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  1. Andean Cat Emilio Santiago was a poacher who fought against Andean Condor early in his adventuring days before he joined the Birds of Paradise. Santiago's face was heavily damaged from blowback from his AK-47 during the battle. He sought out the services of Doctor Diabolico to modify his body into an instrument of revenge. He chose one of the endangered animals he was hunting and had the sinister surgeon transform him into a human version of that cat. One ruined eye replaced by a robotic cats eye giving him enhanced vision. His ruined teeth replaced by steel fangs and steel claws planted in his hands. His strength, agility and speed were also greatly increased. His focus is on revenge, but his old criminal contacts and ruthlessness make him a valuable team member.
  2. I believe that is six. New team DT?
  3. Machine Ghost Clark Jeffers was a Naval officer and drone pilot who volunteered for an experimental program to directly connect a pilots consciousness to a drone craft. The project was intended to be the next step in creating a fully robotic front line military. Mechanical soldiers, vehicles and weapons with full human integration. Unfortunately there was an incident and Jeffers body was destroyed during an explosion in the prototype transfer unit. His consciousness survived however still on board the drone. He paniced and fired upon the men in charge of the experiment and fled. Word of the incident reached Staticstitian and she was able to connect with Jeffers. He joined with the team and she crafted a humanoid rig , snake like recon unit, and small mobile tank unit that he can shift his mind into at will.
  4. Bob the Gob London based gangster with an unnaturally large mouth and a penchant for cockney trashtalk who Richards encountered while assisting Ryan Buck and Scotland Yard to shut down an international smuggling operation.
  5. In these dire times how about something a little goofy?
  6. Andean Condor Explorer and mountaineer Carlos Velez was inspired by the condors he witnessed while climbing the Andes. He worked with his inventor friend Nestor to create a functional wing suit with steel talon boots and gloves to aid with his climbing as well. Initially he merely planned to use the suit to explore and reach high peaks, but he ran afoul of smugglers and poachers in his travels and could not resist fighting them. Seeing that fate was pushing him towards heroics he modified the suit to look more like the bird it was inspired by and became a crimefighter. When the Birds of Paradise were being formed he was a natural choice for membership and happily accepted.
  7. Majesty A member of the Scions former astronaut Taara Pashdar bonded with an alien entity while on a mission and gained empathic and energy manipulation powers. She used her energy blasts and shields to combat the villains and protect the civilians. She also attempted to project calm into everyone around her. However she found herself overwhelmed by all the chaos, insanity, bloodlust, fear and panic around her. It has been theorized that her empathic powers may have even caused more harm than good by boosting negative emotions in those involved in the battle. Regardless she was in this weakened state when Meggido was able to deal a deathblow. While Taara perished the alien force survived and left her body and may have moved to another or possibly been captured by interested parties.
  8. Gumbo Malone This cajun criminal was once part of the Trinity of Terror along with Cillian Crymespree and Torpedo Vegas but the gang was busted up by Richard leaving Crymespree dead and Vegas rotting in Sing Sing. Malone has sworn revenge and plans on introducing Richards to a special recipe for "blackened gumshoe" courtesy of his trusty flamethrower.
  9. Absolutely inspired by MST3K and the various names applied to Reb Brown in Space Mutiny. Bolt Vanderhuge!
  10. Bravado Dash Rockwell is a former bodybuilder, professional wrestler and world class surfer whose life really got interesting when he became the bodyguard for Doctor Stanton Stargrove. He had saved Stargrove from members of The Sect on Scorpio Island which Rockwell had ended up on after there after a para-sailing mishap. He joined Doc on many crazy adventures over the years and when some associates of Stargrove decided to form a hero group he was recruited. Stargrove made him a belt that harnesses Uniwaves to give him enhanced strength and speed. It does not make him impervious to harm however, so he employs steel gauntlets and body armor.
  11. Hargus Blightheart Lucen Brightheart was a brave warrior in service to Prince Casio and Harmonia, but was captured by Zorb. The Sisters of Saad replaced his heart with a shard of Blightstone transforming him into an undead knight in service of Zorb. His mere touch brings decay and rot as does his withering gaze. Hargus Blightheart action figure features glow-in-the-dark heart and eyes, and includes the Blighthammer. Two-headed Blighthound steed figure sold separately.
  12. Just wanted to give a thanks to death tribble for a great set up that led to a lot of creative output from everyone who participated. Good stuff. Now I have to shift my headspace to bizarre he-man esque characters inspired by a horror anthology sequel. You gotta love this thread.
  13. Tommy O' Conner was an arson investigator who realized he could make more money setting fires than catching those who did. He acquired a fireproof suit with twin flamethrower gauntlets and Backdraft was born. He was approached by a representative of Omni Universal Innovations to do a job at Jackson Industries and destroy a line of product that was in direct competition to one OUI was about to debut. He gathered a crew and at first it was going by the numbers, but then all hell broke loose. Heroes, villains, cops all over the place. He saw Irontooth go down to some SWAT guys with tricked out armor and gear and that was enough for him. He torched everything around him as cover and made a run for it. He avoided a friggin' Giant Dog and just barely dodged being run down by Cartune while making his escape. O'Conner figured that the fix had been in and his crew had been set-up to do the dirty work and then get stiffed on the pay-off. In the weeks that followed the Battle of Philadelphia OUI's main office and two of it's warehouses were torched in the night.
  14. Kill Coil A psychotic assassin who wore a suit with electrified razor sharp rings that he can shoot at targets or combine to form a chain to entangle. He was an old running buddy of Hawkesmythe who brought him in on the attack and he was more than happy to kill anyone in sight. He gleefully murdered one of the board members of Jackson Industries and immediately was faced with Flechette. He mocked her as he prepared to attack "You don't have the guts to stop me bitc..." only to be silenced by a pinpoint shot through his right eye.
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