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  1. So, I'm very much a newbie to this TRPG system. I wanted to try and put a character I play on Champions Online onto paper and see where that takes me, turns out the system is really cool and flexible though. I intend to find a game at some point, but for now I seem to be struggling with accomplishing my initial goal and I'm posting here in the hopes that someone might help me out here. So, as the name implies, I intended to create the avatar of Ares, the god of war, as according to how I envision him. It's really difficult to take the system in without actual practice in playing, because I can't easily tell how good or bad certain options are, or how to realise more complicated concepts with the tools I'm given. So far, this is what I've managed to gather on what the character's build should entail: 400-600 character points High strength (Maybe 70-80) Strong defenses Dimensional Travel to his hall in the Astral Plane (Elysium) Large template Have a high combat skill with weapons Minor amount of superspeed and superjumping This needs be turned off if exposed to something like dispell, or anti-magic fields: Ablity to fly, not necesserily extremely quickly, but just well enough to be useful Ability to teleport to specific locations, such as shrines dedicated to his worship or particularly devout followers Maybe a list of minor magic capabilities like summoning weapons, armor and objects out of his hall, being immune to harsh because he has a constant aura of heat radiating off of him, being able to inspire rage and/or valor in people, seeing auras and magical effects Have any weapon in his hand become magically enhanced for more damage, special effect would be an aura of flames Ability to absorb any act of violence or collateral damage done within a non-specific area around him in order to make himself grow stronger, heal his wounds, grow in size or allow him to fight on longer, depending, really, on which of these are ultimately easier to realize Have some sort of passive defensive power that would make him much more difficult to take down with damage Have the ability to become enraged and grow faster from it This needs to be turned off when exposed to specific magical artifacts, an example being the amulet of harmonia: Ideally, immunity to attempts at mind controlling him, resistance to Ego and Presence drain I would also like him to have a weakness that would allow a magician of sufficient strength to banish him back to the Astral Plane I don't even know where to begin with skills, honestly, as well as talents, perks, equipment and so on. I think I realized I probably should ask for some advice about half way into trying to wrap my head around the Hero system in one sitting, any help would be greatly appreciated!
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