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  1. I tried to print a character today and the color is gone from the sheet. It is also gone from the other exports I have as well. No the printer isn't out of ink, is there something in the export or my browser that could have changed. I am not good at these things so any help would be appreciated.
  2. Not sure what happened but the next time I tried to export and print, no color. Is there a setting in Chrome or Edge that could have changed. I switched exports as well, but cannot seem to find why no color comes out with my print. It isn't a printer issue as all other color comes out.
  3. I read that followers cost 1xp = 5 character points. Say I spend 5 xp for a 25 point character. It says for +5 points I can have two followers. Does that mean for 10 points I get two 25 point followers?
  4. Ockham, these are great. Definitely using these.
  5. I usually default to Greyhawk as well, keeps me boyz on edge. ChaosDrgn wow 30+ yrs as a Hero Gamer! Wish I had stuck with it when I grabbed 1st Edition Fantasy Hero when it was tied to Rolemaster, damn that Rolemaster was great.
  6. I am trying to figure out how to represent the 5 Rings from Legend of the Five Rings in Fantasy Hero. The five rings are Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Void. Air represents graceful, cunning and precise personality. They are subtle or layered with nuance. Eloquent, physically and socially deft and shrewed. Earth represents a steady thorough and grounded approach to problems. Cautious and considerate with lack of risk. Physically tough, mentally resilient and reliable. Fire represents a ferocious, direct and inventive personality. There approach is explosive and intense. Passionate, curious, physically quick, brusque and quick learning. Water represents an adaptable, powerful and perceptive approach. Balanced and reversible. Naturally affable, physically flexible, observant and easygoing. Void represents and unflinchable personality. Spiritually sensitive, wise and introspective. I am wondering if I make a ring a multipower and allow players to invest in a ring with powers, skills and abilities with limitations when facing opposite rings. I look forward to your thoughts on how YOU would bring these rings to add on to characters skills and powers. Thank you in advance.
  7. Thank you pawsplay, mallet and massey. All great ideas that I will put to use.
  8. I am researching feudal Japan in the vain of Legend of the Five Rings type campaign. I was wondering how Honor would be represented in Fantasy Hero. Please give me YOUR thoughts and ideas. I know the interaction skills will be huge. I expect reputation will be big as well. Any thoughts you have from a mechanical or anecdotal perspective will be appreciated.
  9. Thanks Archer, mallett and Lone Wolf very helpful stuff. These are great Archer I will definitely be bringing this to my player.
  10. A player of mine wants to make a character who follows the Goddess of Luck. He was thinking of pool of say five powers that he can use randomly (he has to roll each time). I was thinking of Aid, bonus to stealth etc. Any ideas (power, talent, perk or skill) to add to a Goddess of Luck following rogue would be great.
  11. Thanks Scott Ruggels this is exactly what I was looking for. I am going to watch some 80's flicks and get my Dark Champions on soon.
  12. Yes "Street Level gritty vigilant style characters like Punisher".
  13. I haven't run a dark style superhero game in 30 years. I have mainly stuck to Fantasy Hero games and am looking for some advice on running one. I would like some advice one how YOU run your game. What elements do YOU use. What things do YOU pay attention to. What things should I avoid. What do YOUR players enjoy and hate. Thank you in advance.
  14. How do I add faster climbing speed for a Heroic character into Hero Design. Currently it is 2 m per phase and I am allowing them to go to 4 m. I was thinking of using it as penalty skill levels? One option showed allowing a -3 for +2 m, but I am not sure how to add this into Hero Design?
  15. Thank you so much, Gnome BODY and Ninja-Bear
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