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  1. 1. It depends on what "low magic" is. I run Hârn as low-magic but others would find it too magic heavy. 2. Consider that no powers just talents. A sort of "Pulp Action" set in the medieval era. The GM controls what happens because the character simple summon a force or entity. Think Indiana Jones - the characters simple fight to summon the magic and then it comes.
  2. Because normally the is one SPD - 3, with one 2 and one 4 as outliers. This way they are 3 - 2.5,3,3.5 - with 2 and 4 as outliers. So there are 5 viable SPDs rather than 3.
  3. >What do you use it for? In normal games, in my experience, almost all characters are 3. What I do is: 1. Double the turn length. 2. Double the number of actions, so 2 SPD has 4. 3. Insert .5, that is 2.5 (which will have 5 SPD) and 3.5 (which will have an 7 SPD) 4. Give a post-6 recovery. Basically double the number in a 24 second turn.
  4. I use .5 SPD in Heroic games.
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