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  1. It is possible that Trump could remain politically influential if he loses the Presidency. However, he faces economic ruin from the many lawsuits against him, his failing businesses, and debt to Deutche Bank; he could be jailed from criminal accusations against him; and Twitter has censored him and could deplatform him in the near future. If he loses, he could be done. America, like other countries, has an angry, politically active populist faction. Even without Trump, it is still there. How can we heal from this pandemic and our sectarian rage, to learn how to act with common sense and common decency? In the past, the human race has faced plagues and chaos and overcome them. I believe we can calm down, and work together to create a better world.
  2. I agree, and have already voted. Put my ballot in an approved drop box several weeks ago. Stay safe, and good luck.
  3. Sean Connery was a deeply talented actor who played roles in some of my favorite movies. In addition to being my favorite James Bond, he was great in "Highlander", "The Untouchables", "Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade", "The Man Would Be King", "The Molly Maguires", "The Rock", "Outland", "DragonHeart", "The Hunt for the Red October". "Time Bandits", and "Robin and Marian". Sean Connery, thanks and rest in peace.
  4. In the original series, my favorite is "In Praise of Pip" Jack Klugman portrays a deeply flawed father seeking to spend more time with his dying son and redemption. In the 1985 series, it is a toss up between "NIghtcrawlers" about a crazy Vietnam veteran who has the superhuman power to make his nightmares come to life and "Her Pilgrim Soul" about a scientists who finds a way to communicate with a soulmate from a previous life.
  5. Eddie Van Halen, thanks and rest in peace.
  6. Too bad. I use to watch the Mac Davis show. Rest in peace.
  7. Doctor Zero is my favorite superhero. It was published by Epic, an imprint of Marvel comics, in 1988. Okay, he is more of an anti-hero, or an outright supervillain in his actions. He is an ancient, egotistical psychic vampire who despises the human race. He wears a cape to prevent the stupid humans from destroying the world. I was fascinated by his story for some reason. Perhaps I was in such in an angry, cynical mood.
  8. I agree that the new few weeks will probably be interesting; however, I have already my fill of interesting times. Times of contentment and normality sounds much more appealing.
  9. Hello everyone, Our Friendly Local Game Store has ended in-store gaming until further notice. I feel gratitude it is still in business in the recession that has just started. Are you still doing role playing games? Will you all meet in person, or will you practice social distancing and meet online instead? Live long and prosper!
  10. FYI Beginning Monday, March 16, all the gaming tables will be closed for the At Ease Game Store in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. All tournaments, all events will be cancelled until further notice. The store will now officially close earlier at 7 p.m. instead of 11 p.m. May you all stay healthy, Conrad
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