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  1. Thinking on it, I do remember seeing something, somewhere, suggesting using a Compound Power to represent "holding" an attack to make it stronger the way we're talking about. But I don't think Compound Powers work quite like that. Does anyone else read it like that or am I processing the thing wrong?
  2. That said, since I'm trying to use this to get a grip on the system, I wanna hew closer to setting fidelity, even it it means taking a trickier route to get there. Sometimes the simpler stuff works out, though. Which is kind of why I'm coming here, to see what people suggest! Somehow, though, I didn't expect this many options for a charge mechanic, ahaha.
  3. I'm not quite comfortable enough with the system to work out custom adders and all that! From my understanding, though, this doesn't seem like a bad approach? Of course, I'd probably tone the damage down some to reflect the difference in power levels between the Classic Series and X.
  4. Hokuto Shinken would be a mix of absurd HKAs, Mind Control abilities, Reflections, and Transform attacks. With a healthy self-Aid, an RKA EB, and an ultimate technique that renders the user Intangible.
  5. I saw Aid suggested elsewhere for a similar issue, but it was just different enough that I wasn't certain it would all fit in. All right, so. Buster shots in a multipower, buying multiple versions for each attack or piling on Aid. Boss weapons in a VPP (Speaking of, VPPs make me feel so dumb leafing through them. I always feel like I'm missing something important.) with specific limitations. That's simpler than I thought it might be. Thanks. (Though I'm definitely open to other takes.)
  6. So I'm trying to get used to the idea of building characters in Hero by working on various characters from different forms of media. One of my first stops was the old Blue Bomber, Megaman. ...And there I hit a dead end. His classic weapon, the Mega Buster, is an energy weapon (takes in solar energy, releases pellets of solid sunlight. Seriously.) and that's simple enough. Energy Blast, OIF, problem solved. But it's got two gimmicks to it. The first gimmick is that it can be charged for two extra stages, providing two higher levels of damage. I figure bumping them up a die for each level ought to be fine, with the final one also having an AoE element I'll figure out later. But, since it doesn't run on Charges that can be Boosted, I'm not entirely certain how to create a mechanic where you hold back an attack for a Phase or two to make it more powerful. Charging it also doesn't take any extra energy to fire than a normal shot (that is, 0 END either way. It's kind of a broken weapon for tabletop.) The second gimmick is what's called in-universe the Variable Weapon System/Variable Tool System. When he defeats boss robots, he gains either one of their weapons or a weapon based on the weapons they were using. These have Charges, unlike the main weapon, and most of them are gonna be barriers of some kind or repainted Energy Blasts. But I'm uncertain of what the best way to represent that would be. A Variable Power Pool with a series of blank slots, OIF, and a limitation on max number carried and another limitation saying "Must be claimed from another Robot Master" or something along those lines?
  7. I've got 5E revised, Champions, Champions: New Millennium, Dark Champions, Teen Champions, some of the enemy/ally books like VIPER and VIPER: Coils of the Serpent (haven't looked through either, I guess Coils of the Serpent is an adventure module?), two or three gear books, and a few more things that look like adventure modules. It's a lot to go through, but I've been thumbing through them. As for the rest, thanks for the replies. You've clarified some things and made it clear that I've seriously misread others.
  8. Nah, a cheeseburger ain't permanent gear, you ain't got to buy that.
  9. I saw those, at least. Like I said, I know the basics, but not how they translate into normal people stuff. I don't mean any offense, but I think you're misunderstanding my confusion. (Though you did clear up the "how many actions" thing, I'd been reading the rules on that and was thinking of it like "Okay, if this character is running all out at 18", that takes up the entire round" not "He can run at 18" per turn he has in that round". Thanks for that, I don't know why it wasn't clicking in my head earlier.) What I mean is, like. Say I have a concept for a low level speedster who tops out at 40 mph. How many hexes would I need to hit that? Exactly how fast is 9"? Another character has 30 PD, 8 rPD, 18 Body, is his Resistant Defense enough to make him effectively bulletproof to small arms? Things like that.
  10. I'm going off of Heroic 5E Revised. Page 25, emphasis mine: Looks like different books say different things, though. I don't have Champions Complete.
  11. Depends on the genre they're running. In Heroic campaigns, they can just buy it, but you're supposed to pay for everything in Superheroic campaigns.
  12. Lightning Calculator, Eidetic Memory, Absolute Time Sense, High Range Radio Perception (Limited to Cellular or Wifi, Transmit), some kind of fuel thing to represent battery power, OAF? Maybe?
  13. So, I'm a newer player. I made a character once, but never got to play more than one session and didn't own any books until recently getting them from a family member who was trying to cut down on their collection. (It's mostly Champions 5E stuff with some 6E books mixed in?) So, I'm flipping through a lot of this stuff, trying to deconstruct existing character sheets and reading up on the story and it's really hitting me, like. I have no clue what any of this means. I don't know how to translate Running: 6"/12" into normal people speeds, I don't really get why things from the powers sections aren't added to the characteristics sections (Like, this guy runs at 6"/12" but he also has a running skill that adds +3" for a total of 9" but that just means that they run, like, sixty feet in twelve seconds, right? That's not very fast! And why isn't it on his characteristics portion?), or what things like rPD values stand for (8 rPD is like. Almost bulletproof?), and it's all just kind of confusing. I mean, I've found the strength chart and seen the charts that compare characteristic values to normal people, but things like rPD, how Body/Stun translates into how tough you are, and running/swimming speeds and the like just. I can't seem to translate them into 'normal' terms and I'm hoping that someone can either explain it like I'm an idiot or point me somewhere that has it in plain terms.
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