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  1. Have a friend trying to build a metal superhero that can absorb energy attacks and heat up. We have the basics on that. Then we came up with the idea that the character may actually act like a lighting rod, drawing at least electrical attacks, to her if shot nearby. We just can’t come up with a passive way this power might work. This would mean she actually takes the hit, instead of someone else, not dispel it. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Thanks all for the quick responses. Still willing to take ideas but Gnome BODY (important!) has me sold on the simplicity of it all. We were really overthinking it here in my group chat. I knew it had to be easier than we saw.
  3. I'm going easy here. One skill roll difficulty for day and one for night. The idea of sliding difficulty would be nice but more bookkeeping than might fit the campaign How much harder? Could be up to twice as hard. I'm looking at RSR, but can't figure out how to set 2 criteria on one power.
  4. Hey all, dusting off my Champions skills after about 10 years hiatus and need some build help. Trying to build Sun Magic that requires a skill roll to use and the skill roll is harder at night. Not trying to reduce the power level at night, just harder to access. How would this be done on a power or power framework? Thanks.
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