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  1. Actually, he's faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a raging locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
  2. Pretty on point, though it's well known at this point that most Superman from across different universes have a pretty decent healing factor. Not as insane as someone like Wolverine or Deadpool, but it's there and typically even more accelerated under the light of a yellow Sun like the rest of his abilities. Anyways, when I said 'make Superman', the reason I did was because I heard a guy on YouTube say you could on 250 with difficulty and, after going through this here process, I'm inclined to agree. I mean, it's fun and exciting, don't get me wrong, but I thought it w
  3. How big do the hexagonss have to be and what other dimensions do they require?
  4. Dude, I don't even know how senses and endurance and range and positioning are supposed to work. I don't even have a hex map or know where I could get one! I'm just trying to get a handle on character creation and barebones combat first, which is why for my tests, both me and the other guy were both assumed to be in melee range and stuck in place... Even though he had a 50 caliber mini-gun.
  5. Ha! GM? I AM the GM. I'm trying to learn how to play this game so I can help others play this game so I can I can show them the wackiness of the campaign I have in mind.
  6. Is 10 the Base for all the primary stats in 4th Edition? So you're saying that for a regular game, players normally take character points out of their character point allotment for said skills? Those points aren't handed to them by the GM but come from the 250 points? Alright, so, my question to that is... what happens in the segments where 2 characters don't act? Nothing? Also, gotcha. Will check out his stuff,
  7. Hello. Do you know what page people's best 250 point Supes build are on?
  8. I would have, but: 1) I thought only 250 points were allowed. 2) This was primarily a combat build, not a full roleplaying build. Why, I STILL don't understand combat! And this was after a breakthrough I had with a buddy of mine I was testing combat out with where we actually thought we understood and up with a system that seemed to make sense of Turns, Segements, and Phases. But that's a separate issue for another thread... unless someone could also help me to understand combat here too, in which case, Muchos Gracias, amigo.
  9. Alright, so, pretty much the way I have my 250 points allocated is thus: Characteristics: 100 Strength 35 Dexterity 20 Constitution 20 Body 20 Intelligence 20 Ego 20 Presence 20 Comeliness 50 PD 4 ED 6 speed 24 Recovery 40 Endurance 80 Stun Characteristic Point Total: 175 80P to Strength 45P to Dexterity 30P to PD 20P to Speed 80P to strength.Figured it made sense to make Supes have 100 in at least that category... and also because I was experimenting and wanted to thr
  10. I understand that. Frankly, the current hero system couldn't even accurately simulate DCAU Superman, let alone any version of him actually more powerful than a tactical nuclear warhead let alone any version that's planet to star level like Post-Crises Superman or multi-galaxy to universal like Pre-Crises Superman. Anyways, I'm on the library computer, so, let me just post this response before time is up and I have to relog.
  11. Hello. I recently bought the 4th Edition of Champions at my local game store and am running into some issues of min-maxing an attempt at creating the best Superman I can with only 250 character points. If anyone knows and can help me through the process and with concepts I don't quite understand yet in this system, your help would be greatly appreciated.
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