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  1. Of course, he doesn't grow to anywhere near a mile in height, but Mile High is a villain with an ego twice as big. He's a not so dumb brick with growth.
  2. No one has any write-ups for '70s era supers?
  3. I understand that I have access to all of the published stuff. I'm wondering if anyone has done what I will likely end up having to do...write up the '70s supers of the Champions Universe. If people have, could they share said write-ups or share links to websites with write-ups? Also, '70s style original supers like Everybody are great and appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for all the help and suggestions, folks. I have already looked into the various references to the canon '70s supers in the Champions universe. Does anyone know where to find actual write-ups for said supers? Write-ups of them during the 1970s? (Besides the Fab Five and the Sentinels written-up in Digital Hero)
  5. Where can these Time Travel Hero notes be found?
  6. Thanks, and that's not even the half of it. I've always loved time travel and alternate history stories. When there is a multiverse I use several Earths from GURPS Alternate Earths, a few straight Champions-based worlds, and Dark Champions. I also throw in several Champions worlds that I have run other group through over the years. The time travel is easy to control, for the most part. With a good and anevil Chronos running around and Janus as a group ally I can send them, or let them go to whatever time period I choose. I plan on having them stay in the '70's for at least a few sessions.
  7. Long story not so long... The PCs all came from a couple different game worlds I had run the players through over the years. Capt. Chronos grabbed each of them and took them to an asteroid he had shifted out of any time stream. He had amassed a bunch of time/space manipulating devices and hotwired them into a Time Sphere. A beam projected from the sphere was being shot at a shifting amount of Earths. A quick and not too helpful explanation about the Multiverse on the verge of destruction. The PCs were told by Capt. Chronos that he was trying to merge all the universes he could grab into
  8. I'm trying to find write-ups on the Champions Universe supers from the 1970's. My PCs have traveled back in time, yet again. They are about to make a splash by helping fight Doctor Destroyer during his attempted conquest of California on March 5th, 1975. I'm sure they will not be shy about meeting the various super groups who gathered to fight DD. Many of the heroes of that time are mentioned in various books and some events are summarized...Is there a place to find more detail on the Supers of the '70's? We play using 5th ed. revised rules, but if there are books from any editi
  9. Grimble


    Re: Selenites It is just good to know where to look. FREd is my bible, but I have bought a few 6th Ed books for reference. QM: Thanks. Pretty much all the info I got from CU and News of the World, but thanks for the assist.
  10. Re: Outside the Box powers I have a character named Sassafras Jackson, A.K.A. Super-Pimp. He has an Ego Attack that causes extreme sexual pleasure in the target. He's been known to use the power outside of combat...if you know what I mean.
  11. Grimble


    Anyone know where I could find write ups for the Selenites? The insect-like siliconoids that live on the moon. I'm looking for 5th edition (preferably revised, but whatever). If you have a home brewed writer up, that would be cool, too.
  12. Re: What's *your* superpower? I can go to sleep at will. I decide it's time to sleep, I sleep.
  13. Re: overmentalizing I have a group ready and waiting for any mentalist that ruins too many plotlines (I haven't had to use them, yet). They are normals who use paramilitary tactic and training to hunt down and take out mentalists. They also use training in mental discipline (natural mental def.) and scientific shielding in helmets to block out mental powers. Their main weapons are guns and AoE sonic attacks that hinder concentration (They use special earpieces to protect themselves. They usually hunt down mentalist villains, but if a mentalist superhero were crossing lines...
  14. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! The LARPer: Jake Parker had been LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing) since before he was able to get a driver's license. After the device filled him with strange alien energies he found that the gestures used in various LARPs actually affected the real world, now. By crossing his arms across his chest he could become invisible. When he pointed a finger to his eye or ear he gained hightened senses of vision or hearing. He also found that by pumping his fist 3 times and making either a rock,scissors or paper with his hand he caused the following effects: Rock=TK
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