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  1. Leaving the list of who made it and who didn't incomplete gives them options for the future. Although it seems odd how everyone is wrecked about Oliver being gone, but glosses over the infinite trillions that ceased to exist across the multiverse.
  2. That seems like it would tilt in favor of ranged attacks pretty heavily. And those already have the advantage of not having to get into melee range to use. Last weeks final FH encounter took place in a large room and the two melee-heavy characters in the party spent 3+ phases getting into melee range as they dodged enemy fire. The wizard, druid and ranger just braced and lobbed shots.
  3. I downloaded a copy and the first thing that stands out is the newer more modern look to it. I was able to load a character from the old .xml file without issue. I'll try to do one off one of my HDC files with custom powers/skills when I get home. Thanks for putting this all together!
  4. It's right in the sample pictures. They have a pool of free artwork for DM's Guild Adventures.
  5. This sounds great, but intelligence testing in real life suggests that you can shift your innate IQ by about 15-20% tops. Optimal nutrition, rigorous use of your brain, etc. Physical strength on the other hand can be more than doubled with a good strength training program. I don't know if college made me any smarter, but multiple years of swimming and martial arts allowed me to do 600 lb calf raises on 1 leg. I **wish** education would have had that much of an impact on my IQ. PS- We're on page 9 of a post about how to model flashlights. 😐
  6. That's how I've always done it and probably where I picked it up. 4th Edition forever!
  7. My friend's adventure was made on a budget of nothing by a single guy. I understand that with a limited budget that art options will be limited, but they won't be nothing.
  8. A friend of mine wrote an adventure (part 1 of 3) taking place in the Under Dark and the presentation and artwork (1 man show using some free artwork from the internet) are better than what I'm used to in HERO books. I'm at a loss for words as to why my favorite RPG ever (by a lot!) never upped their production values over the decades.
  9. I believe the -1 Range MOD list is in the Advanced Players Guide #2.
  10. Smacked - yes. Smacked in the head (12 vs. 8 = 7 or less) not so much. Though your point holds at better at 11 vs. 5 at 9 or less (30%+). Gnome makes a solid point that the fractional (1/2) modifiers to OCV/DCV don't scale well relative to fixed called shot modifiers.
  11. We've had one run with the new 1/2 DCV for Mental and takes-no-damage entangles and it is working out so far. I suspect my original problem will resurrect itself when we're at a higher tier of play and an entangled DCV 3-4 villain can be consistently whacked in the head by an OCV 11-12 protagonist. So far so good.
  12. I like the basic premise, but the amount of pip counting at the table could get obnoxious and the tracking of two different numbers adds more crunch to a system that is famous for excessive crunch. Perhaps, something along the lines of just using the BOD pips to determine success/failure and the amount of leftover pips could reduce the time increment. Maybe failing by a small amount could be a partial success (you succeed, but only if you increase the time increment).
  13. That does sound less OP than the Trigger version (FH Complete: Riposte) which is basically a free counter-attack whenever you successfully block. You could use the exact same model to just Trigger a counter-attack each and every time you're attacked in melee range for more cheese. Convert it to a Triggered RKA for even more fun.
  14. WHAT???!!?? Did they also remove classic killing attacks as was discussed long ago and just make it normal damage that bypasses non-resistant defenses?
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