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  1. Fascino Tomaso Bianci has low level psionic ability to emotionally manipulate targets. However it is only ever worked on females. Thus he was used by the Council to charm his way into a victim's heart to gain information, access,for blackmail etc. On this job his assignment was to charm an executive working in the Forbisher building to gain access to the floor housing the security monitoring. Weeks leading up the the assignment he began a relationship with a new girlfriend while also getting close to the target. Unbeknownst to Bianci both of these woman were new members of Cranham's Harem, the sisters Harmony and Discord. Harmony, portraying his girlfriend used her own emotion control powers to counter his and charm him to give her details of the heist. Meanwhile Discord sowed the seeds of paranoia into his mind with her own mental gifts which caused him to abandon his team right before the job. He has never fully recovered and to this day lives as a recluse fearing repercussions from his past.
  2. Yeggman Nic Shaw was the expert safecracker for the Council. He was naturally tasked with opening a vault on the Frobisher job. Upon arrival things immediately went wrong when Shaw realized the information on the vault was incorrect and he didn't have the right tools for the job. This was courtesy of misinformation supplied by Cranham. Shaw was furious with the mistake, but carried on like a pro believing that with his skills he could still do the job. Unfortunately for him Cranham had sabotaged his equipment as well. When Shaw tried to set explosive charges they went off prematurely managling his hands and severely injuring the left side of his face. In the fallout of the trap set by Cranham he was arrested. Upon his release Shaw was angry and bitter blaming the Council for it's mistakenly precieved incompetence. Desperate to return to the "game" he contacted the Technomancer. His damaged hands and left eye were replaced with cybernetics. While he has lost his fine touch he now uses raw strength and a vibration attack to break into safes and vaults. He operates for the Technomancer's Network as Crackerjack leaving that terrible day at the Forbisher building behind him.
  3. Yeah, but this one is a lot of fun and in my case I don't have any team ideas at the moment. 😃
  4. Mangoose Herbert Nyquist's father was a minor villain known as The Conundrum who operated in the 70s. Initially Herbert attempted to follow in his father's footsteps as The Son of Conundrum. He found little success and was handed a particularly humiliating defeat by Teen Brigade member Kid Cobra. While in prison he plotted revenge and also met Tom Gimble aka Black Bear II. Upon his release he used a reference from Gimble to join the WFB. He crafted a fur covered claw and fang equipped suit and dubbed himself the...Mangoose. This named caused a bit of confusion as allies and enemies alike assumed he would look and fight like a goose. He shrugged this off and looked to get his revenge against Kid Cobra. He failed again and again through the mid to late 80s and wasn't valued much by the team. He hung up his suit for a few years, but in 1994 he was convinced by Black Bear II to pull one last heist. Unfortunately this brought them into contact with the hyper violent anti-hero Bloodlash who put an end to both villains careers and lives.
  5. Vulgore A demonic entity summoned to this plane by the dark sorcerer A'tep Amon who served his new master as a tool of destruction and death. He was vanquished, along with Amon by the Convocation in Light. Morgan Ravenscraft removed the runes of control from Vulgore's flesh and made an attempt to reason with the beast. Shockingly this worked and he became reformed. He has joined Pentacle to try and make up for his evil deeds and perhaps earn some form of redemption. He has curbed his more savage instincts, but still makes an extremely formidable foe with his vast strength and nearly indestructible nature. Naturally the public has yet to embrace what amounts to a red scaly skinned horned demon playing hero. Therefore he stays out of view as much as possible and operates against evil in the shadows.
  6. I'll go ahead and add another member since it is up in the air whether this team is continuing or not. Steel Squire Reggie Manchester was the sidekick to his uncle Archie aka the Power Paladin. Archie sacrificed his life when he used the overloading power core in his armor to create an explosion that closed the transverse gate used by the Vexxons to invade our universe in 1983. Reggie was welcomed to the Righteous Teens and found it provided a surrogate family since his uncle was his last living relative. He was proud to serve with teammates who shared the same morals his uncle had passed down to him. Upon graduating from the team he adopted the Power Paladin name crafting an upgraded suit of armor with help from RT teammates Toy Boy and the Techno Twins.
