from an Earth were magic has been outlawed and ruled by a Puritan Theocracy. She used her mastery of illusions as part of an underground resistance. However she was caught by the Witchfinder General and sentenced to be burned at the stake. Dr. Ganesh saved her from this fate and she joins a new fight against tyranny and counters The Misery with her mystic talents.
  3. A.P.E The Advanced Primate Experiment is a Mountain Gorilla whose intelligence was raised to genius levels by Dr. Stanton Stargrove. He learned to speak and read several languages and the mastery of various sciences and engineering very quickly under Stargrove's tutelage. Unfortunately he soon developed a vast superiority complex and desire to rule over mankind. This led to clashes with Stargrove and his heroic allies Bravado, The Noble, Rubber Maiden and Tex Tornado as well as Captain Congo when A.P.E attempted to take over his home country. He joins Viridian Bat's scheme believin
  4. New Team: The Revolt Dr. Ganesh, the last hero of an alternate dimension Earth, has used his limited scientific resources to recruit six individuals to help free his planet from a tyrannical dictatorship. Standing in the way is the team of super-powered loyalists known as The Mission: The Master, a powerful psionic. The Mystery, a ghost like entity. The Mighty, a massive superstrong brute. The Miracle, a supreme martial artist. The Marvel, a mercurial speedster. The Misery, a sadistic sorceress. The heroes recruited were all pulled from di
  5. The Sinner A modern day Robin Hood who targeted a wide variety of criminals and used his charisma and charm to bamboozle them out of money and into the hands of the law. He always left a mocking calling card with a stick figure with devil horns for his targets once his schemes reached a conclusion. He crossed paths with the Gentleman who overlooked his less than legal tactics to add him to the roster of the Constables.
  6. Hundun A mystical entity and practioner of powerful chaos magic. They at one time wielded immense power and caused a huge disturbance in China that brought them into conflict with the Four Guardians. The battle with White Tiger, Azure Dragon,Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise left Hundun in a weakened state and they fled their homeland. Doctor Abracore offered refuge with the Hallows and Hundun accepted. Though they are slowly recovering power they are still able to use their magic to great effect. The results are always random and sometimes beneficial and other times harmful. Hundun me
  7. Os Olhos Abilio Ramos was a programmer working for Incite Incorporated on a state of the art telecommunications network. He would eventually discover that Incite was controlled by Portugal's most dangerous criminal mastermind The Visigoth. He also found that the program he was a part of could hack cctv security cameras, satellite imaging, cellphone and web cameras etc granting the Visigoth a huge intelligence network to aid in his schemes. Ramos managed to steal the tech and also sabotage the source material putting the research and development back years. He became a fugitive fro
  8. Great minds think alike...or I am a lazy hack? Hmmmm....a mystery indeed. 🙂
  9. Le Fléau Magritte Valley was an artist known for her large complex installations. She lost her wife, who was a doctor, to the pandemic and was consumed by grief. This grief turned into rage with the focus being on those who refuse to follow the safety guidelines and who deny the severity of the virus. Her first victim was a politician who aggressively reopened businesses and down played the pandemic constantly. She affixed a mask to his face and locked it in place with anchor screws into his jaw. When doctors tried to remove it, an acid pack was triggered killing him horrifically.
  10. Jäger Alexander König was once a criminal who specialized in helping fugitives escape the authorities. He was betrayed by the ruthless serial killer known as Nagel and was only sparred from death by the arrival of the hero Der Richter. Recovering from his injuries while imprisoned he vowed to reform and use the same skills he once employed to hide criminals to now find them and bring them to justice. He has been successful, but thus far his very personal hunt for Nagel continues.
  11. Only two entries, but some fun discussions regarding the image which was cool to see. That being said the winner this time around is BoloOfEarth.
  12. Following up on TJack's suggestion, I immediately thought of this Phil Cho art although it appears more tech inspired.
  13. What is his story my fellow board members?
  14. Not sure anyone has any interest in keeping this thread going, but i thought i would bump it up and see. I enjoy the exercise in imagination, but if no one else is interested i understand. Or maybe a change in the rules/format? I don't really have any suggestions, i just enjoyed participating. So thoughts are welcome, or we can just let this one fade away.
  15. Königstiger Arno Stieglitz loved two things, drinking and fighting. One night during a bar brawl he got carried away and killed a man. His tendency for violence was even greater inside prison walls and this brought him to the attention of the warden who ran an underground fighting ring. Stieglitz soon became the warden's best fighter and in an attempt to make him even better was given experimental enhancement drugs. They worked all too well granting him massive size growth, superhuman strength and steel hard skin. Escaping was now child's play and he became muscle for hire before b
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