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  1. I don't remember the current gaming schedule but I won't be available to game this Saturday the 14th. Sorry. Just wanted to let everyone know sooner rather than later.
  2. The death was not the blaze of glory I had always hoped for but then a hero's death is a rare thing. Many are the hunters who die an undistinguished death. I already have two other Hunter ideas in the works. Had only Murgatroyd been there Drew might have survived. 😉
  3. I can play this Saturday the 16th but I cannot confirm my availability for the 30th. We are coming into the dreaded holiday crunch folks... the bane of gaming groups everywhere as the holidays wreck schedules and family gatherings upend our normal social lives...
  4. Are we gaming this weekend (11/2/19)? I see on my calendar that I might have a schedule conflict but then I remembered Steve mentioning he might not be able to make it. So I was curious if we are gaming Saturday or not. If we are then I need to start shifting my schedule around. Just curious.
  5. Unfortunately though Drew could not get off the roads fast enough and the police were getting better organized. Despite what Hollywood would have you believe most police forces know how to conduct high-speed chases. With a helicopter, radio communication, a central command center, and relatively little training is all it takes to successfully capture a fleeing suspect. Drew knew all of this of course but he wasn't able to ditch the car and flee on foot. As long as he could keep driving he had a chance. That chance was dwindling though and quickly. The police were now getting better
  6. The middle of the afternoon Drew came awake at a light knock on his door. It was the manager of the hotel. Drew was still staying in the poorer sections of Mexico City and by some miracle he had lucked upon the one honest manager in the city. Either that or the guy just hated cops that much. Drew wondered what the manager would have done if he knew Drew used to be a cop himself once upon a time. Luckily Drew wouldn't have to find out. He quickly gathered his things and threw on the tac-vest. He exited the room by climbing out the window and headed for the roof. The police were stil
  7. Regret came looking for him alright, the very next day in fact, when by chance he stumbled upon a trio from the same gang searching the neighborhood. The would-be victim from the night before was with them. He looked like he'd been roughed up but he clearly had bargained Drew's life for his own. Drew had spotted them first luckily and he spent the rest of the day staying out of sight and tailing the group. Drew wasn't expecially good at tailing people though. He had never needed to be and he lost them in the crowded streets. He didn't see anything worthwhile that might have pulled
  8. Obviously he knew it was L'Éminence Nocturne but the files Section M had shared with him during the debriefing on L'Éminence Nocturne focused almost entirely on the groups' actions and influence within the contiguous United States. If Section M had any information regarding L'Éminence Nocturne in Mexico they hadn't felt the need to share it at the time. Probably because they hadn't thought it would ever be relevant. Drew checked into a hotel in a part of town tourists and outsiders wisely avoided. No knowing who or what he was looking for, the first two days of his search had been
  9. The forest was dark, hot, and very humid. Drew was no survival expert but he didn't need to be. There were two 1 liter bottles of water and a handful of powerbars in the duffle bag . He had a rough mental map of the area from looking over the guard's shoulders when they tried to find a different road around the traffic jam. He knew there was a small town a few miles away off the main road and he was certain he was heading in the right direction. Hours later Drew crossed the Mexico City limits. He had made it to a town near where he had escaped the police, headed to the nearest bus
  10. Drew only spent about twelve hours in jail, not that it wasn't an eventful twelve hours, as he was introduced to the local inmates, and established early on that it was best to just leave the gringo alone. Fortune favored Drew though and by early morning he was escorted out of prison by a pair of guards. At first Drew assumed this was the work of Agent Harker making good on his favor. It soon became obvious however that these guards were not taking Drew to the airport or even the U.S Embassy. He pretended not to speak Spanish the whole time and the guards foolishly discussed the d
  11. After those weeks mentioned training in Quantico he went on a vacation somewhere tropical with an old ex-girlfriend to enjoy some well deserved R&R especially now that he could afford a nicer than usual vacation. He was living in the moment and really having a good time until one fateful night he came back to his beach cabana to find the ex-girlfriend murdered and the local thugs responsible hiding in the shadows waiting to ambush Drew. Drew of course won the fight having killed them using their own knives and guns against them. Before the last one, who looked to be the lea
  12. Okay... here at long last is the tale of Drew Altman's little vacation in Mexico. Its not complete but it is a work in progress. I'll post up what I have so far but I have to run into work for a few hours today. I was hoping to get this all done before the session today but the best laid plans of mice and men and all that...
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