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  1. "Servobot! Dictate the following." Servobot: "YES SIR!" "I Billy Lipniski have tired of the being surrounded by idiots and fools. By the uneducated masses and rubes. Also I tire of having my allowance being so low. Ridiculous! How am I supposed to build my Stupendous Devastationator Cannon with 5 dollars a week? Impossible...no strike that!" Servobot: "STRIKEN SIR!!" Billy: "As a genius of the highest level I can overcome any obstacle. I will become a master villain. I shall be the bane of all dums dums and dullards. Authorities will quiver at the mere mention of my name!" Servobot: "APOLOGIES SIR, BUT THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE. BILLY LIPNISKI CALULACTES OUT TO .00000451 ON MY INTIMDATION-O-METER." Billy: "Silence you bucket of bolts! I will not use my given name. No I shall be....HEL..." "LANGUAGE!!" Billy: "Er...sorry Mombot...I shall hence forth be known as HECKRAISER!!! Muhahahaha!!!" Servobot: "EXCELLENT EVIL LIFE SIR. BRAVO" Heckrasier: "Stop sucking up Servobot...I shall spare you the compactor...this time. Now let's get back to work on my fully functioning super cool Light Sab..." Servobot: "SIR. PERHAPS ANOTHER NAME? YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SUED BY...THEM." Heckraiser: "Hmmmm....indeed Servobot...not even a supervillain as brilliant as I will be can stand up to the Mouse and his Evil Empire. So....let's call it the Blazer Sword. Yes...that will work just fine. Beware planet Earth....Tomorrow you meet your new master!"
  2. Allure Gabrielle Lawrence is the daughter of psionic superhero Focus and martial artist supervillain The Asp. After years of playing a game of cat and mouse and teasing the sexual tension her parents gave into temptation. She was the result and led to her mother reforming and giving up life as a costumed criminal.. Gabby developed the mental ability to persuade people as she reached her teens and was enrolled in Ravenswood. Through testing it was discovered she couldn't control minds, but beguile the mind and make targets susceptible to suggestion and put them in a passive stunned state. Also this power only worked on males. She was given the codename Sway. Joining the Magpies is Gabby rebelling against her strict and square father and following in the much more exciting path her mother used to tread. She is in it purely for the thrills and isn't looking to hurt anyone, but if push comes to shove and her mental ability fails, or she is up against women, she can fall back on her martial arts and acrobatic training she has engaged in since her early childhood.
  3. Four really excellent takes and this was a tough choice. However I am a sucker for world building and lore so The Mighty Ant having a connection to a previous character is too good for me to pass up. wcw43921 the next image is yours.
  4. Lady In White Hattie Kittridge wears the bone white gloves that give her the powers of invisibility, intangibility, the ability to generate a chilling mist and to project fear into targets. She is much more secretive and less public than the rest of the team and isn't interested in living a second younger more glamorous life, but just tries to do good and then return to her normal life. Hattie has always been a curious sort and whenever she picked a book for the club it was always a mystery. This has extended into her hero career as she has often teams with Detective Valerie Alvarez to help solve murder cases as opposed to more flashy battles with supervillains. Hattie is also worried that the gloves may be altering their personalities the more they are worn and has tried to discover more about their origins as well as the background the magician who gifted them.
  5. Ice cream with sprinkles?! JOY! Authorized image upload follows.
  6. ///A.T.L.A.S Intelligence Document Clearance Level Amber/// The following is a transcript of a conversation between Arnold Tanner and Dr. Krista Patel of Project: Blue Boy. Location: Arizona facility designated The Mesa. Lunchroom. Date and time: Friday July 12th at 1246. Patel: "So what is it you don't like about the suit?" Tanner: "Where do I even begin?" Patel: "Never mind I don't..." Tanner: "The mask, why in the world did we bother with a micro fiber ultramanium mesh armor if they are going to leave mouth and eyes exposed! Any dime store hood could put him down with a half way decent shot." Patel: "Dime store hood? What are you Mickey Spillane? Besides you have to let the public see his face. Look at that heroic chin and those piercing eyes. I mean why do you think that got an actor to be in the suit in the first place. It's all about image and he looks damn good in the suit." Tanner: "Oh great so that's all that matters. He goes up against somebody like Omega Black and he'll be a good looking corpse." Patel: "Well if it's Omega Black it will be more like a charred corpse. I mean...closed casket for sure." Tanner: "Not. The. Point. I mean this is what happens those idiots in marketing make decisions. Like those stupid little wings? They don't even do anything." Patel: "It's, ya know, a classic design. It's a homage." Tanner: "It's a rip-off by unimaginative hacks. This whole project is a joke. How about the name. The Victorion. Sounds like he should be wearing a monocle and drinking tea and crumpets." Patel: "I mean it's not great but it's supposed to invoke the idea of victory. Plus, all the good names are taken." Tanner: "Now you take this tech, the internalized power source, strength and reflex augmenting exoskeleton, the maser array gauntlets, the solid light shield..." Patel: "The shield is glitchy." Tanner: "Not. The. Point. If you take that tech to M.A.L.I.C.E they make a serious weapon and we would get compensated a whole lot better. I gotta tell ya all the money being pumped into this project sure isn't trickling down to the ones who made the damn thing. Patriotism doesn't pay the rent." Patel: "Nice rant. Listen you work for M.A.L.I.C.E and you end up in jail or in a shallow grave. So you have you super-villain fantasies and enjoy the rest of that egg salad, I am heading back to the lab." Tanner: "I'm just saying is all............stupid little wings." End Transcript Recommended Action: Transfer Tanner to Greenland facility designation The Ice Box. Promote Patel to project head. Oh and maybe lose the wings. ///A.T.L.A.S Intelligence Document Clearance Level Amber///
  7. Reveuse- Sophia Caron is a quiet introverted 13 year old whose mutant ability is triggered by her narcolepsy. When she falls asleep she transforms into an adult golden skinned woman with powers of flight, super strength, damage resistance and energy projection. Her personality in her "dream state" is brimming with confidence, assertiveness and she is a natural leader. Her training at the school is dedicated to giving her control of her transformations.
