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  1. I see how it would give the players more temptation to sniff out everything that might have value to turn into xp. I think what I was thinking was in dnd type adventures where you get gold and improve your character with better gear or whatnot. Maybe like instead of true xp convert wealth acquired into resource points like from the advanced players guide?
  2. For my fantasy game I'm planning I wanted to give rewards like in typical fantasy games like gold, ect. Problem is for me I would rather keep it simple and use the CP system more or less as is. So I thought why not use resource points as gold but with an exchange rate. I was thinking that 10gp would be like 1 CP. But I could use some input on my exchange rate from others with more experience with hero system. I'm open to suggestions so thanks in advance
  3. Will check that out. Thanks for the advice
  4. Ok. That helps. I forgot to mention I'm a little new to hero system so its still a bit overwhelming. That said I didn't think of premade lists of spells for preparing them. Good idea. Though my experience with the hero system is still limited its getting easier. Glad there's an active community to bounce questions off of. Thanks again
  5. Hi. Have a question about making a wizard's spellbook. Would it be best to make it as a vpp or multipower to replicate a spellbook as in a dnd sense. Also a consideration is I'd like my wizard player engaged with the game rather than preparing spells for the next combat in between combats. All suggestions are appreciated
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