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  1. That's true, but tends to not mean much in heroic games, where typically characters have enough REC to cover moving and fighting in a turn. If you're 3 SPD, 13 STR, with 12m Running and a sword or pistol, then a 6 REC will cover all the END you'll spend half-moving and attacking. Which means it doesn't really matter as long as your END is above 7. That's practically forever in HERO combat time. I don't know how y'all run your games, but in my games it's a rare fight that lasts more than 24 seconds. Going over 60 seconds is essentially unheard of. With 84 seconds to live, the chances of someone getting to him an making a Paramedics roll is really, really good. Another cool thing about No Recoveries While Dying is that it allows for forced bedrest, which is super, super genre appropriate in almost all genres, but I've never seen handled well by any game system. A character at -5 STUN is "deeply Stunned" but still semi-aware of their surroundings and minimally able to communicate. If a character goes down to -7 BODY and has a 4 REC, it will take 2 months before they are back in positives, which means they'll stay at -5 STUN for those 2 months. Just like a character on life support should! This allows for situations where a PC gets shot, ends up in the hospital, and stays there under medical care for several weeks, only leaving when they are still weak (i.e. at 1+ BODY). This creates a strong incentive to not let yourself get shot, without imposing the ultimate penalty (since killing characters is boring).
  2. You asked if getting unstunned was the "end all and be all" of Guppy's first Recovery. I was explaining why it is not.
  3. 2 minutes is a figure that a lot of people give as an "average." Most people have trouble holding their breath above water for more than 30 seconds, but there's this thing called the Mammalian Diving Reflex where if your head is submerged in water (it doesn't work if your just stand in water with your head above the water) your brain automatically adjust how it distributes oxygen and greatly expands how long you can hold your breath.
  4. No, and that's one of my other issues with the game. It's often better to get Knocked Out than it is to get Stunned. A Stunned character cannot take any actions until they take a full phase action to recover from being Stunned, and that action only removes the Stunned condition, it's not also a normal Recovery. However if you get Knocked Out, then on your next action you automatically take a Recovery, and this Recovery ALSO removes the Stunned condition. So it's better to be Stunned and reduced to 0 STUN than it is to be Stunned and reduced to 1 STUN. You will actually recover faster from being Stunned and KO'd than just Stunned. I'm also seriously considering only allowing KO'd characters to recover on Post-Segment 12. I find that the combats that tend to drag the most are the ones where everyone keeps just barely getting KO'd and recovering over and over, and it gets to be a real drag. You have to pummel people to -30 STUN just to keep them KO'd long enough to get them in a paddy wagon, and it leads to these very genre-inappropriate scenes where one of the heroes has to squat over their unconscious foe, periodically punching him in the face to keep him out.
  5. I'm not sure it would really make the game all that more lethal. You're still much more likely to be knocked out than killed. It's just that there's this scenario that is weirdly common in HERO. It works like: A Thug (13 DEX) gets the drop on Guppy, heroic kid sidekick of the Goldfish, who has 10 DEX, 10 CON, 2 PD (0 rPD), 20 STUN, 10 BODY, 4 REC. On segment 12 of Turn 0, the Thug shoots Guppy with a .44 Autmag (2d6 RKA) in the Thigh location. Guppy takes 12 BODY (22 STUN) after Defenses. Guppy is Dying (-2 BODY), Stunned and KO'd (-2 STUN). His leg is Disabled if that rule is being used. Guppy has not acted yet this turn, so he uses his action to take a Recovery. This removes the Stunned condition and restores 4 STUN (he's now 2 STUN). Guppy then takes his Post-Segment 12 Recovery, regaining 4 STUN (he's now at 6 STUN). On segment 4 Guppy takes a Recovery, regaining 4 STUN (he's now at 10 STUN). On segment 8 Guppy takes a Recovery, regaining 4 STUN (he's now at 14 STUN). On segment 12 Guppy takes a Recovery, regaining 4 STUN (he's now at 18 STUN). Guppy then takes his Post-Segment 12 Recovery, regaining 4 STUN (he's now at 20 STUN). He loses -1 BODY to Dying (-3 BODY). That just...I dunno. It bugs me. Guppy will bleed out and die in 1.4 minutes, during which time that mortal wound will have no more significant effect. He can completely shake off the effects in about 12 seconds. He can basically just ignore it. I don't think the situation becomes any more lethal necessarily, because once shot he'd die in 1.6 minutes regardless of whether he's conscious or not. If he has no means of healing himself, then he's unlikely to reach medical aid in that 1.6 minutes and he's dead, conscious or not, and if a healer can get to him in that 1.6 minutes, he'll live, conscious or not. It's just a bit nuts that he can get up and keep fighting for that 1.6 minutes with no real penalties.
