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  1. Killroy will buy some land carefully for the teleportation network. He would hunt for distressed commercial real estate, to get a bargain, and use front companies to buy the land, so our vampire friends won't easily give us a surprise.
  2. Would alliteration help? *Horror Hounds *Terror Trackers *Monster Management *Fear Fighters *Scare Slayers *Nightmare Ninjas *Bogeyman Busters Do we need to sound macho? *Team Bravo *The Trouble Shooters *The Lionhearts *The Courage Club *The Last Hope *Knights of Valor
  3. Yeah, I should have carried my sniper rifle with me because I am a sniper. My bad.
  4. I just played the session last night and had fun. Gonna email Killer Shrike later with several ideas to improve Killroy with his accumulated experience..
  5. Had fun the other night. As the new Killroy player, I look forward to how the story will progress. My sniper contributed to the party's success, so being a skilled human was still useful. Will hold off spending the experience points until I get a better feel of the campaign.
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