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  1. I made my own in Google sheets. Change the value of A1 (or any empty cell) to reroll. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jYsdakt1gEeXQlRUjpb4BW1kFeQF6zbqWouW9Vzsbbk/edit?usp=sharing
  2. I set a scale in PowerPoint and draw them directly. They are not the most beautiful maps the world has ever seen.
  3. 2) I'm also 52 years old, and I love spreadsheets and tables. I create and print a notes document that is about two pages long. There only dialogue/soliloquy stuff in it is when I have come up with something especially cool for a villain or NPC to say. Then I make a speed chart, showing all possible combatants and their dex's. I use the chart for every combat, and it lets me always know where we are and who's up next. It is easy to skip over characters who are on the chart but not in that specific battle. Last is combat reference chart, where all possible combatants are listed with their stats that are used in combat (OCV, DVC, PD, RPD, ED, etc.). This really simplifies the game creation process - easy to add one-dimensional villains/NPCs as needed, without having to draw up a character sheet for each one. So each game is run on about five pieces of paper, plus the laptop. Maps, villain and NPC pictures, etc. are all done in PowerPoint. Figurines* are played/moved on a blank table, with me just announcing how far away everything is when players need to know. *Lego figurines, actually. .
  4. How would you build / cost out a quadcopter with a camera, microphone, and night vision?
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