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  1. I hate how Hollywood has gotten lazy and decided the best way to make money is recycle old movies. Make. New. Shit!
  2. I think most - if not all - politicians in America that were caught in 3 situations wearing blackface at the ages Trudeau did would see their career go down in flames. Like - instant destruction. Cancel culture is all the rage here in America though perhaps the recent Dave Chappelle routine on Netflix represents the turning of the tide.
  3. The best reason I've seen so far - at one of the tables I run - is that you've hit the campaign OCV/DCV cap and that the 10pt all combat level is now the same price as double-cost OCV/DCV point and more flexible.
  4. It was 3x the last I checked. I can't imagine most politicians surviving this. Or maybe this will start unraveling cancel-culture and the populace will open up to the idea that people can make stupid mistakes and believe stupid things and then - over time - become better people.
  5. I will be shocked if Trudeau wins another election at this point. The last couple days have not treated him well.
  6. I think at the point you're making players pay character points for a cell phone your game is probably dead. It's one thing to have to pay character points for high-tech gadget that is part of your super persona and another thing altogether to have to pay for every day items that are possessed by hundreds of millions of people.
  7. Since this is the same legislature that is ignoring the lawful results of the Brexit vote there's no moral high ground to be had. Also, I don't like that guy and he is most definitely NOT like the hulk.
  8. I DM'd 5th edition for them for a couple years first. Then I got them hooked on the HERO. Nobody wants to GM HERO, but most of my players enjoy the great amount of freedom that comes with character creation and a system where armor behaves in a more intuitive way (not harder to hit, harder to injure, slower, bulkier, heavier).
  9. I agree with your first line completely. Creating games about decadence and immoral political intrigue by an immortal race of murderous blood suckers isn't really a ding on White Wolf. The issue was squarely that one human being was willing to lie - repeatedly - to another human being to win a cooperative storytelling game. That person needed a completely non-game discussion about ethically participating in the game. I get someone pulling that at one of my tables and they are gone for good.
  10. Sadly, this is true on both sides of the aisle. Politicians care about politicians. Term limits for everyone would help (a little).
  11. So far I've done Return of the Runelords (didn't enjoy it very much) and War for the Crown. This one was War for the Crown - which was great. Lots of political intrigue, investigation with the occasional dungeon crawl or extended combat. They really play up the reputation and political power aspects as well as some city building early on. It is a great mix of things to do in a world that is much more than a dungeon crawl. I highly recommend that particular adventure. Luckily I do simple math very quickly in my head so I generated some formulas for converting the creatures on the fly and it worked out pretty well.
  12. On the final boss fight of the pathfinder campaign I was taking my HERO players through they were so caught up in the encounter that they had completely forgotten the thing they were supposed to do to make the encounter much easier. We were down a player that day so 4 players vs the boss. Two players are down hard (enough negative stun to be in the REC / hour range) and a third is going up and down like a yo-yo with single digit negative stuns. I didn't have the heart to TPK them so I just paused and said, "Gents, remember that specific thing you got to take the impossible action to beat this guy?". After that the players are all, "Do the thing! Who has the magic ring!? OMG - it's on the unconscious sorceress!". They all lived, but it was chaos. The DM ad-lib is really important in both directions. Sometimes the encounter is anti-climactic without the boss living long enough to be scary or monologue a little. Sometimes you have to make the boss take stupid actions or taunt unconscious foes instead of TPK'ing the party so that there's a chance for them to win. Ultimately it's whether you're playing WITH the GM or AGAINST the GM.
  13. What's working pretty well is that the Mist is an undefined horror. All they know so far is that without their preciously small supply of candles that the mist will severely mess with their perception of time. Additionally, I let one of the players make a Forensic Medicine roll to determine a creature killed by "The Sentinel" was a corrupted / mutated person. Long, ropey limbs, broken fangs and claws - former human and hinted that perhaps the mist did it. I modified the main roads to be chain roads in the sense there is a thick chain running from post to post along the entire road so travelers don't get lost when the mist is too heavy to see. What's working well: The creepy atmosphere, the lack of visibility and fear of an unfamiliar setting. The adventure could benefit from a couple player handouts and artwork.
  14. Update: Currently taking my Saturday crew through the adventure and so far so good. They're all in the 300+ point range now - long campaign - so I'll have to beef up the monsters in some aspects (mostly just raw OCV/DCV - or convert their attacks to 1 hex AoE so they can actually hit the characters). But, the flavor of the setting is resonating well with the players and they quite eagerly traded off some of their spare magic items for candles to protect them from the mist.
  15. Took my kiddo to the pool yesterday and played around for an hour. As I was resting my geriatric ass at the edge of the pool I noticed that 2/3rds of the parents were on loungers tapping away on their phones instead of actually playing with their kids or even watching to see if they were still alive. I would rate my affection for video games and electronics as unhealthy and even I have the sense to actually spend the time with my kid. FFS!
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