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  1. This is what I was looking for. Looks like it has 2 of the major plot lines I was looking for too. Thanks.
  2. I just relised I forgot to mention what books I picked up. I already have the Champions complite, Powers guide and 1st villains book. I also plan on picking up the base, equipment and skills guides. The thing about complete is there aren't any prefab example full scenarios in it as it is very compact. I was looking for some PDFs or something someone might have put together and posted for free.
  3. 6th Modern age no super science or magic but there are mutant type abilities. I am mainly looking for simple stuff, apartment fires, bank robberies, murder investigations, that kind of thing. Literally anything would be helpful though as I need some ideas of things to add to my campaign for background prep.
  4. I am a brand new GM and still trying to learn the book to a point and my first game is supposed to be in a week. I have barely had a chance to build my campaign and am not even really sure what I need to have for it. Having some single session prefabs would really help me out as 1 it would tell me the kind of prep I need to do for my own campaign 2 offer me something to run until I finish my campaign and 3 give me some side missions for when the players are not yet ready to advance the story. If anyone can point me to a resource I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  5. If a character has 2 psychological complications in conflict with each other and all else is equal what do you do? For example if if a character has the psychological complication: racist and the psychological complication: protective of innocents those two complications can overlap quite easily such as if someone of the disliked race is traped in a fire but has done nothing wrong. I assume that if the complications are uneven the more severe one wins out but what happens if they are equal? Do they just cancel each other out? Thanks in advance.
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