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  1. Haven't worked on it, but absolutely loved that game and setting. It felt like Catholic D&D - praying to the Saints actually did something and the forces of Satan were everywhere. It captured the feel of the kind of fears medieval Catholics would have had. I wonder if its possible to get that game running on Windows 10? EDIT: Oops! I though he said Darklands.
  2. In the past I've been more strict about balancing out the point costs of things, but since we're running with the 5e content straight from the PHB we're relying on Wizard's balancing (or complete lack thereof) for this initial run. My previous converts were fairly easy because I had already DM'd 5e for them for a year or longer. They trusted me enough to try the new game system. The current group hasn't had me as a DM before and are long time 5e players. So I'm easing them into it more gently.
  3. Not sure what that has to do with Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton's affair.
  4. If memory serves at the time Bill Clinton had the extramarital affair it was felony sexual harassment based on the law of the time and his relative position to Monica Lewinsky. I feel pretty confident that Trump has had affairs as well, but not while President and with people who worked for him.
  5. You are getting the gist of it. The proficiency value is converted to overall levels with the caveat they can only be used on saving throws if they are proficient in that saving throw. So far it's been a great compromise. I get to DM a HERO game and my 5e veterans get to play a game they're mostly familiar with. The dice are a little different and there are some changes to combat operations, but it's close enough to 5e that they feel comfortable building and levelling their characters.
  6. Commentary like that belongs in the politics thread.
  7. It's a reverse attack roll the way I do it based on the spell casting ability of the caster. So if an attack roll would hit on a 11 or less then a saving throw works on a 10 or less. Attack roll of 13 or less would be a saving throw of 8 or less. Attack roll of 14 or less would be a saving throw of 7 or less and so on. To keep the numbers roughly matched to D&D percentages I do keep track of which classes are proficient with which saving throws and they get their proficiency modifier added in.
  8. Straight conversion, but I suspect after a few sessions of play that some stats will get more attention than they would in the usual 5e play. Our barbarian has an 18 CON and everyone else has a 14 (which is very common in 5e due to point-buy price breakpoints).
  9. It's been a fun campaign so far. Currently the crew is taking a Dungeon Crawl break from the mass setting absorption in the classic In Search of the Unknown. I believe it's the first adventure published by TSR for Dungeons and Dragons. It's so old nobody at my table (besides me) knew what it was. I slightly predate D&D, electricity, pyramids, fire and other modern novelties... One other aspect of the setting that was a big change from convention is that there are no known Gods. Almost everyone worships The Light and fears The Dark. Much smaller numbers of
  10. I expect Trump to win the in-person voting by a large enough margin for him to declare victory. Then mail-in ballots will roll in over the next several days reversing that outcome. Then cries of foul play and a legal kerfuffle the likes of which we have never seen. I don't think either side will accept the election outcome regardless of who wins.
  11. We're only a few weeks in, but so far here are some of the background elements. When the story begins there are only two known races. The Humans of the Hold and the Shepherds - who escaped the shadow realms and have been the desperately needed protectors of mankind for a thousand years. Humans of the Hold share a powerful affinity for the light of day and have the following traits: * Humans who spend most of the day exposed to the light heal BOD at the rate of their REC/day instead of REC/month. * They are a strong and vigorous people and during the day recover from
  12. I was waiting for the Coronavirus numbers to flip after the schools opened and it looks like we might be seeing the beginning of the case explosion: The single day new cases is the highest ever. Hospitalizations and deaths are at the lowest numbers in a couple of months, but I wonder if they'll stay that way after the new cases flow through the system. Yikes.
  13. Yes, converting their 5e characters as we go. My previous Pathfinder campaign gave me some ideas which I refined during the Pillars of Eternity test run campaign. D&D spells are converted to rough equivalents using a points per level basis. (Cantrips start at 30pts, 1st level 45 pts, 2nd level 52 pts, 3rd level 60 pts, etc.). D&D Armor converts exactly as is to rPD/rED. Plate armor is +8 Armor class in D&D and 8 rPD/rED in Fantasy HERO. The players continue to level up their characters using 5e templates/applications. And I convert the abilit
  14. That's why I said, "without the other guy there". I completely agree with you.
  15. Grabbed three new converts by eliminating some of the world building overhead by keeping ALL of the 5e character creation and class rules and simply using HERO to play the game. Kicked off the new Dark Hold campaign where all of the known world was conquered by an invading horde of life eating horrors from the shadow realms. All that remains of humanity is the Dark Hold. A circle of onyx mountains closing off the last villages and cities of mankind. Even there, when the light of day fails, night terrors stalk the lands for human souls. Only the presence of the Shephe
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