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  1. Thanks, mixing variable advantage and limited power is another way to look at this. I should be able t find something suitable by playing with all of this !
  2. Thank you very much for all your inputs ! I think I overlooked VPPs as this obscure element that seems too complicated at first, but after re-reading this part it seems like it could indeed work with a bit of tweaking. This is what I first thought of, but his idea was one of powers that would be more or less powerful depending on the gems used - built as a multipower, he would have different variations of the same power - for every power. This seemed a bit "dirty" to me ! Thank you for this, I think you really nailed my issue with this. I guess I hadn't partially-limited/compound powers in mind ! — I guess I now have the tools to think about it ! Thanks again for your quick and in-depth help. I heard good things about the HERO community, and it seems to be true !
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to the system, and I'm really blocking on a power idea of one my player. Basically, he would like to be able to take gemstones and transform them into weapons or objects with variable advantages and special effects. And then, he would like the power to be more or less potent depending on the rarity of the gemstone. Apart from creating a multipower with slots for each "gemstone rarity", I do not see how to do this. But it feels clunky to me, basically making him buy almost the same power several times with just one limitation varying in value. Especially since there would have to be different powers, as he may want to create weapon (killing attack) or something else. Is there a proper way to model this ? Oh, and I'm not sure about the exact limitation to use, as the gemstones disappear upon use (and may revert back to a gem afterwards, I'm still not sure). I do not have a problem creating a custom limitation, but I may have missed something. Finally, I understand it is not possible to create a VPP inside a multipower. But is it possible to create a multipower inside a multipower ? I did not find any information on this. Thanks a lot ! Klosenlinks
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