  6. Just what the title says. I feel like Dying is not significant in HERO. There's no real consequence of being at negative BODY, and that just seems silly to me. Considering a house rule that characters who are Dying (i.e. at 0 BODY or less) cannot take Recovery actions and do not get their Post-Segment 12 Recovery, but may still recover from being Stunned. If you are reduced to 0 BODY and 0 STUN, you're toast, it's game over (unless someone else heals you). If you go to 0 BODY and still have STUN remaining, you can keep acting as long as you still have STUN (and END). This would be primarily for Fantasy HERO and Star HERO games. Thoughts?
  7. I have not insulted you once. You, on the other hand, have badgered me with inane questions, picked on my typos, and constantly attributed attitudes to me insinuate I'm the jerk for not wanting to deal with your pestering. If you're interested in a conversation, you're going about it in the absolute worst way possible. Cause Hugh, I don't know you from Adam, but I am already 100% sick of your shit and tired of you. OP said he doesn't like the way SPD and END interact. I offered him an alternative. I never said it was perfect or wouldn't cause other issues in outlier situations (like the inane scenarios you've suggested). For some reason this pissed you off and you have been riding my ass ever since, and when you decided to point out a typo and mock it (which is pathetic, by the way), I decided I was absolutely done bothering with you. You're not a nice person, you're being an ass, and I really wish the ignore function worked. Why don't you just stop? You wrote that whole wall of text to someone who explicitly told you they weren't interested in the discussion. I'm not going to read it. You wasted all that effort for nothing. You should ask yourself why you did that, you mighty learn something about yourself.
  8. Okay, I'm a bit confused by your wording. Do you mean: The character in the present can receive information from his future self. The character in the present can receive information from his past self. The character in the present can receive information from both his future and past selves. The character can transmit information to his past self which his past self can then act on and alter the future. #1 is a special effect of Clairsentience (Precognition) with the relevant senses. #2 is a special effect of Eidetic Memory (which automatically includes all senses). #3 is both #1 and #2 #4 is potentially game-breaking and would not be allowed by any sane GM who isn't explicitly running a Time Travel campaign. That is a can opener built for the largest can of worms you can imagine. It would be a special effect of Extra-Dimensional Movement (Time Travel) with the limitations Only Within Own Timeline and Cannot Carry Equipment, maybe linked to a Shapeshift or even a Transformation depending on how radically different the present hero is from the past hero. #1-3 are easy to do, and #4 you probably shouldn't even try.
  9. I'm pretty sure if you're making players pay more than 5 points for a dumb flashlight, then you're a jerk. I mean, that's not RAW, but I feel its the spirit of the RAW. Hence this build, which is more about reflecting the real utility of the power in points that slavishly adhering to the rules. I mean it's a flashlight. Anything below 400 points its $3, no points, and over 400 points chances are pretty decent that in 99 out 100 heightened circumstances (as per your article, which I dug) a flashlight is basically just a special effect of Nightvision, which is already of fairly limited utility in games where it isn't essentially ubiquitous. If you're playing Dark Champions and spending lots of time skulking about at night, you've probably got Nightvision, and if you're playing Champions, the villains are often decent enough to commit their crimes in broad daylight (so everyone can appreciate the time and effort they put into their costume, I'd guess) and typically live in brightly lit lairs, like normal people.
  10. Right, right, we're late into the combat and you're only now activating your Force Field. That's super plausible. Oh, and then look, two Attack powers. Maybe try applying some common sense. Your questions are obnoxious, it's like you want me to think for you. Like I said, the real solution to your questions is don't play like a dick. Also: When did I ever say my suggestion was perfect? Please, show me the quote. You got issues, man. I have no idea why you are being so aggressive and obnoxious towards me. You have something against new users? Is this like pissing to mark your territory? Because you are being super hostile. If you need a bulletproof system that can't be abused without the GM applying common sense and reason, then HERO is the wrong game for you. Whatever, I'm done talking to you. Any further discussion is pointless, because I am 100% convinced you're just trying to start a flame war.
