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  1. That brings up an interesting idea if going with the N-Ray vision version instead of the Clairsentience version. Definite it as only partially penetrative instead of fully penetrative, where it only works through unsecured cameras. Work with the GM to get an appropriate word for "unsecured" so that it's useful at times but the GM can shut down where it makes sense. Idea is to make it useful, not to give the GM headaches. Like if we're fighting in a mall the character could pull up cameras, or people's phones in a Starbucks, but not insta-hack the villains' secure lair.
  2. Thanks, I should have thought of Clairsentience from the beginning.
  3. I'm joining a 6th ed Champions game and I'm at a loss how to build a particular Enhanced Sense. The character is a technology controller, and I'd like for them to be able to use any existing camera, mic or other sensor (motion detector, etc.) nearby and on. Just experience what it sees, not control it to pan or turn on or anything. As a normal sense, not in a hacking skill sort of way. Starting with a Detect of Large Class of things for 10, probably with a few extra classes of things (sound, etc.). Or am I going to need to buy the power several times, once each for Signt, Hearing, and
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