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  1. Adding this to my current issue with triggered - teleportation - man.... Use Christopher's Castle as a triggered teleport only when targeted by an AoE to swap places with the person launching the AoE attack. Enemy tries to Fireball you and then ends up in the blast radius of their own fireball as you swap places with them.
  2. Hmm, so unless he had that power active he'd have to Abort to activate the ability which would at least cost him his next Phase and prevent him from doing it at all if he'd already gone. I may play test this during our next session to see how the group feels about it. I'm worried about copy cat syndrome. Trigger seriously impacts action economy and is like very cheap units of speed. The same guy already bought a trigger so that whenever he blocks an attack it fires of a HKA counter-attack. Block + attack is much stronger than Block then attack first next phase. I also like the idea of combining that with a DEX contest along the lines of holding a phase to strike an enemy when they get close. You don't automatically go first so there's a DEX contest to determine the order of events. HERO is good about not having a lot of absolutes so I like to have some sort of roll involved rather than complete immunity.
  3. Just can't. If I allow (or reward) something like this the next triggers are for melee or ranged attacks. Now for a whopping 9 points he's invulnerable to melee, ranged single target attacks and AoEs. But wait, there's more! For just another 3 points he can set a trigger on invisible to mental sense group plus invisible to sight group (limited: Only to prevent line of sight for mental attacks). I actually don't like the idea of being able to defensively activate multipower slots as it bypasses the key weakness of multipowers (having to allocate points to specific slots).
  4. Fauna: Along the well traveled roads between the wilder parts of the world there is a peculiar tree that is known to spring up bearing a strange red gourd. The same gourd is known by three names as it passes through three stages of ripeness. When the gourds are first ripening they are known as Travelers' Mercy as they are full of a thick, sweet red liquid and a thick, filling flesh. Many a troubled traveler has found the strength to finish their journey thanks to these gourds. Later when the gourds have lingered too long they harden, but their contents ferment and the majority of the flesh dissolves leaving a pint of naturally occurring liquor within. These have come to be called Travelers' Delight and many have wandered the roads looking to harvest these dark red gourds that resemble lacquered wood. Eventually the gourds soften and their contents splatter to the ground where they attract great numbers of insects and produce a sickly sweet scent much like that of rotting meat. These are known as Traveler's Lament and road weary travelers find only disappointment and the risk of pestilence when they pass these by. It is said that seeing a cluster of Traveler's Lament is an omen that one's journey is doomed and the more superstitious will turn back at such a sight and return the way they came. -------------------------------- Secondary Domain: The Benevolent Flame (which should produce some interesting interference options). In the earliest days fire was a calamity that people feared and avoided at all costs. It is said that Har'Ak showed the cleverest souls how to tame the smallest fires and make them into a cherished family member. A well tamed fire keeps the Hearth warm, the food hot and drives back the terrors of the night. A poorly fed fire dies and takes its blessings with it. An untamed fire can kill host and guest alike. Among those who call upon the name of Har'Ak skill at tending a proper fire is refined to the point of worship.
  5. I've had this come up with LS: All terrestrial toxins vs. The Stabbing Beast (avatar of a death god) who's scorpion stinger and spray blinding poison. Sorry, sir, your LS: terrestrial poisons doesn't make you immune to poison-based attacks nor flashes. Had another guy add a trigger to his teleport so it would let him teleport away from harm when targeted by AoE attacks w/out the drawbacks of Dive for Cover. Sorry, you can't have immunity to AoE damage for the cost of a 3 point multipower slot. Very open-ended systems like HERO require a commitment to good faith efforts by both the players and the GMs.
  6. I believe Joe Rogan has a larger audience than any televised news show - by a lot. Factor in the cumulative totals of the countless smaller contributors and traditional news media probably isn't even 1/3rd of the total.
  7. Re-reading the Dive for Cover rules has me thinking. You can Dive to avoid any attack? Like unlimited OCV is negated by a simple DEX roll at -1? Not sure I would allow that.
  8. I find the Gone with the Wind numbers pretty well cooked since it took in only $21-$32 million depending on sources and tickets back then were $0.23. If you adjust by inflation you get the ridiculous number. If you adjust by ticket prices then to ticket prices now it clocks in closer to $1,000,000,000. Great movie, but it was certainly not the global blockbuster that Avenger's was or the MCU has been (Franchise total: 22 Billion).
  9. Appearing as an auburn-bearded, broad shouldered man of 40 years and below average height the cheerful Har'Ak ignites the spirit of generosity and good cheer among the weariest of souls. Whenever the people gather to share a meal and a drink He may appear among them. Those who are generous with little find their bellies full, hearts light and the weariness of the day cast aside. In time the appearances of Har'Ak would lead some to tell tales of a folk of master artisans that lived within the mountains. The greatest among them would be said to be the brewmeisters, though many would doubt such things were ever more than fantastic tales told by friendly drunks. Har'Ak's care for the people would sometimes manifest in menacing aspect. Those who took their feasting and drinking to excess would, in the fullness of their folly, occasionally find themselves nose-to-breast with The Dour Man. A towering brute that would stand between them and those they would harm. The Dour Man is said to have hands like hammers and those too dim to walk away from trouble often find the truth of it. To this day many places that serve a meal or drink to strangers keep a club nearby with a fist carved into the business end. A reminder to all that to disdain hospitality is to risk the Hammer Hand. Primary Aspect: The Hearth and Hospitality Geography: Sentient Life: Gift to Civilization: Ripe Meat off the Bone and the Strong Drink Fauna/Flora: Interference: Mythic Monster or Guardian: The Dour Man Secondary Domain: Secondary Domain: Secondary Domain:
  10. Is the roster full or can minor entities be added at this point?
  11. The two 6e rule books are intimidating to even seasoned gamers. It's simply too much. You can't cover every edge case that every munchkin is going to try to use to break your mechanics. Especially in a build-your-own-powers type of system.
  12. I'm still so bummed that Endgame didn't beat out Avatar. Technically the original release of Avengers:Endgame did beat the original release of Avatar, but Avatar made enough on re-release to keep the #1 spot to this day. Garbage. Avengers: Endgame is the superior movie.
  13. The proper HERO move is to play Pathfinder with them for a bit and then convert their characters to HERO so they can experience the superior gaming system. Fantasy HERO > Pathfinder. Just out of curiosity. Pathfinder 1.0 or are you doing the new Pathfinder 2.0 play test?
  14. How about an advantage on the attack (AoE 3m radius) that only works when the target dodges.
  15. I agree with this. A lot. Things that come to mind: A large area change environment - Dry Heat - that changes temperature levels and causes REC/END problems. Maybe even CON rolls at some penalty to avoid stumbling around desiccated at 1/2 DCV (roughly equal to DEX roll or fall on ice sheet). NND Blasts as he drains the moisture from victims. Drains vs. STR/CON/END as he withers the heroes. More severe cases could be a Severe Transform into desiccated husk which he uses to shrivel victims to dust. Drains vs. BOD against could be used as lethal attacks and ways to collapse wooden structures.
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