  7. AUX It is a bioorg unit that comes standard on most vessels and provides assistance with repairs, operations, defense etc. It tries to be as helpful as possible to it's captain and crew. It is designed with incredible strength, engineered to survive in virtually all hazardous conditions, and is equipped with various built in high tech weapons. Tactica treats it like a slave and takes out her anger on it with verbal and physical abuse. Machriah treats it as a subservient and a tool but with a bit more respect as it is part of her ship. Elephantiasis treats it more as an equal and they are often paired up on tasks together. It secretly rather likes the world they are stuck on and finds it oddly fascinating. It in particular loves the food called cotton candy. New Team: Lethal Labors Brought together by the mastermind the Myth Master to vex his nemesis, a manifestation of the hero Hercules in the modern world. Myth Master was hoping for 12, but found 6 villains whose powers and motifs mirrored the mythical labors closely enough.
  8. Shout-out May Bell Reece was born with malformed vocal cords rendering her mute. She grew up very shy and reserved due to her condition. However at age 13 her parents sent her to the St Giles Institute. There she received radical gene treatment that not only gave her the ability to speak but a range of powerful voice related powers including a destructive sonic scream and a mesmerizing hum. She soon discovered that she wasn't the only young patient to gain special powers due to their treatments. This was courtesy of Dr. Elliott Vanderpool, aka the Genomancer. He planned on training the teens to act as his strike force to lead the way to his plans of a world of genetic perfection under his control. Thankfully they were able to break free from his control and defeat the mad doctor. The group then banded together as the Free Radicals(Kickback, Re-Pete, Fourfront, Diamondhide and Outreach). However May clashed with her slightly older teammates as they embraced a life of celebrity, and partying as opposed to heroics and proper moral behavior. She left the group and operated solo for a couple of months before an encounter with Ren the Space Weasel had her crossing paths with the mid 90s roster of the Righteous Teens. Kid Pureheart offered her membership and she happily accepted.
  9. Captain Kiwi Amelia King is the fifth person to take up the mantle of Captain Kiwi, a national hero identity that dates back to World War 2. King, as a member of the New Zealand Police, worked with the previous Captain and helped him uncover and eventually take down King Tuatara and his criminal organization. Seeing her courage and resourcefulness convinced the Captain to offer her the role as time and injuries were catching up with him. She received further training from her mentor to augment her already impressive skill set making her a formidable fighter. She wears a lightly armored bright green uniform adorned with a silver fern leaf logo. She carries a modified sidearm that can utilize a variety of ammution ranging from non lethal stun rounds to armor piercing explosive shells. She operates out of a secret seaside base called the Captain's Cove that houses a powerful speedboat, the Kiwi Cruiser, and the armored and armed Kiwi Copter. She is the new kid amongst her Southern Cross teammates having more inherited membership than earning it. She is very keen to earn her place on the team and the respect of the other members.
  10. Lady Marmalade Esteban Diaz is a mutant with healing abilities. They named their superhero and drag queen persona after the burnt orange glow that accompanies use of their powers. Singing and dancing acts as a focus for Esteban's power to have greater effect. Lady Marmalade in battle performing in full drag and glowing brightly while healing their teammates and citizens in need is quite a sight to see. New team: Southern Cross Who makes up the team of the four top heroes of New Zealand?
  11. Coyōtl An inventor and gadgeteer who used the guise of the Native American trickster spirit as the theme of his gimmicks and overly complicated death traps. He was on the losing end of a long rivalry with the Mid West Crusaders resident speedster Rundown for years. He got the last laugh by ditching his oft times faulty tech and used a combination of an oil slick and high tension wire to decapitate the hero. He was shocked by the response of the various groups that began to decimate his associates. He managed to escape the initial wrath and was planning on escaping overseas when the vigilante Grim Gallows caught up with him. The authorities found his body hanging from a noose over a fan made memorial to Lady Sunshine and the Crusaders.
  12. Yacumama Nataya is a member of an indigenous Asháninka tribe in Peru. Her people's land has been exploited and ruined by logging and it's resources stolen for years. When she was 15 her mutant shape shifting abilities activated in a moment of anger and her mind chose the form of a legendary giant serpant Yacumama the "mother of water". She went on to attack loggers, rubber harvesters, cartel plantations and anyone else who she saw as perpetrators against her people's land. This led to her going against US interests and causing a conglomerate to call on the US government to okay an unsanctioned incursion using military contractors. Nataya fought hard against the group of super powered mercenaries the Kill Corps, but was nearly defeated until La Araña intervened. She was then recruited to the team. She is still very young, naive and full of anger and the other members of the team manipulate her somewhat to act as a weapon against their common enemies.
  13. New Team: Crime Cabal Formed in the early 80s at one time they were THE supervillain team. Now years later what remains is a pale imitation. The current 7 members are a mix of older villains past their prime trying to hang onto glory, legacy villains who don't measure up to their predecessors, newbies trying to use whatever juice the groups name still has and whatever else fits the bill.
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