  8. Renard A shapeshifting pansexual prankster, spy and con artist. They claim to be a mutant, but some of the instructors at the Academy suspect a mythical/mystical origin is more likely. They can assume the look of any human, but can also take the form of a fox or in cases of combat a fierce human/fox hybrid.
  9. Bloorp Sue Haskins was messing around with what she thought was the ships teleporter and ended up being the aliens food synthesizer. Her body was transformed into a gelatinous mass but she somehow retained some low level intelligence. The Brigade were eventually able to get her to follow basic instructions. Her body can absorb tremendous punishment, is considerably strong, can stretch short distances, entangle or engulf enemies, and ooze through small openings. The Brigade named her after the amusing/gross sound she makes when she moves.
  10. Okay, what's her story?
  11. The Over Family Just as the Lethal Legion had the heroes of Crescent City defeated and the populace at their mercy the Over Family came to the rescue. The super strong and resiliant Over Man. His wife, the psionically gifted Over Maiden, Their son, the lightning wielding Over Lad and their daughter the speedster Over Lass. The Over Family quickly became the most celebrated heroes in the city. Unbeknownst to all however was that this seemingly heroic family had escaped from an alternate dimension in which they were Uber Mensch, Uber Madchen, Uber Junge and Uber Madel the genetically modified enforcers of the Fourth Reich, which in their world dominated the world until being overthrown by the resistance. They now plan to maintain their popularity and gain the trust of the citizens and governments to use this to eventually attempt to takeover and rule this reality.
  12. The Orchestrator- Chelsea Walsh is the team leader and the person that brought them together. While her own musical ability is sadly lacking she has an almost extrasensory ability when it comes to listening to sounds and uses that to determine patterns and be able to predict dangers and potential disasters and crimes. It allows her to see a situation like a robbery or a kidnapping and create a plan that allows the team to execute their abilities in conjunction to produce as she says "beautiful music" and win the day. She utilizes the Sounding Room in the Music Society's base of operations, called the The Conservatory, to magnify and "read" sounds that the team broadcast back to her while in the field.
  13. Il Conduttore-Claudio Luisi was conducting a symphony orchestra when the music hall was attacked by supervillain the Mad Maestro. He wrecked havoc while raving that all music was inferior to his creations. Luckily the superhero Valorosa was also in attendance and the two battled. As Luisi scrambled to escape he grabbed his music sheets and baton. However the baton was one of Mad Maestro's and was enchanted. Immediately feeling the power Luisi channeled his musical training to help Valorosa defeat the crazed conductor. Inspired Luisi became a hero himself. His baton is magically powered and allows Il Conduttore to create a variety of effects all accompanied by appropriate music generated by the baton. Flight, inducing sleep, powerful destructive sound waves, and a deafening cacophony are amongst his most used effects.
  14. St John "Sterling" Silver. The Silver family line is full of brigands, cut purses, highwayman and pirates. Over the years, as their wealth and influence grew, the need to steal to survive was replaced by the challenge of pulling off thefts that were thought to be impossible. St John, equipped with the skills passed down by his parents, grandparents uncles and aunts and with vast wealth is able to plan, coordinate and execute daring heists that leave people gobsmacked. The Baramunda Ruby secured in a time sealed, reinforced ultimanium vault protected by laser tripwires, pressure and temperature alarms and a squad of mercenaries? Done before tea time with the Ruby replaced by a tin egg bearing the Silver family crest. The one of a kind prototype supercar the Veron Mark IV owned by Prince Namir and kept in a bunker under tons of desert and stone and only the Prince's DNA, retinal, blood sample, voice and image match can access it? Child's play my dear boy with the car replaced by a broken wind up toy. Thus far no one has ever been injured during these heists and many times it was days or weeks before anyone knew they had even occurred. St John most often won't keep his prizes either. He has auctioned off priceless relics for pennies and gifted others to charities and watched bemusedly as the rich have had to take them back and suffered the bad press.
  15. Well the only entry, but it was a good one. The next image is yours death tribble and I hope it gets better reaction than mine. :)
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