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  1. The Grand Grimorium is a bookstore and coffee shop that offers free WiFi and a large catalog of all types of literature including a collection of obscure tomes on the occult and magic. Rumors abound that store owner Ilsa Nightbridge is a member of the Trismegistus Council, but she is merely a book lover who wishes to spread the joy of reading. However her white Persian cat Abby Cadabra is a familiar who lost her mistress several years ago and she is looking to find a new owner if she sees magic potential amongst the customers who browse the racks.
  2. The Wild Weird and Wonderful Wuzoo This enigmatic and absurd so called "high crime artist" has been known to perform his own capers including the Night of the Broken Turnstiles, the Revenge of the Boingo!!, and the Cleveland Cuisinart Kerfuffle. He will no doubt bring his own twisted tweaks to the Bat's latest scheme.
  3. I either forgot about the VCC in MC or subconsciously ripped it off. VTS is more advanced for our world than for Champions and is very much not to the level of VCC. I'll retract the idea. Swing and a miss.
  4. Calhoun's is a popular country and western bar that sits on the bustling Rustler's Row in the city's Bottom Right Point district. Owner Roy Calhoun is a large gregarious host who loves to mingle with his patrons and often tends bar. The two story building houses the main stage on the first floor for the larger local and traveling acts(Yellow Roses, The Wichita Boys, Midnight Riders) while upstairs is The Loft with a smaller stage for up and coming talent (Charlotte Sullivan, The Rez, Rough House). The crowd gets a bit rowdy at times but the peace is kept by low level brick twins Keith and Kris Midthunder, who act as the head bouncers for the bar.
  5. Sorry I meant Bottom Left Point or the poor section of town.
  6. Operating out of South Point is detective/mage Brujo Joe. He has battled such threats as the Yum Kimil worshipping Maya Death Cult, the legendary El Chupacabra, the assassin Santa Muerte, and an invasion of K'nyanians from an Indian Mound that leads to their underworld city.
  7. Red Storm Anatoli Tarkov is the son of the Cold War era soviet superhero also named Red Storm. His father participated in the August Coup and was slain by his former teammate Venerable Ilya. His mother thereafter sought asylum in the United States. Anatoli's energy and weather manipulation abilities manifested in his early twenties as the genetic treatments that empowered his father were passed down to him. Anatoli decided to adopt the Red Storm name and claimed he was rebelling against the Western Ideology and embracing hardline Communism. However this was largely just talk. Anatoli enjoys the wealth and infamy that come with being a supervillain more than any political motivation.
  8. Three really good entries. I am going to go with BoloOfEarth as I liked the speedster aspect of CoBolt. The next image is yours. Also I am glad the thread still has some interest as it has been a lot of fun to participate in.
  9. Love Dove Possessing the power to charm and enthrall with her Cupid's Kiss the Love Dove specializes in robbing weddings of the ultra rich and often stealing the groom away while she is at it.
  10. Yeah this thread may be on it's last legs, but i'll go ahead and post up an image anyway.
  11. Charrúa Guerrero Felipe Delgado of Uruguay has the ability to tap into the spirits that inhabit all things. This gives him the power to assume the physical aspects of objects(stone skin, water form etc), the abilities of animals(strength of a bull, flight of an eagle) and see the true nature of humans in the aura he can see around them. He believes the death vision was a message from the World Spirit and that his and his team mates deaths may be a necessary sacrifice to save the Earth.
  12. Yeah, that is what I meant by too open ended, but I figured as a place holder it wouldn't be too bad and it does offer up some fun possibilities.
  13. This is perhaps a bit too open ended as a theme so again if anyone else has a good idea please feel free to insert it instead. New Team: The Doomed Four heroes that have all seen a vision from mystical harbinger that in one years time they will die. Now these four have banded together to fight their fate and cheat death or try and figure out if it is all some kind of twisted scheme.
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