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  1. Re: The Iron Age assault, I'd forgotten about LEGION . They were sort of space cops weren't they? A bit like a modernised Green Lantern Corps. I remember the few issues I got of it being pretty grim n'gritty, despite the superpowers and the space setting. I enjoyed the JM DeMatteis Justice League. There have been humour titles in every era afaics such as Red Tornado in the GA, the Inferior Five in the SA, Captain Carrot in the BA, Byrne's She-Hulk and many more in the Iron Age. So I don't regard humour titles as being distinctive of any age. For me the most interesting feature of that Justice League was the first appearance of Batgod, which I'm guessing was inspired by Dark Knight Returns. Strangely, I actually consider this version of Batman to be the most important for a history. Silver Age Batman is not representative of his era. Golden Age Batman is but you don't need him as there were so many other costumed vigilantes with no powers around. But there is no one else like the Iron Age Batgod. I think my version of Batgod would have a number of superpowers to represent his omniscience and invincibility. He's clearly not human. In fact it might be funny to make him a genuine god.
  2. Re: The Iron Age Good point. I believe superheroes were also WMDs in The One which came out in 1985.
  3. I’m working on a campaign backstory based on the Ages of Comics, using analogues and amalgams rather than actual comic book characters. I’m pretty pleased with my Golden and Silver Ages but my Iron Age, defined as 1985 to the present, is giving me a bit more trouble. Have a look at my analysis and ideas so far, suggest changes and additions and tell me how you handle the Iron Age. Overview The central theme of the Iron Age is the conflict between deconstruction, as represented by Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen and The Punisher and reconstruction as represented by Supreme and DC’s new All Star line. On the one hand is grim n’ gritty realism and cynicism, on the other a yearning for a return to the iconic heroes of the past and the fairytales of the Golden and Silver Age. The conflict takes physical form in Kingdom Come and has a more peaceful resolution in Astro City where silver age heroes have psychological depth. It’s interesting to note that this approach takes a much more ‘black and white’ view of the Iron Age, which is supposedly painted in shades of grey. Important features The X-Men line – mutants, internationalism, ripoff teams such as Youngblood The Wolverine line – ultraviolence The Secret Wars line – yearly crossovers The Dark Knight Returns line – deconstruction, grim n’ gritty, politics The Supreme line – reconstruction, retro New Universes – Crisis, Ultimates, Indie publishers, MC2, All Star The Authority Minor features Changing the world – Squadron Supreme, Miracleman, Warren Ellis Line between heroes and villains blurred Vertigo Proactive crimefighters – Force Works Superheroes as celebrities – Booster Gold, Zenith, X-Statix, Authority Superheroes as businessmen – Byrne’s Namor, Power Company Detectives and secret archaeologists – Alias, Planetary Legacy heroes – JSA, Alan Moore’s Youngblood Environmentalism – Terrarists, Ultimate Thor HR Giger aliens – The Brood, Bloodlines, StormWatch killers Down-to-earth – In contrast with the space adventures of the Silver Age, superheroes are no longer explorers. Alien worlds are places threats come from, not places to go. How to handle it Compared to previous eras characters are cooler, more modern, darker, sexier and in black leather. There are two major kinds of hero, deconstructed and reconstructed with some synthesis. These are almost all different people from the Golden and Silver Age heroes though some have the same names and similar costumes. The deconstructed heroes predominate, especially in the ’85 to ’95 era. A horde of mutant cyborgs and killer vigilantes barely distinguishable from those they fight. Reconstructed heroes are modernised icons. Since the mid-80s there have been exposes on the Golden and Silver Age heroes, revealing them to have feet of clay. In the mid-90s there was a reaction in the media against this. Since the mid-80s, superheroes have become involved in politics, standing for office or attempting to influence things less directly. At one point they even took over the world though the old order as been restored. Metahuman rights have been a major issue. There are several pressure groups. Registration has recently been introduced after several attempts and is highly controversial. There are numerous parallel worlds with their own superheroes. In some all are members of a particular minority group. In many, superheroes only appeared a few years ago rather than having a lengthy history as this world does. Reality has been majorly warped and fractured almost to breaking point on several occasions. Most inhabitants of Earth know nothing of this, experiencing the changes as recurring dreams or a feeling of wrongness. Who or what is responsible for this is open to question. Struggles between metahumans? Alien lifeforms? The CIA? The major question is – can superheroes change the world? In previous eras they were too busy fighting nazis and supervillains or exploring the cosmos to do so. Now they try, but powerful forces invested in the status quo are ranged against them.
  4. Re: I could watch him get slapped around all day Same as everyone else - Wolverine, Batman (post DKR, when he started to become the Bat God in JLA) and The Authority (especially The Midnighter). I really enjoyed seeing Seth massacre them, he's great. And at least they stayed dead for a short while. I also cant stand The Invisibles but that isnt a superhero comic.
  5. Re: Does Sapphire bug anyone else? I like her. There's quite a few happy-go-lucky fun loving superheroes such as She-Hulk, Hellcat and the Beast. There's some crossover with the showbiz types such as Wonderman, Booster Gold and the Blue Devil. To me she follows in that tradition.
  6. Re: FH Campaign Sounds great. Haven't read it all yet but I really like the characters.
  7. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Has anyone seen Audition? It's a good film but so horrible I can't really recommend it.
  8. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER I think that means the thread is now indistinguishable from magic.
  9. Re: Creepy Pics. Those dolls were waay creepy.
  10. Re: The cranky thread I have a serious, serious, SERIOUS problem with procrastination. Everyone procrastinates, I know, but I've got a real bad case of it.
  11. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Singer. It's Scottish slang.
  12. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER That last one was a minger.
  13. Re: Superhero Images Hmm... Y'know Thrush should team up with The Crab and Victory Damsel. Together they could form STD - Super Toronto Defenders.
  14. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER That was really good, I'd not seen it before. A lot of the types were recognisable - some from these boards, even.
  15. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER For a guy who can barely act, Arnie's made a lot of good movies. Terminator is my fave.
  16. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... My character, the Masked Archer, was at the New York World's Fair (It's a Golden Age game). He tried to bring down a fleeing felon with his newly developed *experimental* Mummification Arrow, but accidentally hit the unfortunate ice cream vendor.
  17. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... "I accidentally mummified an ice cream vendor."
  18. Re: How would you describe the "feel" of the Turakian Age? Tekumel is based on the cultures of the far east - China and India. To us Westerners, these would seem to be alien.
  19. Re: End of an Era Let us know how it turns out.
  20. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Aah! Those movies are soo similar! I was just about to post about that.
  21. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER What did you think of Kubrick's The Shining vs. Stephen King's The Shining? I thought going mad with an axe was a tad scarier than going mad with croquet mallet.
  22. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Up until this moment I had never heard of it' date=' so I'm not too fussed one way or the other. I'm only vaguely aware the Red Sox are a baseball team. No idea which city/state. No, I was even more ignorant about this than the curse thing. If that's possible.
  23. I'm an enormous Moorcock fan. I first read his fantasy stuff in my teens and I still think it rocks. Hawkmoon isn't quite as good as the Corum, Elric or Erekose series but even at his less successful Moorcock still kicks the ass of almost any other fantasy writer.
  24. Re: Multi-racial super team This is a really good idea! I don't have any suggestions for archetypes, unfortunately.
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