  11. Flashlight: Nightvision, Usable Nearby (+1) (10 Active Points); OAF (-1), 1 Continuing Fuel Charge lasting 6 Hours (-0) Real Cost 5 points
  12. I have no idea how you'd build Cannonball, but I don't really see how he is (or could) use a Force Field to attack. Ad hominem? No. Pointing out typos isn't an attack on the person, it's just something people do when they have no actual arguments and are just trying to start a flame war. Have fun with that. EDIT: Actually, wait, I do want to address this: This just strikes me as a ridiculous, desperate argument that is grasping at straws. You're going to activate 250 active points worth of constant abilities? And that's going to help you how? I defy you to show us the character sheet where this is a real concern and not just specious nonsense. I don't think I've ever even seen a character that could spend that much END on constant powers in one phase. Even getting close to that amount would require a massively expensive character, and would still be the power-activation equivalent of opening every single tool on a swiss army knife at once -- might look cool, but it's never going to be useful or effective. Seriously, all of your question feel like the real answer to them is "Don't design cheese characters." or "Don't play like a jerk."
  13. Love it when an argument opens with weasel words. Seems like you are just looking for things to nitpick at. I don't really care about that. I think Damage Shields are cheese, and almost never allow them -- precisely because they're supposed to be a defensive power, but always get cheesed into a zero-END attack power. If you want a Damage Shield that can be used to make END-free attacks, buy it Reduced END. Man, I'm not sure what your point is, but you have completely convinced me that Damage Shields are super cheese and should cost a lot more points than they do. Really, you shouldn't ever be allowed to attack with them. A forcefield is passive, holding on to someone is active. It's really not that hard to understand. If you don't want to pay END to hold some, use your casual strength and passively hold them. Using your full strength implies you are actively preventing them from breaking free. Since there's no such thing as "casual forcefield," I'm just assuming its always passive, unless you're pushing your force field, which I would just treat as normal, paid for phase by phase. You're confusion seems to all stem from treating STR as a Constant power, which its not. STR is its own thing. Lifting an object is not a Constant Power. It's an application of STR. Stop treating the two as equivalent and suddenly none of the issue you are pretending exist exist. Sure. Don't see how that's a problem. One last desperate burst of power feels appropriate to almost all genres. ...but you'll be KO'd and at 0 END. There is no unfairness because the same is true for everyone else. This is what's unfair (and completely nonsensical): Glowbug is a Noteworthy Normal with a SPD 6 and a Force Field that costs 5 END. Aegis is a Noteworthy Normal with a SPD 2 and a Force Field that costs 5 END. Both activate their Force Field is Segment 12. Assuming an average damage of 3.5 per 1d6, Glowbag is KO'd by exhaustion in Phase 2 of Turn 2, while Aegis is still burning END into Turn 3. If each takes a Recovery every action, Glowbug still burns 2 END a turn to maintain his Force Field, while Aegis pays nothing. That really makes no sense at all.
  14. Definitely, though it's a bit low on my list. If I was going to cite one film, it'd be Deathstalker II.
  15. My own Fantasy HERO campaign is very heavily inspired by 80s barbarian action films of the lowest quality imaginable and I encourage players to take Combat Luck. I don't require any special explanation, it's merely a consequence of "being good." I have a soft cap of 9 DEF for characters, so 3 levels of Combat Luck will max you out. I've also designed armor so that it requires Armor Familiarity, adds movement and dexterity penalties, and is generally annoying as heck (and stupid expensive). I also make it clear through NPCs that only cowards and greenhorns wear heavy armor and that Real Men run around in leather pants and maybe a vest. Most players start with 1 level of Combat Luck and chain mail (DEF 6), then move up to CL 2 and leather (DEF 3), then CL 3 and no armor. I don't generally allow Deadly Blow however as I feel like it overlaps too much with Martial Arts to to justifying the stacking damage. I would rather represent a "sneak attack" with an Offensive Strike from Surprise (to mitigate the OCV penalty) or a Naked Advantage: Armor Piercing (Only with Surprise Attacks). I might allow Deadly Blow to represent a "divine smite," but it's never come up.
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