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  1. Ms Harmony The non violence policy of The Babylon is respected for the most part, but in situations that have bitter rivals with high potential of aggression meeting Ms Harmony steps in just in case. The diminutive unassuming elderly woman has the mutant ability that acts to pacify her targets and if they somehow still attempt an attack they are suddenly overwhelmed by the intense debilitating pain. Cybernetic assassin Ace Killcannon of the Wildcards said it felt like his entire body was turned inside out when he tried to take a swing at Wisecrack the Clown.
  2. New Team: name 4-6 members of the staff of The Babylon a hotel/resort/safe haven for supervillains where they can hide out, recover from injuries, relax and have meetings with allies and enemies on a unique neutral ground. Very much in the vein of the Wick-verse Continental or the Hotel Artemis.
  3. UnSub The identity of this master of disguise and subterfuge is unknown, even by the other members of the Six. They always appear under a different identity both male and female. They approached the team and provided invaluable information about the underworld and supercriminal activity in the city. The other team members are a bit wary but thus far UnSub has proven to be a resourceful and steadfast ally. New Team: The Second-Raters A six member team operating in Chicago. Their official name is actually the Second City Crusaders, but they have been given this unflattering nickname by some of the press and public. The reasons vary, but each member of the team has some kind of past issue that causes them to have a less than stellar reputation.
  4. Silica Markie Williams was a small time thief who was framed for the murder of Ben Osgood(Osgood actually faked his death and became the criminal mastermind The Great Power) After a couple of years in prison she managed to escape only to be hunted down by the Spider Goblin(Parker Osgood Ben's nephew). He took Williams to a disused Osgood Industries test facility planning to torture and kill her. She managed to get free, but ended up trapped in a test lab. The goblin bomb that was thrown into the lab should have killed her, but it ended up activating an irradiated silicon dust in the lab that bonded with her body. She was able to transform into this dust and escaped. She was on the run and committing crimes to survive when she was confronted by Honey Buzzard and Unicorn. Upon hearing her story she was recruited into the Six and looks to clear her name and win back her freedom while battling evil.
  5. Milo Aberdeen was an obstetrician and geneticist who was obsessed with the idea of the Amazonian female. He conducted secret genetic experiments on his patients to not only ensure females, but physically and mentally enhanced offspring. However these experiments only resulted in bizarre defects and upon investigation his crimes were revealed and he was imprisoned. There was one successful subject, Tara Walsh. However despite her genetic gifts her origin as part of Milo's experiments made her life hell. Her parents felt betrayed and couldn't except her. The media made her a sensationalist victim, the medical community a subject for testing, and some religious groups labeled her a soulless creation of a man not God. Her teen years continued with abuse from her peers who she outclassed physically and mentally which just made her more of an outcast and freak. Then Aberdeen was released from prison and he eventually made contact. He expected her to be grateful and perhaps become the first in his army of super women. She snapped his neck without hesitiation. Having killed her "creator" and still filled with rage she took up the name παρίας, the Greek word for pariah, and joined the Seven Sisters. She stands 6'5 and possesses superhuman strength and reflexes, but her true weapon is her tactical brilliance. She is the planner of the team and her strategies utilize the Sisters abilities and teamwork to their utmost.
  6. Gaunt Tall and impossibly thin this monstrosity has sickly grey skin with it's bones protruding out. It is always surrounded by flies that also nest in it's flesh and especially around it's nose, mouth and empty black eyes. While appearing fragile it can regenerate most any damage quickly and has superhuman strength. It's main attack is grabbing a victim with it's bony hands and breathing a black fly filled fog into their face. Breathing in this fog causes the victim to fall ill with a wasting disease that will kill them in the space of a week.
  7. King Calamari Simon Squire was a bio-engineer working at Osgood Industries. When he discovered OI CEO Parker Osgood had nefarious plans for his multi-arm exo-skeleton prototype he left the company taking his work with him. While working on the exo-skeleton in his lab he was attacked by the supervillain Spider Goblin. Squire survived thanks to his prototype, but he was injured and ended up fused to the apparatus. He would further adapt his creation and became the costumed hero King Calamari joining with the like minded Saintly Six to battle Spider Goblin as well as the Great Power, the Fatal Four and the Revengers.
