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  1. The salient point that I think is missed is the definition of Heroic. Maybe I'm off base here, but what I understood was that the comparison isn't really good for realism, because it's making comparisons to cinema. It's hard to imagine a real person who's as capable of taking a blow as a bear, assuming that they don't actually have 12 PD, of which 4 is Resistant. But what about Mongo from Blazing Saddles? What about Bud Spencer's many characters, Bambino from the Trinity series chief among them? Could you imagine that they're as tough as bears? These are larger than life people we're talking about. We're also talking about people who are actually rattlesnake fast, who could pull the 'put your gun away, slap him in the face, and pull your gun back out' routine. Nobody I've ever met was Speed 4. "Much faster" is certainly possible, but 200% is ludicrous. But Trinity was.
  2. Well, now the question of what is the correct interpretation of PD is about as clear as mud. 🤔
  3. Since I seem to have attracted an audience in spite of myself, I hope it's not too much trouble to ask. I often hear a great deal about the flexibility of Hero, and then someone asks what differentiates it from GURPS and you get some responses that it's better for higher power where GURPS struggles to scale up, where GURPS provides better granularity at lower power, where most Hero characters end up rolling against 11- for almost everything. The other thing I hear is a lot about effects based, flexible design. But I don't understand the difference. Isn't that precisely how GURPS Advantages work? I would like to understand because this feels like some sort of Zen koan.
  4. Oh! I'm sorry to have made a post on a subject already being discussed. I think you've about answered my question, so I appreciate it and won't waste any more time! 😁
  5. Before I get too far into the weeds, I know next to nothing about Hero. I am, these days, mainly a GURPS player, but every so often, someone tells me that Hero is the superior choice, more fun to play with better character design and so on. I'm interested in looking into that somewhat, but I have a snag. I don't know how better to do a comparison between the two than to look at GURPS Old West and Western HERO, since I love Westerns, but having only read Western HERO and the 6th Edition Basic Rules, I was confused about the treatment of guns in Western HERO, which seems just like it might be treated in GURPS or anything else. Am I missing something? Was this an edition change thing? Or, for the sake of simplicity in the setting, was that particular part of character creation ignored for this one particular genre book? Am I going about this all wrong and ought to be trying something else to compare the two on somewhat level ground?
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