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  1. Thank you so much, Gnome BODY and Ninja-Bear
  2. I am using the Heroic endurance rules, 5 Active Points for 1 point of endurance. Does Haymaker cost 4 End because it is 4 DC's? Does a Martial Maneuver that does +2d6 also cost 2 more END. What about a talent like Weapon Master that does +3DC does that cost 3 END to use?
  3. This is great Ninja-Bear I really like this and will run with this for a little bit. Thanks to Bluesguy, Scottishfox, Lord Liaden and MordeanGrey!
  4. Lord Liaden I like the malevolent cult idea, I will rename him as well. More ideas on this theme would be wonderful, thank you so much.
  5. I have started a new campaign set in the City of Ptolus (not that important). It is a city with a deep history and background with dungeons below and a more open dynamic. I am not running this as high fantasy more of a dark criminal underground type of campaign. One thing I am introducing is a patron/villain for the group. They have been treading water a little and I had hoped they would run with it and explore and do whatever they wanted. I am introducing a Devil or Half-Devil named Deimos to them. I am not sure if I tell them up front he is a devil. I need to come up with a plot that he wants to accomplish (looking for ideas here). I am going to lead the characters on this plot and perhaps let them decide if they want to continue (good idea?) My question is what else can I introduce and add intrigue and drama. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated!
  6. One of the toolkits in Fantasy Hero was to have armor cost END once a turn. The way I would like it to work is as follows. 1 Resistant Armor = 0 2-3 Resistant Armor = 1 4-5 Resistant Armor = 2 6-7 Resistant Armor = 3 8+ Resistant Armor = 4 How can I can I make this work in HD?
  7. For some reason mine didn't load the equipment tab. Thanks.
  8. How do I make the costs 0 for Fantasy Weapons, since they are purchased with money not character points?
  9. What method do you use to track combat in Fantasy Hero? If it is a paper sheet could you post it.
  10. Pick up "And a Ten Foot Pole" it is for Rolemaster, but it has so much gear, equipment and everything you would need. Might be hard to find but worth the money. It also separates all equipment by Age (stone, medevil, Iron) etc.
  11. Well I went with the Necromancy idea. They were called into a conference with the various kingdoms who were taking the brunt of the fighting. They said that these warriors would not pick up the dead from the battles. As they snuck around behind enemy lines they found dead soldiers laid out in large groups. They kept going and it was cool because they didn't understand. Then they got to the enemies lands and seen very poor people and seen the ritual of the necromancer and they kind of pooped themselves when they realized all the solders that would be summoned. Thanks for the help I appreciate it, my group did as well.
  12. Meir Shahar, Diamond Body in Chinese Martial Arts or just Shahar!
  13. I was wondering if I could make Perception a Characteristic as I seen it was a tool-kitting option.
  14. Great information, thanks. I am reading the pdf as we speak. It is deep, but I am weeding my way through it.
  15. Thanks Ninja-Bear, I am going to pick this up as well.
  16. Gnome BODY I really appreciate this. I understand there is a lot of what rules would you use answers. I should reword my questions in the future. Thanks Ninja-Bear!
  17. How does interrupting spell casting look in Fantasy Hero. I assume a player holds an action and uses the gestures or incantations as a trigger. Does the spell caster automatically lose the spell if hit, is there a combat casting skill etc. Any ideas would be helpful.
  18. I really appreciate the quick replies and bluntness of your comments. You get to the point and understand your product. Thank you so much.
  19. What do I buy to get the Armor and Weapons from Fantasy Hero or can I just make them. I really don't know how to make them.
  20. I just deleted it and redid the stealth, it worked. Thanks
  21. Just purchased Hero Designer. I like it so far, but I ran into something. I am sure it is my lack of knowledge. Character has an 18 DEX, I purchased Stealth for 3 points and raised the level to 2 for 2 more points. The skill turned blue and didn't raise the roll to 14-, stayed at 13-. What rule am I missing on this. Remember I am new to Hero so I am sure there is something I am missing.
  22. I noticed there are character packs in the store with the Hero Designer format, what does that mean. If I buy Hero Designer do I have to buy the Fantasy Hero pack, the Advanced Players pack, bestiary pack etc? Just wondering before I make the plunge and wondering the expense of it all. Is there an example of what a character sheet looks like from Hero Designer?
  23. I am new to the Hero world. I am wondering what Hero Designer is. Does this have all of the books and basically a character generator? I don't want to take the deep dive and buy it. Is there an example of it some where I can see it?
  24. Thank you Lee and Massey, big help in understanding!
  25. I am looking at the cost of spells in the Grimoire 6th edition and I understand that, but specifically I don't understand some options. On page 182 Create Skeleton it costs 9 xp to buy this spell which Creates one Skeleton, but only costs 20 to Create a Skeleton Army? What am I missing? Do they need to be controlled with a spell? I seen there is a spell called Control Undead, but that was a Mind Control. Any help would be appreciated.
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