  8. Ex-Patriot Roger Stevens was the only surviving subject of Project Bootstrap, a super soldier program run by the American government during World War 2. He emerged at the absolute peak of human potential and became the heroic symbol of America, the Ultra Patriot. He fought bravely and heroically until he was thought lost foiling a plot by Duke Chemo. In actuality Stevens was frozen in suspended animation and eventually discovered and revived. However he did not recognize the world he awakened to and especially his own country. All the values he held had been abandoned. All the battles and sacrifices were for nothing. America was a decadent cesspool and needed to be brought back to it's roots. It's conservative god fearing foundation. Stevens became the Ex-Patriot to wage war on the USA.
  9. Rudy Lee Ray was a night club owner, pimp and stand-up comedian whose buck wild material attacked The Man and riled up his crowds. This put a target on him and one night he was gunned down by the police. Near death he crawled into a toy store and using a spell taught to him by one of his ladies transferred his soul into a Lil' Bro action toy. Now all the suckas will have to pay to the illest little motha you ever seen, who is crackin skulls with kung fu and bustin caps too. Here comes...DOLL-O-MITE!!
  10. This is amazing and while I had some other ideas, I think I am just going to sit out now and see the great stuff you guys come up with for this one.
  11. Wolfman of Watts Lawrence Hilton-Talbot was caught up in the Watts riots and was running from the police and ended up hiding in an abandoned building. As he wandered deeper into the building he was stalked and attacked by what he thought was a guard dog and was left for dead. He survived and soon discovered on the next full moon that he was actually attacked by a werewolf and was now cursed to be one himself. He began a killing spree targeting police and other authority figures which brought him to the attention of Blacula. He wants to find a cure for his curse, but part of him does enjoy having the power to fight back against the establishment.
  12. Appropriately enough I had never heard of the original character or simply...well you know.
  13. ARES Arms CEO Wayne Fairborn: "Gentlemen I welcome you to this demonstration of our latest product...the Spartan MK7!" (The gathered crowd of military and private contractors gape as the armored figure flies at them from around a mesa in a dramatic reveal) Fairborn: "Yes it is quite impressive. Functioning VTOL system and capable of reaching just below supersonic speeds. The armor design protects the user from environmental extremes with a built in oxygen supply and filtering system to block toxins. It can withstand repeated fire from high caliber armor piercing rounds, high explosives, fire, electrical attack...basically anything and everything has been thrown at the Spartan and it's still standing." General Andrew West: "Armaments?" Fairborn: "Ah yes, always interested in the flashy toys eh General? The Spartan is equipped with two railgun pistols that can deliver high velocity rounds with deadly accuracy and the pilots aim is enhanced by an on board hud targeting system. This hud also gives access to GPS, satilitte tracking, worldside communications and I believe SiriusXM. The pilot's reflexes and strength are also enhanced by the armor and they can easily manuver in the air, lift several tons and deliver devastating hand to hand damage. Now enough talk...let's get the demo going shall we? Jensen let's begin!" Spartan Armor: "Oh I am sorry Mr. Fairforn...Jensen was...indisposed." (Shock erupts across Fairborn's face as he stares up at his creation) Fairborn: "My God...Waingro?!" Spartan Armor: "I won't be using that name anymore. Now...I am IRON SPARTACUS!" (Iron Spartacus draws his railguns as the crowd begins to panic and Fairborn futilely raises his hands in surrender)
  14. The Scream Maggie O'Malley has the ability to generate a powerful sonic blast. She was initially recruited by the Sisterhood of Mutants(Magnetica, GoldRush, Purple Priest, Toadette and Mind Mistress) but Brain Tyrant reached into her mind and convinced The Scream to turn on the Sisterhood and join The Geen Twisted. Magnetica is convinced that Maggie can be saved and freed from Brain Tyrant's control one day.
  15. The Tokyo Cyber Squad Formed by Dokutaika(Dr. Squid) to do battle with the heroic Science Action Seven. The team members are: The robotic powerhouse Yosai(Fortress) The mute rogue ronin Shita-kiri Suzume(Tongue-Cut Sparrow) The psychotic assassin Kurutta Saru (Mad Monkey) The cold controlling killer Tai Taion (Hypothermic)
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