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  1. They totally understand and actually lamented their actions. They realized how stupid they were after being warned numerous times. I don’t pull punches and most of this group has played at my table for 40 years. I am thinking either a Arthurian Knight campaign or Dark Heresy. Would love to do the Western Hero when it drops.
  2. I can't wait for some rootin tootin cowboy action. Consider this a purchase for me
  3. So the two shot went off and it was epic. I have never run Hero with firearms so it was a little slow, but it didn't take long for it to get crazy. The soldiers were on R&R at a Juarez off-track dog betting parlor. They were partying and getting into pushing and shoving matches. During the night they popped a pill and next they know blackout. They woke up and everyone was dead, there was blood all over their hands and defensive wounds on their arms. The smell was getting bad, indicating they had been here for a few days and when they heard sirens. Then this man with tatoo
  4. I think this is enough for my game! Thank you everyone for all of your help!
  5. I am starting a Pendragon based campaign and want to use some of the skills from there and convert to Hero. What would the skills below convert to in Hero in your campaign, don't worry about drilling down into the what for and if then's. Any help would be appreciated. Compose Dancing Falconry Flirting Heraldry Hunting Play Musical Instrument Read Tourney Battle
  6. Not sure what your talking about in this post @Greywind
  7. One of the things they find in the search of the drug factory is a log of people who have signed into the drug factory testing lab. Two names are significant? Who are these people and what are they doing on this list?
  8. Deep under the mausoleum they find the drug lab and distribution center. They fight the enemy agents and find the stockpile of drugs. What are the drugs and where are they going?
  9. Pretty new to HD, do you have Skill Combinations in here someplace?
  10. As the players fight off or run from the gunfire they remember the mausoleum and find a secret door. There is a computer panel that opens and it leads to? Where does it lead to?
  11. These players are not insufferable so it will be fun. Still tossing around this idea, or maybe I just build them characters which they will be fine with. They have never played Dark Champions so not sure. I have until Friday to figure it out. Thanks for all of your help, if you have other ideas or thoughts shoot them over.
  12. So Ninja's show up and challenge the party as they leave the bar. After dealing with them, either killing or running they find a clue that takes them to an old chapel in the suburbs. Under the alter they find? Who's next, what do they find?
  13. Doing a one or two shot adventure and I had an idea. Would it work to start the players with 50 points and give them 10 points every 30 minutes to build their characters? Basically they have amnesia so they don’t know who they are? Any other different ideas would help?
  14. I am running a two shot adventure for two players. I picked Dark Champions set in 1980's looking for a spy feel. I did this exercise a few times and made for some great adventures. I will do the opening scene and some background. The next poster will advance to the next scene and so on. Please only post one at a time, don't post back to back, but you can post more then once to advance the story. I would like to see where we can go with this. The story cannot get too deep, lot's of action and adventure should ensue if you want to help. The two recruits wake up hung over i
  15. I am relatively new to Hero. I have been running many RPG's for 40+ years and recognize min/maxers and power creeps. My players are masters as I am sure yours are as well. My question for Fantasy Hero is do you limit CSL's? My players have figured out that if they buy 3 pt CSL's and not OCV/DCV straight up they save points. I don't want to punish them, but they are running around with 12 levels of these. Any thoughts or experiences would be helpful.
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