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  1. The leader of the Savage Seven is Takashi Shimada aka Ghost Maker legendary ronin warrior. He takes a drug known as Quickblood to grant him brief moments of super speed and lightning reflexes that he incorporates into his fighting style utilizing handguns and a katana. He initially viewed the job of protecting the town as the same as any other, but now he sees this as a chance to finally use his skills in an honorable way. He holds no illusions about the upcoming fight and how the odds are stacked against the Seven, but he takes some solace in the belief that he is doing the right thing and that it may give him peace in the end. New Team: The Doppel Gang- Six villains who are evil doubles of heroes(via teleporter incident, cloning, mirror universe etc)
  2. Well I guess another win by default. I'll go ahead and post in hopes of keeping the thread somewhat active.
  3. Hombre Numero Uno, the heavily muscled, scar covered, Dia de los Muertos themed luchadore mask wearing man is a mystery. Rumors abound that his father attempted to toughen him up at age 6 by entering him in dog fights and that he killed his first man at age 9 and hides his face because it was scarred by acid or fire. Rumors aside, the fact is that he is one of the world's most deadly combatants whether it is in the kill or be killed world of underground fighting or as a mercenary for the cartels, criminal organizations and supervillains. Seemingly impervious to pain he is unrelenting and brutally efficient. He however hides something from his teammates. The last several years he has been plagued by PTSD and has horrible nightmares and hallucinations of his past victims. He took this job in the hopes of the overwhelming odds would force him to face and overcome his fears, but as the final battle looms he is barely able to hide his condition and fears this fight will be his last.
  4. Water Works- Ruthie Sullivan is a plumber and inventor who created a juryrigged water powered set of armor made up of various plates, pipes, valves and hoses. The armor is outfitted with an internal water supply, but when she connects it to an outside source she amps the power of her wrist mounted water cannons and her water jump jet boots to frankly wildly out of control and dangerous levels. It is not unheard of for Water Works to end up flying through the air on the end of a hose while flailing and firing powerful streams in all directions, but she means well.
  5. Hotshot- Rip Riley was a small time thief who stole a prototype for a handheld flamethrower and decided to join the ranks supervillainy. He is cocky and brash and desperate to prove himself. He wormed his way onto the team by being annoyingly persistent until the rest of team begrudingly accepted him. He doesn't care so much about the town or even the money, it's all about increasing his rep in the supervillain community.
  6. Rakshasi- She is a member of the shape shifting race known as the I'quatari who was given the name after the creature of legend on one of her first hunts when she killed and partially devoured the Indian hero Titan before she was defeated by his ally the Azure Tiger. She has the ability to telepathically probe her target and find a trusted loved one who she will then transform into a duplicate of them and draw the victim in close before revealing her monstrous form and consuming them. She only leaves the skull as a trophy. She has a special hatred for Azure Tiger as she was denied her trophy and wishes to take Tiger's skull as payback.
  7. Corporal Maya "Lucky" Lopez served in Iraq with the most recent iteration of the Brigade and is the first female to be a member. She earned the nickname Lucky after surviving some heavy engagements without a scratch. However her luck finally ran out when an IED was triggered while she was on a patrol. She lost the majority of her left arm, both legs and received major damage to her torso. She eventually volunteered for a new cybernetics program and this time her luck held as she was one of the only participants whose body did not reject the implanted tech. Her cybernetic left arm grants her heightened strength, her legs heightened speed and leaping power, and her torso is lined with an armor plating protecting her vital organs. New Team: The Utility Players- Five heroes whose powers correspond with public utilities like gas, electricity, water, recycling, wind power, sewage etc.
  8. They usually just grab a pint at The Fortress.
  9. Subject 2148 had escaped the painful experiments and cruel scientists of the Kobayashi Institute, but the security team was hot on his trail. He attempted to hide in a junkyard, but as his pursuers closed in he closed his eyes and wished for a friend to help protect and save him. When he opened his eyes that friend stood before him. The Janku Kyojin(Junk Giant), as this manifestation of Subject 2148's abilities would be dubbed by the Institute, easily dispatched the security team. Subject 2148 and his new friend escaped into the night. Thus was the beginning of their adventures together.
  10. Ike "Skrewdriver" Stieger is a tattooed street brawler neo-nazi skinhead sterotype and proud of it. Easily goaded and riled up by the other team members to go into a berserk rage and flurry of punches, kicks and headbutts. New Team: The Hunting Party-Three aliens that have come to Earth to compete with other to see who can get the best kill.
  11. Lt. Nico Garibaldi served in Word War 2 with the original formation of the Devil's Brigade. During a mission he was captured and turned over to Doctor Von Schrek, a Nazi scientist working on the Ubermensch super soldier process. Garibaldi was to be a guinea pig to be used and discarded, but the process worked and Garibadi used his heightened strength, speed and regenerative abilities to break free, kill Von Schrek and destroy the facility. He continued to serve the US military as a secret weapon under various codenames, Black Devil, Red Spear, Brave One etc. Over the decades showing little sign of aging due to his abilities. He will be a very personal target of the White Master as Von Schrek was one of his relatives to fall to the Brigade.
  12. The blood tattoos are too cool an idea for me not to pick it. The next image is yours Legatus.
  13. The Evangelist-Mark can channel what he considers to be the word of God. To the innocent it provides comfort, encouragement and guidance. To the guilty it can provide terrible judgment and this aspect is accompanied by a golden aura of a winged lion surrounding Mark as he sounds a roar that debilitates the target and against demonic entities can destroy or banish them from this reality.
  14. Well winning by default is a bummer, but what can you do? Here is my entry.
  15. As I counted the Grays as 3 entries I believe that Lightspeed gets us to 12 so the next hero team theme is yours to name death tribble.
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