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  1. How long before I can force you to take my money?!
  2. One episode of Deadliest Warrior pitted Cowboy's vs. Mafia. The cowboy rifleman could clear a room of hostiles faster than the guy with the grenade. He hit all 4 targets and had time to hit one of them a second time with lethal rifle hits in a 5 second window. 5 killing shots in 5 seconds.
  3. That would be pretty interesting as Michael Reagan is very conservative (did a talk show for a couple decades if I recall correctly). You could have advertisements for both party using the likeness of Reagan. How about a virtual debate where Democratic Reagan and Republican Reagan debate issues?
  4. I LOVED that movie and it is not the right tone for me. In a way that the rare rap or country song will hook me - this movie got me. It is SO well done. It's just so well done that I can't not like it.
  5. Actors will have to be much more careful about signing away their likeness for movie rolls. Sorry Mr. Rock, we won't need you for the next 5 installments of Fast and Furious. We're going to use a digitally created version of you to save on payroll costs...
  6. And corrupt media continues its unholy attempt to suppress Epstein story details from seeing the light of day. Apparently they can investigate to squash stories that interfere with serial pedophiles, but won't release the actual story. https://www.foxnews.com/media/cbs-fires-former-abc-staffer-epstein I can't even get my head around this. How is this the hill they want to die on?
  7. That's a mixed bag. I love the actor and wish his show had continued, but the tonal change required to put him on the self-deprecating and often outright silly Legends of Tomorrow is painful. It literally convinced me to stop watching the show. They ruined Constantine.
  8. This is my approach as well. I never liked the use of Images for this.
  9. I've been growing increasingly cynical regarding the media over the years, but this one is BAD. As in - If they'll bury this one then they'll bury literally anything. This level of corruption in the 4th estate is bad for all of us. More and more often I'm getting my news from Tim Pool.
  10. And my trust in media drops to an all time low with the recent ABC / Epstein / Powerful Men bury job. https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/11/05/video-leaked-insider-recording-from-abc-news-reveals-network-executives-killed-bombshell-story-implicating-jeffrey-epstein/ They catch this lady on a hot mic and she's talking about how the execs at ABC buried the story. They had an eye witness / victim, photos, etc. And the reporter is genuinely upset. Upset that she couldn't run the story for three years and then got scooped. Not upset that pedophile island continued to run for three years ruining the lives of many more young women, but that she got scooped.
  11. This is the best kind of question. Are you pausing to THINK before you do the math?
  12. In my high school / early college years I think a friend and I watched this movie 10x or more. He could do the dialogue for the 1st 15 minutes or more - from memory.
  13. Um, there were men in that movie too. Also, the video game series was better.
  14. He never brings up tithing either, but they work that Old Testament 10% action for all its worth. I once asked a pastor how he could defend asking businesses for 10% of their profit while asking the congregation for 10% of their income (two VERY different numbers) and he had nothing. Even if you agree to give based on Old Testament tithing it is based on 10% of your INCREASE, not 10% of your income.
  15. I personally would put combat athletes around 6 unless they are freakishly strong or large specimens. It's hard to figure out how all of the stats work together to simulate real-world encounters (CON, PD, STUN, etc.). Anecdotally, I can offer this. I was working one of the new TKD guys through the basics of sparring. He had some high school wrestling so he was strong, fast and reasonably used to get hurt. However, one of the things I had noticed over time is that during TKD sparring you're going to eventually cross shin bones like swords and it is going to HURT. Sure enough, just seconds before the final buzzer we try to round house kick each other simultaneously and CRACK. I step back with a pain in my shin so sharp its giving me chills up to my neck. The other guy is on the ground - 1/2 DCV or less - blind to the world has he rolls back and forth holding onto his leg. Is that part of PD? Is that armor - only to resist stun damage? I like some of the realism, comparatively, that Fantasy HERO has over D&D, but too much realism comes at the cost of cinematic and dramatic effect. Where is the line? I suspect it is different for each of us and moves over time.
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