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  1. In order of preference: 1- We find better, cleaner ways to produce and manage resources for a larger population. 2- If the population must be culled - please don't cull me and mine. 3- If everyone goes I'll be hunting coyotes with a pointy stick to the bitter end. I'm not going with you guys.
  2. I would recommend more RAM (16GB), but if you're talking games: Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity 1, Divinity Original Sin 2, If you get through those: Divinity Original Sin 1 is pretty good. Pillars of Eternity 2 is not bad. Elder Scrolls Online has released a ton of content recently.
  3. The attacker can't Block - he's already attacked. I don't think this scenario plays out unless you have a very specific trigger along the lines of, "If I get blocked - another attack is triggered" which could be broken if it resets instantly. Gnome has it. And if I build a trigger that specific it will feel antagonistic to the player which is something I try to avoid.
  4. In other news: Bloomberg had a plan for a pandemic of this caliber in place 14 years ago and.... budget cuts. https://www.propublica.org/article/how-new-york-city-emergency-ventilator-stockpile-ended-up-on-the-auction-block tl;dr - They only got 500 of the nearly 10k ventilators they would need and then sold those off as they broke down. Budget > Safety. Looks like Bloomberg's administration had a good grip on this issue 14 years ago and it died a budgetary death over the years.
  5. There are many doctors saying the drug is the best bet we have short term. https://www.sciencetimes.com/articles/25203/20200404/drug-voted-effective-coronavirus-cure-possible-6-000-doctors.htm And because that article is responsibly written it comes with Not a Miracle Cure The drug is not a miracle cure, says Dr. Ellie Cannon, a N.H.S. G.P. and Mail on Sunday health columnist. She urges everyone to stop thinking that hydroxychloroquine is the magic bullet until the drug is indeed proven to be the magic bullet. I'm still at the "I hope it's going to be useful" stage because many of the other options aren't going to be viable for months plus or minus the convalescent antibody treatments which I don't think are allowed yet. I saw a doctor from LA talk to a news channel and suggest that the treatment has to be combined with Zinc or it does almost nothing. Hopefully the consensus with supporting data will coalesce quickly and people won't trust politicians for their medical advice.
  6. That's a great bit of journalism. So it seems like maybe as much as 30% of the deaths are not being recorded.
  7. You bring up a very good point. However, the number of people who contract the virus and the number who get tested for it are significantly different numbers. What we have is the survival rate for people who get tested which is skewed towards people sick enough to need medical treatment (though test availability seems to be improving) so we end up with a very gloomy number. And you're right about New York - They're having a bad survival rate compared to most states and its probably due to the volume of victims pouring in. But it's not going to be 3.6% of New York which would be over 700,000 deaths. They're at 4,758 currently and they seem to be in the thick of it. I would expect somewhere between 2-4x the current number (which is tragic), but nothing like 3.6% of the population.
  8. And that's 98.54% of the people that test positive. We are not going to lose 4.5+ million people to this virus. New York State has 131,800 cases out of 19,500,000 people and 4,758 deaths. That's a survival rate of 99.976% and no other state has been hit this hard (yet).
  9. Pretty sure this is why they decided liquor stores were *essential*. Can't have the alcoholic portion of the population flooding the hospitals while suffering DTs.
  10. Sure I can rock-paper-scissor the encounters to always include some Kryptonite, but it can feel forced after awhile. I've found that action-economy abilities are massively, disproportionately purchased by my players. All of them have Breakfall, Acrobatics, Fast Draw or any other skill that could routinely save them 1/2 a phase. When I explained how Triggers worked all they saw was double-the-phases! I can Block for damage immunity AND attack at the same time. That's way better than block this phase and attack first next phase. Which also ruins one of my favorite aspects of heroic sword fights in Fantasy HERO. You can get a series of strike-block-counter-attacks going and it feels very cinematic. Losing that to a trigger - blech.
  11. In ancient times I worked at Walmart like local store and about 10 minutes after we opened on a Sunday morning a drunkard decided I was taking too long to scan the groceries and threw them in my face. Before I even knew what was happening I had bounced a bag of potato chips off the back of his head as hard as I could throw them with a hearty !@#$ You!! thrown in for good measure. Getting blindsided will mash the Rage button!
  12. More good news on the medication front: Doctor in LA says that combining the Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc makes it super-effective. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/los-angeles-doctor-says-very-ill-patients-basically-symptom-free-after-taking-trump-touted-drug Dr. Anthony Cardillo has been prescribing the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, in combination with zinc, to patients who are experiencing severe symptoms of COVID-19. "Every patient I've prescribed it to has been very, very ill, and within eight to 12 hours they were basically symptom-free," Cardillo told ABC7 in Los Angeles. "So clinically, I am seeing a resolution." Now to see how fast the zinc lozenges sell out.
  13. I saw a clip of a reporter asking why they don't shut down grocery stores, gas stations, all of it to slow the spread of the virus. Maybe so people don't all starve to death!? How is that a real question?? When I went to get supplies today the cashier was behind a plastic veil with only a tiny hole for the credit card reader and to pass cash through. I'm waiting for young Mel Gibson to save me from a gang of cannibals.
  14. My wife responds better to, "I got you" followed by the name of a thing I've gotten for her.
  15. For me, some of it is probably job-role related. I aggregate and analyze data for a living so it's natural to want to keep clarifying the picture further as new data rolls in. Data-driven decisions beat reactionary ones over time so the better information you have before deciding to do things - the better. Two out of three people in my home are high-risk for this crud and we have multiple parents still alive in their 70s and 80s who are at extreme risk. Some of these numbers could have influence on very real decisions coming up in our near future. Does this hydroxychloroquine / z-pac combo work or not? How often? How often with side effects? How many people die from it vs. the disease. I'd like the best numbers possible because it's a very real possibility that one or both of us will be asking our doctor for the treatment or passing on it based on whatever numbers we have at the time. Per country deaths and infection rates, curves, etc., help tell us how this thing is going and give some limited insight towards what we can expect in our own immediate futures. Shelter-in-place until April 30 vs. August 30 has very real financial meaning for most of us and certainly for my family. My company is cutting us back to 50% hours and I'm pretty happy to have survived the chopping block this long. Still, with 1/2 an income we're making some hard cuts as a family just in case this crap-fest extends out for awhile. This whole situation is depressing.
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