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  1. Beatdown Charli Madison had been a fighter all her life. Trained by her ex-boxer father Chuck "Mad Dog" Madison at the age of 10 she excelled at the sweet science. She dominated as an amateur and was well on her way in the pros when a serious eye injury forced her into early retirement from the ring. During her fighting days she had been exposed to Detroit's criminal world and would eventually become an enforcer and debt collector for The Commission. The Commission was a new organization set to try and take over in Detroit and replace the gangs and the last vestiges of the Mob. To this end they wanted to boost Charli to the next level. She acquired super strength and reflexes through drug enhancements provided by the criminal chemist The Fix. The Commission also had some armor boots and gauntlets made to provide protection and more offensive capability. Lastly her hi-tech shades protect her injured eye and compensate for her blindspot. Her work with the Commission as Beatdown has brought her into conflict with hero team the Motor City 6 and the reformed alien invader turned bouncer named Brawl.
  2. Thought I would throw an image out there to try and rekindle this thread. Maybe we loosen things up a bit and just forgo the picking winners deal and just let people post ideas and their own images if they wish.
  3. Continuing with the Legion of Progress before we move to the GGM's. Avant Guardian Nestor Delgado is an artist who through experimentation with a wide variety of techniques discovered his bizarre creations have the power to greatly change those who view and experience them. He first started using his art as therapy for people with psychological issues. The results were extraordinary in helping these individuals. Next he got involved in criminal rehabilitation and again had unprecedented positive results. He has continued to expand his reach and help people with his wholly unique works of art. He has attempted to pass on his techniques and skills, but there seems to be something special about him...hidden mutant ability, magic, spiritual influence? No one can say, but he is determined to continue to aid humanity's growth and transcendence with his abilities.
  4. Bravado Germán Torres was a hero who operated in Los Angeles in the late 90s and was well known for his cocky wise cracking swagger and for being a charming flirtous ladies man. The press often seemed more interested in who he was involved with romantically than what supervillain he fought. Even back then however there were some rumors of unsavory and possibly sexual aggressive behavior. These came to nothing however as his fame and status allowed him to dodge any ramifications or consequences. This all changed in 2009 when his former sidekick Bravura spoke out about how he had groomed her as a teen and this led to a sexual relationship. This opened the floodgates with many of his former fans, and even women he had rescued from danger telling similar stories of predatory behavior. Rumor has it that when this news broke his Hero Force teammate Headstrong attempted to attack Bravado and only the intervention of Gold Rush and Jetwyld staved off any violence. Hero Force management attempted damage control by transferring him to a European branch of the team, but his reputation followed and he was forcibly removed from the premises by Scarlet Fury...via the 10th floor window. Disgraced and shunned by the hero community, media, his former agents, sponsors and general public he retreated from society. Now he is a shameful black mark in heroic history that earned a rightful spot in the Legion of Cancelled Heroes.
  5. Masayoshi Hiromu Okada's family had served as protectors of the Nagata family for many generations. He was highly trained in various martial arts and both traditional and modern combat techniques and tactics, but these formidable skills failed him when Silent Assassin and Bloodless Assassin killed his current charge Akira Nagata. Okada left the service of the Nagata family in shame, but vowed revenge on the ninja. He has joined the Samurai as a warrior without a master, but with a mission of righteous justice.
  6. Mozambique Driller Mark Rosseau is a ruthless mercenary who is often tasked by TUSK to eliminate law enforcement officials, rival poachers and really anyone that gets in the groups way as it operates. He also helps on the hunts as well, but prefers fighting against targets that can shoot back. He carries a pair of heavily customized high caliber pistols that he is incredibly deadly with usually employing his signature 'two to the body, one to the head' technique.
  7. Deviates a bit from my backstory for the character, but I think it works very well.
  8. Blues Man A seemingly supernatural force in the form of a wizened stooped over man in a rumbled brown suit, threadbare trilby and wearing a pair of cheap shades who simply appeared one day on Maxwell Street. He works magic with a beautiful red Gibson guitar and harmonica and his music is able to create a variety of effects on anyone who would attempt to harm or take advantage of the poor or down trodden citizens of the Windy City.
  9. Welcome to the thread. Not too much at all and I appreciate that level of detail and background to flesh out the hero.
  10. Tigre Blanc Kirby Pierre was a bonvivant getting by on charm and good lucks in his native France for years. He eventuslly began a business of transporting luxury yachts and this brought him to Hong Kong. While there he fell in with a smuggling ring. He was betrayed by them and left for dead only to be discovered by a ninja assassin who was hired to kill the smugglers. The ninja was going to end Pierre's life, but realized he could use him for information. Pierre healed and gave the ninja details on the operation , but also requested that he train him and allow him to help kill the men. The ninja complied and with his help he got revenge. Their partnership continued until one day the ninja simply disappeared. Pierre took up the half insulting nickname the ninja had given him and continued on as an assassin for hire. He incorporates the ninjitsu he was taught with savate which he was already adept at.
  11. Draoi As a child living in Belfast Colin Kavanagh was always sick and weakly. However on a visit to his grandparents farm in the country side all his ailments ceased and he became robust and full of energy. As he grew older her realized he had a strong connection to nature and the land itself. He found he could communicate with the animals, plants and earth and he took up the role as defender of nature assuming the Irish name for druid. This put him up against corporations trying to abuse and pollute the land as well as hunters. His exploits brought him to the attention of An Dagda, an ancient power of nature that has been corrupted. He managed to battle his foe to a stalemate, but realizing he could use allies sought out and joined Sacred Grounds.
  12. Punga A massive and powerful man of Maori descent who gained his name after the God of sharks, rays and ugly creatures because his many battles left him covered in scars. He was cursed by a practioner of mākutu to be a slave to the sea. He could now breath underwater and survive the powerful depths, but when he ventured on to dry land was consumed by a horrible bloodlust. He became the leader of the Bloodtide Tribe whose members had been likewise cursed. Recruited by The Black Ocean to act as an aquatic army they have proven to be a devastating force under Punga's clever and brutal leadership.
  13. The Lechuguilla Monster A large animated mineral formation that suddenly gained life and went on a rampage. Covered by spiky gypsum deposits that seem to regenerate immediately when damaged it also spits out sulphuric acid and gas from a rudimentary mouth.
  14. Ace Argo: Ultranaut Adventurer Ace Argo sought to explore the vastness of the universe and drafted his friends and associates in the field of super science like Anton Stargrove, Raymond "Rocketman" Royale, Silvan Sark and alternate reality visitor Nikita Tesla to help him with his endeavor. They created the space ship the Argo One and equipped it with what they dubbed the Ultra Engine that in theory would propel Ace to the furthest reaches of space. The launch was a success as was the activation of the Ultra Engine. Argo travelled to distant worlds and encountered alien civilizations and had many amazing adventurers alongside new companions including the sentient color Blurple, the giantess Princess Hymika and dashing rogue Verge Xero. However an attack by the all consuming entity the Chaos Maw brought tragedy. Verge Xero sacrificed himself to allow his allies to escape, but as Ace did so the Ultra Engine was damaged and a fail safe sent him hurtling back to Earth. The Argo One and Utra Engine were damaged beyond repair. His old Earthly associates had since had their own adventures and travels and could not be brought together again. Ace has joined the Technoplex in the hopes his new teammates can someday help him find a way to return to his allies and to defeat the Chaos Maw while also countering those who would use science and technology for evil. He is equipped with a morphic shift suit that utilizes several alien technologies to grant him the power of flight, advanced life support systems, energy projection and manipulation, an advanced sensory analysis array and universal translator technology.
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