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  1. Chris I am full on using your Field Guide, Fantasy Codex and Bestiary. My players are loving it. We are a group of old school players (youngest player being 52) and they are very much enjoying these books. They are delving into the detail, the imagination of the spells and has brought a further immersion into the game. They see monsters now that they have never seen so they are using skills, asking questions and roleplaying more. Thank you so much. Cannot wait for the next thing to arrive.
  2. Any closer to releasing this? Can't wait.
  3. I am running a Fantasy jungle and savannah campaign and was wondering if you have any thoughts, ideas, monsters or anything you learned from a similar campaign. I found this neat booklet called Melvin's Minute Monsterium: Jungles and Savannas, its for DnD, but has some great information. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I will raise the caps for sure and I do use skill maximums. I just don't want the arms race that happened in a previous campaign. Thanks for all of your help.
  5. MrKinister thank you for your insight. It is exactly what I was looking for and provides me with food for thought. I will be removing caps as the game is played and how it feels. I like my start and my players are spending many points on none combat skills which pleases me.
  6. I have taken your advice on this forum after playing for a year plus and understanding the game and power creep more. Here are the limitations I am going to put on my campaign to keep it manageable and not have the "arms race" OCV, DCV, OMCV, DMCV= 6 CAP DC= 6 CAP Skill Cap=13 Armor Tiring Rules=Home Brew Magic system will be the Fantasy Codex rules PD, ED, rPD, rED= 8 cap (is this too high)? I have one question, with these caps do you still allow purchasing of maneuvers from fighting styles and martial arts which pushes it beyond the cap or not? Any more insight as to rabbit holes and traps I need to watch out for?
  7. Ockham, what is your soft DC cap that you use in Fantasy Hero?
  8. Thank Lord Liaden, that my be the ticket.
  9. I am looking for a race and enemy for my new campaign. I don't want it to be something my group has seen before. I want to create something and get some help from all you devious GM's. So far the race is using demons for power and can summon them. I have the Old One's in my campaign, thus a little Cthulu thrown in. The groups overall plan is to bring about destruction upon the world through driving a star into the planet. This star is from a demonic plane and thus brings much needed chaos energy to the world. Obviously very intelligent, but chaotic enough to leave openings for the players. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. A picture would be cool as well. Thank you.
  10. I have both as well and love them! Thank you for the great work.
  11. I am playing Fantasy Hero and players don't pay for their spells (powers) they must find them. What is the easiest way to do this in Hero Designer? I want the full writeup, but no point cost , just END cost.
  12. Thanks for the try Archer, but Scottie my boy you came through in spades. Thanks, at first I was like WTF did this guy not read my post and then I seen the man, not the dinosaur. Thanks alot, really appreciate all the help.
  13. My Fantasy Hero Characters are based on the Heroic standard of 175 Total Points with 50 matching complications and 25 maximum points per complication. Archer that is the conversation I have had with them and I was just looking for what you did in your campaign. We have only been playing Hero for a year and a half so we are still learning the system. We have played together for 40 years as a group, so they understand when I limit them or ask the questions. As a rookie GM to Hero I was unfamiliar with the power curve and now understand some of the things I must limit. OCV + DCV 6 max, Weapon Master, skill level max of 13 and small other things that have caused various issues in our game. Thank you for the help.
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